The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 143: The Golden Lion

Chapter 143:The Golden Lion

Chapter 143:The Golden Lion

Late Night.

After returning from James’s house, Lucas laid down on the bed being totally exhausted.

Lucas looked at the ceiling and sighed, taking a deep and heavy breath.

“What happened today, felt quite unreal,” Lucas muttered as he touched his face.

After going through all those things, Lucas felt as if it was not him who was fighting and cutting the limbs of the members of Villain Society but at the same time, he felt oddly comfortable with it.

Though he hadn’t fought much this was the first time he had fought like this, torturing his enemies.

He was disgusted with this creepy feeling but at the same, he felt quite good seeing those bastards’ expressions of panic and despair.

“Maybe I have also developed some sadistic personality unknowingly.” Lucas sighed.

As Lucas was about to sleep, he heard a knock.

Lucas frowned as he got up from the bed.

‘It is already late at night so who came to visit me now.’Lucas thought inwardly.

“Ohhh!” Lucas looked at a familiar face and opened the door.

Standing before him was a boy in black and wearing a red coloured dress with a speck.

“Roan, why are you here at late night,” Lucas asked.

“Lucas, where were you all day long,” Roan shouted.

Roan pushed Lucas aside and entered without speaking anymore.

Entering the room, he glared at Lucas and asked”Do you know how worried, I was?”

Lucas furrowed his brows and thought ‘How the hell can I know the reason for your worry. I don’t have any mind-reading abilities.’

Lucas shook his head and looked at Roan with an innocent face.

Roan facepalmed and spoke”I already figured that out. You are too careless to mind the things.”

Lucas opened his eyes wide and tried to think why Roan was worried.

Roan looked at Lucas trying to work his mind and finally spoke”Do you remember where you went today in the morning?”

“Yeah, Didn’t I go to Plaza of Honour to watch the parade,” Lucas answered but he bit his tongue as he realized something.

“And you already forget what happened in the Plaza of Honour today,” Roan spoke as his eyes became as dark as black holes.

Seeing Roan glaring as if to make a hole in him, Lucas whitelisted and tried to avert his gaze.

Lucas didn’t think he would make Roan so worried. He had thought he would take care of the matters as swiftly as possible but due to the effects of the powder, he had to take a detour.

“Sorry,” Lucas spoke with a soft tone as he looked down.

Roan took an air of relief and spoke”At first, I thought you went with Fredrick so I thought you would be safe and sound but seeing all those bombings incidents, I called Fredrick to ask how things are but only to know that you left or disappeared.”

“Fredrick and others had been worried about you and after searching the whole Plaza, they weren’t able to find your traces in the Plaza. Many people have been burnt and had been turned into ashes and you didn’t come to the horizon till late at night had made everyone worried. Even the Princess was looking for you.” Roan spoke a sorrowful.

Lucas’s expression became worse as he heard about Fredrick and the Princess. He knew due to his negligence, the situation escalate too much.

It’s all Lucas’s fault for taking things too lightly like this. He understood their points.

If it was a situation where Roan or Fredrick went missing after such an incident even he would have become anxious and would try to look for them without caring about anything.

“Sorry Roan, it was an immature mistake on my part. I should have given a call to you.” Lucas apologises with a pleading tone.

“I escaped from the incident and took cover in James’ house,” Lucas explained.

“Okay, don’t do it next time,” Roan said waving his hand but he was unable to hide his happiness seeing Lucas safe and sound.

Lucas nodded.


“What do you think about this?”

Inside a pitch dark black room, on a long round table, sat multiple obscured individuals.

Each of them had a serious expression.

Displayed before them was a projection of the horrible incident at Plaza of Honour. Though the incident was taken care of quite well and with casualties summing up to around thirty thousand, it was way better than the estimate of a hundred thousand that they have been prepared for.

Still, casualties are casualties, a single lost life is as valuable as that of a thousand.

While everyone was lamenting a figure stood up.

A relatively old man had long grey hair and thin a moustache with a long beard flowing down from his face, wearing a white coat with golden hems along with a golden star brooch on his chest.

Judging from how respectful the individuals in the room were towards him, it could be inferred that he was a relatively important figure.

He looked at the projections displaying the scenes of the incident with a stable eye without any emotions of remorse.

The clips displayed on the projection were the ones taken for by channels that were to broadcast the parade on the TV but they were stopped before they can air due to the bombing incident.

While he observed the scenes and others carried on their discussion about the incident.

“We could have handled it properly but because of those damned nobles.”

“Yes, it was all because of those damned nobles who allowed to traitor to enter with the bombs.”

“Not only that even after allowing suspicious people to pass through the security checks, these nobles are playing the card of victims.”

“Only God know how many of them have a hand in this misfortune.”

“Those treacherous sons of bitches, they didn’t even think for once, before baring their fangs at the kingdom just for their greediness.”

“The nobles are already rotten to the core.”

“What do you think Imperial teacher.” All of them asked in unison as they looked at the old man waiting for a response.

While others discussed, he looked at the protection with his hawk-like eyes.

As he looked at the scenes, his eyes paused at a certain clip, his eyes widened and his hands trembled.

He looked at the picture carefully.

Everyone present out there murmured among themselves, were suddenly shocked to see the imperial teacher whose back was firm as a mountain and whose eyes were as steady as silent water was now showing an expression of awe.

They looked at the projection and saw a video where a man pulled off his cloak and threw the bombs toward the noble stand.

But the bomb instead of heading at the noble’s stand stopped for a minute second and hovered in the air and went straight towards the sky reaching a certain height, it detonated and exploded into a huge cloud of flames which marked the beginning of the bombing accidents.

While others find it quite odd, they weren’t able to ascertain what happened and thought it was the work of one of the knights.

But the man with his sharp keen, sense and eyesight found a blurred obscure figure who suddenly jumped out of the crowd and stepped on people’s shoulders as a foothold, jumped on the sea of people ran towards the direction of the man who threw the bomb.

Reaching halfway, he raised his hand and his fingers made a grappling sign as if he is applying pressure to grab a hold of something.

And it was after his move, that the bomb that went towards the noble’s stand changed its trajectory and went upwards.

In the sea of people, the video was taken from a higher angle so it was difficult for others to detect unless they have a keen insight.

As he looked at his posture and his gestures, a distant memory of a black-haired boy flashed before his eyes and he murmured “Telekinesis”


Near a seaside where waves met the cliff, a boy set on the seashore.

A man walked on the seashore and took some grains scattered them on the shore which mixed among the sand.

“Hey, you.”

“Telekinesis may be a powerful ability but without good control, it is worth fart. Unless you can hone your control and increase your strength, you can’t even lift a feather.”

“Using telekinesis you can even mould a pen into a sword. Even the frail feather can take your enemy’s life if used correctly.”

“Teacher, what do I need to do to control my ability.” The boy asked with glowing eyes.

“I have scattered rice grains among the sands. Use your telekinesis to pick the grains without lifting single sand. When you lift a grain, try not to break it with your ability.” The man explained.

“Okay,” The boy nodded with resolute eyes.

Seeing the boy doing as he is said, he thought”The boy is quite good and is quite interesting to teach.”


A drop of tear fell from the old man’s eyes as he thought about the past.

“Imperial Teacher.”

“Imperial Teacher.”

“Yes,” The old man spoke in a cold, commanding tone, wiping his tear and speaking, “Strip away the noble’s titles who are involved in this.”

“There is no need to show any mercy. Anyone you find suspicious just locks them up.”

“Moreover, try to push the new taxation policy that the Princes had suggested. These nobles had been quite haughty. It’s time to show their place.” The old man spoke.

“But Imperial teacher what about the King’s permission.” One of a man asked.

“The King had already given us rights to do what we need. Move every force of Imperial Knights. Now dispersed,” The man spoke.

“Lance, you stay here.” The old man ordered.

“Yes, Imperial teacher,” Lance asked.

“Send a message to the King. It’s time to open the Luminouscent Mansion.”

Lance’s eyes widened and his jaw opened wide. His voice stuttered and thought it was a joke.

“Imperial teacher are you implying…”

The old man looked at Lance and smiled”Yes, the hier of Golden Lions is back.”

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