The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 169: Fate Ls Not Playing ByRules,Fighting Rank 8 Ln Round 32

Chapter 169:Fate Ls Not Playing ByRules,Fighting Rank 8 Ln Round 32

Chapter 169:Fate Ls Not Playing ByRules,Fighting Rank 8 Ln Round 32


Looks of absolute shock and horror flashed across the arena as the crowd looked at the fierce fight before them.

In the centre of the arena, two figures stood. One of them was using a large axe while the other used his sword.

Everyone had thought that his luck had run out and he would be defeated quite easily but that didn’t seem to be happening.

Lucas looked at his opponent with a solemn expression and wary gaze.

He wasn’t fighting someone of his level.

While Lucas was at early 3-Star, his opponent was at the late stage of 3-Star and was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Lucas feared that if the guy broke through during the fight, he would surely lose.

There was no doubt in it.

Moreover, he couldn’t help but course the Goddess of luck to his heart’s content. A match up like this doesn’t even happen in a fantasy novel.

Round 32

Lucas Vs Roman.

And Roman was ranked at 8. If anyone under 100 shouldn’t be taken lightly, anyone under 10 should be worshipped.

Each one of them is a monster over another.

Moreover, in the original plot Roman qualified for the semi-final.

That means this is not a match of level 32 rather it is a match similar to semi-finalist which was making him mad.

Those asshole matchmakers are not playing by the rules.

Taking out his cards in round 32 is a big mess. Everyone will try to save the tricks until round 16 but he was caught in a do or die situation where either he had risked everything going all out or struggled till the last to find a chance to win.

Lucas took a deep breath and raised his sword.

Roman roared and a powerful pressure burst forth from his body which shook the arena.

A soft wind brushed past Lucas which was emitted by Roman’s sudden power up making his hair dishevelled and messy.

Lucas didn’t falter at the overbearing pressure coming before him rather his eyes shone more brightly with excitement and wilderness.

Both Lucas and Roman channelized their mana and met each other head-on.

A thunderous voice boomed throughout the whole arena which made the crowd look at the fight with a hint of anticipation and amazement.

Roman reached out the axe and grabbing its handle slashed at Lucas with all its might, Lucas covered his sword with mana and a white light shone on it.

Instead of bombarding the wind blades, he slashed his sword along with the wind blade to give an extra edge to his attack.


Sparks flew as the tip of the axe collided with the sword.

Lucas felt a vibration in his hands and felt his hands going numb because of his collision.

But he gritted his teeth and put strength into his sword, to endure the pain and tried to stay in the game.


Both Lucas and Roman were forced a few steps back but Lucas slid off more than Roman which showed that Roman had an upper hand in the encounter.

Roman without wasting any time, channelized his strength straight into his legs and stomped on the ground, his body shot like a cannon toward Lucas.

Lucas’s eyeball widened at Roman speed and he activated flash steps and his image blurred.


A fissure was formed and dust flew as Roman missed the strike his axe struck the ground and tore a portion of the arena but he was surprised that Lucas avoided the blow though he missed by an inch.


Sparks flew around, as Roman pulled his axe and swung his axe at Lucas who jumped at him and slashed at him.

Roman didn’t try to overpower Lucas at the clash and while engaging in slashing with his axe, threw a kick at Lucas.


Lucas raised his left hand to defend and bounced back a little.

“This guy hit hard,” Lucas muttered as he saw a red swollen spot on his hand.

Speed and Power, that’s what Roman aimed at.

Roman putting his strength in his leg, propelled his body at Lucas.

This time as he moved, he made sure to increase his speed even further and he was even faster than in the previous exchange.

Increasing his power along with explosive strength and crushing his enemies into pieces were his principal in any fight.

Before speed and power, nothing can take a stand.

Lucas didn’t bring his boots not his items. He wanted to fight purely relying on his strength and weakness.

Couple with his boots and flash steps, he would have reached a 4-Star speed and would be able to take on and overpower Roman in the terms of speed but alas he didn’t bring it as he was saving for later.

Novel But was helpless, certainly not?

Arriving before Lucas, he pressed his foot on the ground, Roman raised his axe and slashed at Lucas.

Lucas didn’t react and stood still at the incoming attack which took even Roman by surprise he thought that Lucas was frozen unable to see his attack but just as his axe was about to reach Lucas horizontally.

Lucas’s figure moved with an extreme speed. Just as the axe was a few inches from Lucas, his body bent backwards in a semi arc and the axe brushed past over his head and was able to slice a hair or two of Lucas.


With a small cracking sound, Lucas’s body which bent backwards jumped and somersaulted to gain some distance.

As Lucas come to his senses, he felt a jolt of pain in his back and thought he got a hamstring because his body stretching beyond the limit.

Lucas used the phantom reversal sword technique and with his perception was able to dodge the attack at the last moment but that was quite a risky move and just a single mistake might have cost his life.

But even after safely pulling it off, he was not well off as his flexibility hadn’t reached a level to move and react as required by the technique.

The pain that Lucas felt subsided a little due to the effect of the adrenaline rush as he was on high energy due to the fight.

Roman dazed off looking at Lucas’s inhumane reflexes. He was too shocked and unable to understand how Lucas reacted at the last moment and was able to avoid the blow.

This was just simply unbelievable at his current rank.

“Is he hiding his strength,” Roman muttered to himself.

“No that’s not it.” Roman shook his head and tightened the grip on his axe and prepared to strike back.

He will out everything on his line. A peak level 3-Star wasn’t able to defeat an early 3-Star.

His existence would become a joke and he would be a laughing matter in the noble’s circle where anyone could come and mock him.

He can’t suffer this kind of fate.

“Ahhhhhh!” Roman screamed on top of his lung and as he stomped the ground propelling the strengths until it cracked apart.

Just like a flash, he shot like a cannon at Lucas wanting to tear him off everything that was in front of him.

This time he swung his axe which came on Lucas like waves of a tsunami hitting the bay and blowing away everything with it.

Starting at the incoming attack that seems to cut down everything, Lucas activated the Phantom reversal technique.

The moment he used the technique, he felt a sense of forlorn and detachment from this world and his shoulder dropped a little as if he had given up all hope.

But as the axe came crashing down on Lucas, Lucas’s sword moved and he twisted his wrist 180 degrees as he touched the axe a subtle clicking sound of metal clashing was heard which was neither loud nor too faint but to Roman horror, his axe slid off the Lucas sword and its direction coming down changed a little and his attack missed Lucas and collided with the ground.

Lucas sidestepped and jumped back when a loud blast occurred and another crater was formed.

Lucas looked at its wrist which was far from good and he gritted his teeth as he felt the pain of holding the sword.

“This Phantom reversal Technique is making the situation worse instead of improving,” Lucas muttered.

He was using Roman as a test dummy to practice, if he started to use his skills he was sure that he could get rid of Roman faster.

Lucas pulled his sword back and as Roman was about to step toward him, Lucas fired wind blades toward him.

Roman raised his axe and swing it to meet the wind blades head-on.


The cuts started to appear on the ground as Roman deflected the wind blades from Lucas and as the wind blades finished Lucas lunged at Roman.


As Roman met the blow, his eyes widened and to his horror, he was pushed back a little.

Roman freed the axe and swung it but Lucas avoided it and swung his sword.

Another clang was heard and Roman has pushed back again.

While Roman was shocked at the sudden increase in Lucas’s strength.

Lucas was on another hand in a state of trace. He could feel something inside him changing and breaking apart.

Every time he used the Phantom reversal Technique, he could feel his mastery of swordsmanship increasing.

Though he had to pay a heavy price if this goes on like this but he decides to take the risk and let himself loose and decided to push.

Every time he was pushed back, he would put more strength in his legs and jump toward Roman with more strength and would swing his sword harder than the previous one.

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