The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 149: Sanctum ofDespondence[4]

Chapter 149: Sanctum ofDespondence[4]

The horse took much of Lucas’s trouble before dying.

If it was any other time, Lucas would be annoyed as he missed a chance to reap experience points.

But not this time.

He opened the system, to confirm once again and true to his other self words, he didn’t get any experience points.

Lucas looked around to see that the skeleton which was dispersed by the horse dashed was walking towards him at a slow and steady pace making weird noises.

They looked more like zombies than undead.

Lucas didn’t let down his guard and he scanned his surroundings looking for any sneak attack by troublesome ghosts.

To kill a ghost, one needs divine power or a blessed blade or any other weapon which had been based by the Priest of the Church.

You can also use the sacred water by throwing the water at the ghost. Scared water was nothing but plain water which had been blessed.

Even these low-level undead would be taken care of quite easily by the blessed weapons.

Nobles generally when went to Church for offering their prayers, and get their weapons blessed in that process for good luck.

So, he was sure if any noble child in this dungeon had his weapon blessed, he may have an advantage over others.

Lucas’s lips curled upwards as a sudden idea struck his mind.

“Let’s go and look for the blessed weapons.”, Lucas muttered rubbing his chin.

But he wasn’t too helpful in finding it.

With an exasperated sigh, Lucas finally began making his way forth through the hoard of skeletons. He was relieved to find that none of the ghosts along the way dared to approach him, possibly due to him wrapping himself in the undead aura from th ring.

He was able to advance smoothly without any disruptions from any other undead beasts.

After walking for hours, he finally managed to travel out of the sinister forest to arrive at the centre of the dungeon, where decrepit ruins of the ancient city stood.

Lucas stood at the edge is the city and looked at the broken walls and ruins that lay before him.

He touched the walls to get a feel of the material, the thing the walls were made of were quite sturdy but it was neither bricks nor any metallic alloy, it looked something similar to plastic.

While Lucas scanned the ruins before him.

From deep inside the forest, a gaze landed on Lucas and looking at him, the figure lunged forwards towards him.


Wilson Claymore was the son of Count Claymore.

Their house was known for its military accomplishments.

Generally, they are believed to have a bloodthirsty and merciless personality that made others deem them as one of the most dangerous figures and his son in the younger generation was seen by many as a problem child who likes to wreak havoc and fight like a madman.

” What’s going on? This.Ah!”

“Wilson please leave us, we don’t have an enmity between us so why are doing this.”

“Monster!!! Just stop”

Many screamed and beg for mercy, but all their screams fall on a deaf ear in front of the monster who charged at them like a madman who cannot be reasoned with.


That was the last voice the boy could utter before his figure teleported out of the dungeon and he was disqualified.

In the dark forest, Wilson was chasing a team that was on their way to the decrepit ancient ruins of the city with his sharp beast like an eye.

The surrounding was dark and the terrain was complicated and hard to navigate, yet Wilson was able to manoeuvre around as if this was his turf moreover, he was slaughtering anyone he encountered on the may.

So far, none of the targets had managed to survive a single attack from him yet.

With each strike of his, the bracket on the hands of the participants would emit a blinding glow that signified elimination and their figure would disappear with a beam of light.

Feeling extreme pressure from this beast in man’s clothing, the participating students decided to form a team to eliminate the beast which was on their back and who is dead set on eliminating them and all of them decide to fight back by forming a team.

A team with a common goal is to survive the assault of this beast and stopped him from causing havoc by eliminating him.

“Huddle together! We will set up our defence first and slowly wear him down. We need to counterattack or else none of us will be escaping from this forest!”One of them shouted.

At the call of the boy who assumed the role of the leader, the other students nearby in the vicinity come together to form a team.

From rock domes and walls of flame, the team quickly constructed many layers of barriers of different elements to stop the assault of the madman.

But all these looked as brittle as glass in Wilson’s eyes.

He leapt down from the tree and slashed downward with a two meter long blade.

A huge force descended upon the one who constructed the wall. His greatsword sliced through all the barriers as if they were made of butter.

The rock domes collapsed and a wall of flames was extinguished and the mana barrier shattered into bits of pieces.


The barrier was torn apart by the slash of the sword and the sword at nothing.

The flabbergasted challengers had their bodies sliced into two as Wilson swing his sword after breaking the barrier.

Amidst the cries of agony, a blinding light showed from their bracelets and their bodies vanished into thin air.

Yet, another group of participants had been slaughtered but Wilson was just getting started. He had only dealt with them cause it was convenient to do so.

His goal was to eradicate and eliminate as many ants as possible, making the competition intense among the stronger ones.

He wanted to fight the stronger ones and have fun. After coming to the school, he felt as if he had been shackled and his inner beast had been tamed but in this tournament, he can let himself free.

It was the calling of his blood, to search for stronger opponents and fight them to death.

Their family bloodline was quite peculiar. It induced warlike and bloodthirsty tendencies to fight and take away their rationality, the more they lose themselves, the crazier and twisted they became, and the stronger they become.

But after entering the dungeon, his mind had become quite hazy, he seems to be losing his sense of reasoning even before he started to fight seriously.

The urge for him to fight without constraints is increasing and he is feeling a parching thirst that can only be relieved by killing.

Moreover, through the changes in his were very minute, he can feel his body changing and his strength increasing.

He was at an early stage of 3-Star when he entered but now his strength seems to increase to mid-stage of 3-Star.

As he was lost in thoughts, he heard a faint whisper in his ear”Fight, kill!! Don’t stop.”

“Unleash the monster inside you.”

If one looked carefully, one can notice a small thread-like wisp surrounding Wilson and hovering around him.

Seeing, that Wilson is easy to control and his behaviour is perfect to exploit, the entity whispered into his year to increase his thirst to fight.

Hearing the voice, he smirked in excitement.

He deftly leapt off the branch of the tree and began driving downward under the cover of the night.

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