The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 15 – Dungeon

Chapter 15 – Dungeon

Today we are going to the dungeon. It will be the first time, many of the students get to experience the dungeon.

Horizon has created artificial dungeons to help the students get used to dungeons.

Using the latest technology and help from mages Horizon has modified the dungeon to replicate, mountains, forests, desert and plains.

Then monsters from the places around the capital are collected and are put inside the dungeon.

Generally, the monster inside the dungeon is of the same rank as the dungeon except for the boss monster with one or two ranks above the dungeon rank.

Miss Ami folding her arms gave a summary of the situation of the Human World.

“No one knows when the peace we are going through will be disrupted. ”

“Demons are not the only dangers humans have to face. ”

“Demons can form contracts with humans to do their dirty work to create chaos. Except for them, we have them keep track of the villain society who will not let go of any chance. They are worse than demons after all demons are entirely another species but they belong the same as us, they have stabbed us in the back instead of helping. They wanted to eradicate the current system and want to rule the human kingdom.”

“Finally, we have a dungeon, if a dungeon is not cleared and the left monster gonna spawn from them endangering the lives of commons.”

“The dungeon can be created anywhere. When there is an abnormal rise in mana, certain pocket spaces in the void are created. The dungeon can be said to be a mini world. The flow of time inside the dungeon is generally faster or the same. As dungeon rank rises the inside world gets bigger and bigger. ”

“Once a dungeon is cleared completely it will be closed. The biggest problem with dungeons is sometimes they can be disconnected letting you trap them inside them.”

“Though it is not a bigger problem.Once it disconnects it will be merged to a random part of the world similar to the terrain inside it. The problem is where it will merge is random. ”

“Think about it, you are in a dungeon and suddenly it gets disconnected and you find that you are in the middle of an unknown terrain or unexplored land. If you are weak and the dangers that you have to face is stronger. You can imagine the consequences”

“There are also type of dungeons when you enter it will be closed until you clear it entirely. Being the hope of humanity you are the first one who will fill up the gap in numbers.”

If an urgent situation of war is called. Anyone who graduated from Horizon has to participate in the war. Even 1st year are not spared depending on the gravity of the situation.

In the era before when there were no academies, 3-Star warriors were respected everywhere.

In the war that took place with demons, you can find G to SS rank demon. Anyone who is awakened has to take part in war no matter the little role they have to play in war.

Miss Ami was explaining all the dangers lurking in the corners of the world.

I was honestly feeling sleepy from the sudden onslaught of warning.

The word cautious rang as a lullaby in my ears.

‘Seriously I knew all of this, so please stop it. I might seriously fall asleep if this goes on”.I kept the voice to myself.’

” Okay now then”.

“The dungeon you are entering is just G ranked dungeon”.

” You have devices on your left hand that will measure your kill count”.

“The dungeon is very large. You will be teleported to a random place in the forest of the dungeon. ”

“There are many second years in the dungeon. If there is a mishap they will save you.”

G ranked beasts are very easy to kill but don’t let your guard down.

“Now enter”.

“I remember the time I fought with the asura bear and rabbit”.

Shame started to show up on my face after thinking about the time, I fought with a rabbit that was far from rabbit in my view.

‘I was really lucky if it was G ranked beast, I would have..’

I started shivering about thinking of my shameful past.

Clearing my thoughts we entered the dungeon.

My view become blurred. I staggered while walking. My head was assaulted with a headache on entering.

‘Entering the dungeon sure gives a pleasant feeling.’I chuckled holding my head.

The transport to the dungeon was random. So chances of getting across your friend with each other were nearly negligible.

I unsheathed my swords. The dungeon difficulty was low so I brought the G ranked sword.

I don’t want to dirty my new sword for this dungeon.

I made my way through the forest.

Most students being arrogant will not take this fight seriously. They have never imagined that the beast can track their scents waiting for a feast today.

No students will die under second-year watch but some of them gonna seriously injured today.


‘I forgot Charles is also playing his cards today. ‘

‘Should I disrupt his plans.No I don’t know if my intervention will solve the problem or it will make it bigger.’

Pondering for a moment, I decided to help Fredrick after he get trapped.

I will just advance the time in which he will be saved.

First I will hunt the monster. I need to hunt at least 6 monsters.


Fredrick was making his way through the forest.

He has not stumbled on any monsters till now.


There is a monster nearby. Fredrick took his position holding his spear he raised his vigilance.

Swosh… Swosh.

The beast was going around through the bushes waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

Pouring his mana without wasting time he threw his spear.

The spear went directly and pierced its head.

“Tsk.”.This beast is low ranked.

With my 3-star strength going into G ranked dungeon was just a waste of time.

The only problem that Fredrick encountered till now, was the time when he entered the dungeon.

It was the worst experience. His head was still heavy.

Making his way through the forest, he thought it is still better than practising on the dummy.

While keeping in his tracks he noticed someone was following him.

He pretended to not notice at first then he turned to throw his spear towards the man that hid behind the tree.


“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“I just saw you killing the monster easily so I thought I will be benefited if I will follow you”.

” Who are you again “.

A frown appeared on his face hearing Fredrick’s question, after all, he was in the same class.

Just how out of this world does this person live.

” I am Parth Simmons. I study in the same class with you”

“Fredrick it’s nice to meet you. I always admire you due to the circumstances around you, I couldn’t greet you in class.” Parth spoke giving a slight bow of the gentleman.

” Nice to meet you”.

Fredrick was cautious. He remembers listening to his name. He was not at the top still he was quite good.

‘But what is his intention of reaching me? Is it a trap planned by Charles that led me somewhere?’Countless thoughts came to his mind.

‘I have to be cautious.’

“So what do you want”.Fredrick asked with an annoyed tone.

” Relax pal. I am not gonna stab you”.

Fredrick glared at him for a second.

“I mean I know what you have gone through. After all whole class knows Charles of playing dirty”.

” My condolences.”

” Trust me I am neither his underling nor I have been paid money. I have no connection with him”.

“So don’t worry let’s March forward”.


Fredrick decided to let him follow. This was 2 star so it will not be difficult to put him in place. Seeing his strength he must be just fodder used by Charles.

Search… Scream…

A monster was coming

Parth took out a dagger from his back and jumped from tree to tree appearing on the top of the monster.

Rotating his dagger just to show off he dug the daggers deep into the monster’s neck.


The monster dashed frantically here and there in pain.

Maintaining his balance, instead of letting go of the dagger he pierced deeper in the neck of the monster killing him.

“Easy peasy”.

Fredrick was quite impressed by Parth’s ability.

” You are assassin type, aren’t you?”

“You are not entirely wrong. My family can be said to be shadow warriors who are charge in of collecting information and protection shadows”.

“Let’s move we have three more hours”.

” What food do you like”.

“Do you like music”.

“Do you drink”?

” Do you like dogs”?

“If you ask me I like dogs but not cats. They always scratch my face when I hold up”.

” Shut up”.

“What did you say you want to pull shirt up. Whose shirt mine or yours”.

“Relax it was just a joke”

A thick vein appeared on Fredrick’s head.

” For God’s sake just keep your mouth shut dumbass”.

“Will you die if you do not talk for a second in your life”?

” Just shut up ok”.

Fredrick was frustrated at Parth’s useless talks.

This guy keeps on talking as if we are on a picnic.

‘What are those useless questions what do you like? ‘

Why the hell did this guy be interested in me.

I should stay far from this guy once I walk out of the dungeon.

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