The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 155: Boss Monster[3]

Chapter 155:Boss Monster[3]

Chapter 155:Boss Monster[3]

As the huge pillar of fire engulfed the undead skeleton and burnt them, a figure burst out of the pillar flames and jumped out of it, raising his heavy greatsword, he descended to the ground and slashed his sword on the ground.


The ground shook and collapsed forming a huge fissure, the skeletons blew away and some of them were stuck in the collapsed ground and as they started to move out, their limbs detached from their sockets and were left there.

Wilson pulled back the greatsword and rested it on his wide broad shoulders and looked at the sea of skeletons and smirked.

Gripping the hilt of his greatsword with both his hands, he roared in excitement and swung it giving a vertical slash.

A gust of wind was followed after his swing that blew away the skeletons like twigs and each bone of their bodies dislocated and flew away here and there.

Wilson closed his eyes and moved his sword towards his left waist and released his might of the 3-Star, a strong aura gushed forth from his body.

The wind rippled and seems to condense near him,

he spun his sword and slashed again with all his might and shouted”Tornado breaker!”

As he sliced with his sword, the air from all around him concentrated before him and started to spin before with a high velocity before him and formed a huge vortex and soon a tornado started appearing out of nowhere and winds from all around gushed towards the tornado which was formed by Wilson.

The tornado started to enlarge and dance crazily, it moved towards the army of undead.

The skeletons felt a huge suction force and were pulled towards the tornado.

They tried to use the broken and ragged weapons to resist, they dug their sword, and spears into the ground but they were unable to escape from the tornado which pulled everything towards it.

Wilson looked at the tornado and smiled in satisfaction as he saw the undead were getting their ass beaten, quite easily.

As he was lost in observing the scene, an undead was able to come near him and seeing his back wide open, raised his spear and thrust it towards Wilson’s head.

Wilson felt a sense and crisis and turned to see, that the tip of a spear was aimed at his head and was close to his piercing head.

He was late to react and his heavy sword wasn’t good to make swift defence and he panicked.

But before the tip of the spear, can reach Wilson a red dot of light passed through the undead skull and its skull busts into countless mini pieces by the shot.

Wilson flinched and saw Lucas landing beside him.

“You are quite careless,” Lucas muttered standing beside him.

Many small red dots appeared surrounding him.

Wilson looked at Lucas curiously on seeing many small tiny fireballs appearing out of thin air as he summoned it and thought about what kind of skill or spell that was.

Lucas raised his hand forward and the tiny ball of fires started to rotate and shot towards the army of skeletons.


The ball of fire shot towards the army of skeleton-like beams leaving behind a trail of red light.

The skeletons burst and their bodies popped, bursting like melons when the ball of fire bullets hit them.

Before the rain of fire bullets, they were slaughtered like chickens without any means of defence.

Still, there was no fear in their eyes, nor they were retreating even after seeing Lucas and Wilson’s frightening slaughter.

What was frightening about facing an army dead was that you have to fight innumerable numbers of them even if they are low ranked.

As one skeleton fell, another one rose to take its place and at every instant, another undead was getting added to the squad and their number was gradually rising.

They gonna gang up on you with a large number and keep coming at you until you have exhausted your mana pool till the last drop and finally drag you down to accompany them to the grave.

“Wilson, I will make a path for you, use this chance to kill the lich,” Lucas ordered and asked Briana and Lora to prepare for it.

“Huh,” Wilson nodded. He was taken by surprise for a moment as he thought that Lucas was the one who will give the last blow to the lich.

Still, he cleared the unwanted thoughts and clenched his sword tightly, preparing for the opening that the newly formed team gonna create for him.

Lucas looked at Briana and asked her if she had any strong spells back in her arsenal.

Lucas planned to clear the entire skeleton army up to the lich throne and use the momentarily lapse to kill it.

Briana nodded and stepped forward and chanted a spell and shouted “Lightening Punishment!”

As she finished the chant, her eyes started to sparkle with blue colour and thunder started roaring.

A grey cloud emerged from the ceiling and formed a huge black mass, and streaks of lightning ran down on the army of skeletons.


The sound of crackling lightning was heard and the skeletons were blown away by the streaks of lightning.

Lucas looked at Briana and thought”She had learnt quite strong spells. The nobles surely had an access to a large number of skills and spells.”

Seeing her skills was an eye-opener for him. After going through many battles recently and winning them, he started to underestimate his opponent.

The members of the villain society had skills that were of low-level warriors. Even the 3-Star and 4-Star warriors, he had killed didn’t seem to have any skills and sword techniques.

After all, they are not professionally trained like them.

While those who are admitted to Horizon, mostly the children of nobles had many spells, skills and tricks up their sleeve. Mainly the noble houses which had a good military foundation and background and had been amassing mass resources since they are established.

As the lightning punishment created havoc, Wilson decided to further intensify the attack by creating a full-blown lightning storm in the situation.

Briana panted heavily. Her chest fell and rose after casting the lightning punishment for once but she still didn’t give up and cast another one.

While took the chance and slashed his sword with all his might and created another tornado which miraculously combined with lightning punishment and advanced towards the undead in perfect syn.

As the tornado intensified, a mini storm shook the whole area as streaks of lightning flashed and hit the army of skeletons while the tornado pulled them closer towards it.

While the tornado cleared most of the battlefield, Lucas noticed that it was time for his turn now.

Lucas took a deep breath and tightened the grip of his sword and pulled his left foot back while moving his entire mass to his right foot and bent down a body a little, taking an attacking stance and holding the sword near his left waist.

Lucas closed his eyes and started to gather his mana around his sword tip, his momentum burst forth and a holden hue enveloped his body extending to his hands and finally covering his sword.

The sword started to glow and the surrounding temperature started to heat up and Lucas’s sword started to glow emitting dazzling blood light in bloody crimson colour.


The sword started to emit a crackling sound, as his sword temperature increased quite a bit, an aura of fire slowly started to cover Lucas’s body and a terrific aura burst forth from his body that gave Wilson, Briana and Lora a sense of crisis.

Gathering all his strength, he took a deep breath and his eyes glowed gleefully.

Taking a step forward, he quickly drew his sword, making a beautiful curve horizontal slash and sliced the sword before the thin air.

A gigantic slash shaped crimson coloured arc soared which lit the darkness for a moment and the slash tore everything that was in front of him and moved towards the lich with an inhuman speed.


Everything that was before him in a straight line was sliced apart and the floor before him split into two halves forming a fissure extending up to the throne of the lich.

The undead that stood in its path were either crushed or evaporated by that slash and those who were at the side were blown away and burnt by the fiery slash made by Lucas.

The lich seemed to sense danger and a huge dome-shaped shield appear before him and the crimson sword light collided with.


A huge explosion took place and the undead that was near lich was blown away by the impact and were burnt to ashes.


A sound was heard and the shield seems to be broken but the strike lose most of its momentum and just a huge cut appear on the lich.

The clothes near the chest of the lich were cut and the ribs were visible and the throne which seemed to be made of something weird metal had a dent of a sword slash and smoke started to arise from the small cut in the throne.

“Stop staring like a fool and don’t waste the time, I have brought. Wilson, it’s your job to take it from here.” Lucas shouted as Wilson looked at the scene with his jaw wide open.

Wilson flinched and was about to take a step when the ground rumbled and trembled.

The ground that had been cut by Lucas’s trembled and started to burn alongside the army of a skeleton who were nearby it.

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