The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 160: The Beginning Of HisNightmare

Chapter 160:The Beginning Of HisNightmare

Chapter 160:The Beginning Of HisNightmare

Lucas sighed as he wondered what the hell was going on, Fredrick was becoming more and more careless while Charles whom they believed to be hard to put up with seems to become the caretaker or babysitter of the group.

‘Fredrick is behaving more like a side character now. No, perhaps he was always in the first male lead role but my future self stripped his position just like a typical reincarnation plot.’Lucas muttered inwardly.

Lucas hung up the call to see Jay even finish his ice cream.

Lucas’s lips twitched as he looked at the innocent boy. Lucas just gave him ice cream to hold it for him but this little devil has eaten it.

Still, Lucas found it quite amusing.

“Jay, I have to go now. Let’s go to Aaron first and then I will visit the stadium.” Lucas spoke.

After leaving Jay with Skies, Lucas arrived at the ground and on a big monitor, there was a huge display of their battle orders and their opponent’s names were displayed.

Lucas cracked his neck and saw the tense atmosphere lingering around there.

Ignoring it, he walked toward the display and saw his name.

While searching for the opponent, Lucas’s lips curled upward as he thought about who was going to be his first prey.

“Let’s see who is the unlucky one to die by my hands,” Lucas muttered as his gaze searched for his opponent.

Finally founding his name, he looked at the board.

“Osklov Aedes.”

As soon as he muttered the name, Lucas’s face distorted and his eyeball shrunk and his heart started to beat rapidly.

With just a glance at the name, Lucas felt as if the whole world had been uprooted and as if he was suddenly in the midst of a huge storm of darkness with no light to guide his path.

Lucas’s legs started to shake and his voice trembled and he felt as if he saw a nightmare and a horrible one on top of that.


A small sound of hitting rang across the corridor.


On the side of the hallway, a man raised his feet and with his big bulky leg kicked the gut of the young man whose whole body was filled with scratches and bruises, his whole body was just a rag of bones, there was no hint of fat or muscles in his body and his skin seemed to be merged with his bone.

“Hey, did this bastard pass out? Check him and wake him up, I didn’t have my fill?” The man who was kicking the young man furiously spoke to the people standing beside me.

A boy from his side walked and squatted down and looked at the young man who had passed out due to the hardcore merciless beating.

“Master, he seems to have passed out due to your beating.” The man spoke.

“Tsk…His stamina to take the beating is decreasing day by day. I think I have to look for a new target, this one is already on the verge of dying. What a trash? Hey, wake him up.”The master spoke.

He was a healthy and strong looking individual who was wearing a coat and his hands were full one many rings and he was wearing a big thick necklace of gold and flaunting his wealth.

The boy who was ordered looked around and took out a bottle from his bag and was about to sprinkle it on the passed out man, but before he could do that he heard his master voice from behind who shouted” What the hell are you doing? Why are you wasting water on him? This commoner doesn’t deserve the noble water to be thrown on him?”

The man shouted and controlled his urge to kick down his idiotic servant.

“But master then how will I wake him up?”

“Just piss on him?” The man spoke nonchalantly waving his hand.

“Master but..”

“Just do it” The man shouted “Don’t worry no one is looking here and if anyone looked here, I will gauge the eyes out of him or hell.”

“After all who the hell can defy him. If anyone dares to play hero here, I will just crush his balls.”

The students who were walking in the hallway heard his blatant provocation and ran away in fear.

No, one wanted to mess up with this bastard bully who feast on weaker ones and destroy their life.

One can just curse his luck to be found by this bully.

The boy stood up and unzipped his pants pissed on the passed out man.

The man blinked and suddenly woke and yelled as he felt hot water dripping on him but he trembled as he saw a group of people who were standing before him and were looking at him, giving him a menacing look.

They smiled evilly seeing him tremble in fear.

The man woke up from his stupor, raised his trembling hands and joining it, begged for mercy and spoke”Lord Oskolov, please don’t beat me. I will do everything you say, please live me alone. I am just a commoner who doesn’t worth anything so, please….”

Oskolov’s expression distorted and he spoke, “What was this bastard name?”

One of his underlings standing at the side replied immediately”His name is Lucas.”

“Ohhhh!”Oskolov spoke and squatted down and rubbed Lucas’s hair and pulled it.

” Argghhh” Lucas screamed in pain as he felt his hair was going to be ripped off by the man.

Oskolov looked straight into Lucas’s eyes and spat on his face and spoke”So, Fuckass.First thing, you are a commoner that’s why I am bullying you Second thing, how dare you to utter my name with that filthy and disgusting mouth of yours.”

After cursing Lucas again, he kicked Lucas again and stepped on him as if stepping on a worthless piece of shit, who doesn’t have any value in the world.

This made Lucas buckle up as he collapsed on the ground, coughing up more blood on the group.

A small puddle of blood formed on the ground as blood flowed out from Lucas’s mouth, nose and head.

“Master, be careful. Don’t kill him. We will be in trouble if we kill him.” A student spoke standing behind Oskolov in a concerned voice.

“Nah, this son of bitch may be spineless and weak but he is pretty durable and a good punching bad for letting out frustration.”

Oskolov raised his leg to land another kick on the seemingly almost dead and curled up skinny boy lying on the ground, his breathing had become very feeble and he seems to be passed out due to the pain but luckily before Oskolov can kick him, a loud bell rang grabbing everyone attention.

“Shit, Is it already time for class. Time surely flies quickly when one loses himself in enjoyment.”

“Ohh! Deadweight, see you next time. Don’t pass out quickly next time. Try to build some resistance and learn ways to serve as a good punching bag. Fair well till we met again, okay.” Oskolov spoke with a smirk on his face and made his way to the classroom along with his lackeys.

The group of tall and sturdy students chatted among themselves and casually stridden their way out of the corridor while the one who they used as a punching bag lay at the corner of the hallway lying on his puddle of blood.

Many students passed through the corridor and saw the boy lying there but none of them gave him a helping hand nor there was any concern or sympathy for the boy whose life was miserable.

He was the lowest of the lowest in the pyramid of status and seemed to be unnoticed.

Even the luck was not in his favour as for the whole time he lay there, not a single teacher passed by that corner who can see his miserable condition and provide him with a helping hand.

And the students just laughed and ridiculed him as they passed through him, stopping for a moment to take a look and laughing at him.

There may be a few who would have helped him but they fear that they would suffer the same fate

Most of the stronger ones were busy and holed themselves in their room and training so they weren’t even aware of the bullying that low-rank kids went through.

After a few hours, Lucas’s eyelid fluttered and he opened his eyes and saw everything was blurred. He rubbed his eyes and shrieked seeing his body that was stained with blood and looked around to see his clothes soaked in blood.

He was completely frozen, afraid to even take a breath afraid of the man coming and beating him again.

Still, mustering courage and gritting his teeth, he tried to lift himself but he felt an assault of pain coming from every part of his body.

A groan escaped from his mouth as he rubbed the portion of the body that had been swollen after a ruthless beating.

Lucas entered his room and changed his clothes and stood before the mirror with his naked upper half.

His body was full of bruised and scratches which had even left some huge scars on it.

He was so thin that one could even count the number of ribs by looking at him or running down his hand on his chest.

Lucas walked through the ro dragging his ragged, tired body and fell on the bed.

Laying on the bed and thinking about the horrible life he is living here compared to his home, tears started to pour out of his eyes as he thought about his life.

He was born weak, with a lean and thin body. His mother always tries to keep him indoors and didn’t let him go outside.

He envied others seeing them having a healthy body granting them the right to do anything.

Lucas was so weak that he would blow away by just a sneeze of others.

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