The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 142: Ready For Business

Chapter 142:Ready For Business

Chapter 142:Ready For Business

Lucas’s lips curled upwards looking at the ring. A smile of satisfied expression appeared on his face.

The Ring of Karkarass is the key which is used to open historic ruins where the heritage of the King of Karkarass lay.

King of Karkarass was an ancient figure who wanted to achieve immortality. That’s why he tried many things to increase in life span.

From asking God’s blessing to use necromancy to become an undead. He tried everything to extend his lifespan. Though becoming an undead lich much can increase his life span but he didn’t want to become an undead skeleton.

He used various people as experiments but alas he failed. The ring can open the historic ruins of his palace and enable the people to gain his heritage.

The people who had experimented upon had died their bodies are still preserved and they will listen to and obey the commands of persons who had this ring.

By gaining his heritage, Lucas can get an army of his own who will always listen to his commands and he would have no fear of someone betraying him.

But the only problem was that the ruin is not on the human continent and he had to visit the demon continent.

There are ways humans can travel to the demon continent but for now, it seemed impossible for him.

James observed Lucas starting at the ring and coughed


James coughed seeing Lucas lost in his thoughts.

James’ cough, woke Lucas up from his thought and he looked at James and asked “Oh!! You are saying something.”

James nodded his head and asked, “Do you want to sell the powder or just keep it for yourself?”

Lucas looked at James and laughed.


“If you want the knights to come knocking at your door for inventing something illegal, you can try,” Lucas answered.


James swallowed his saliva and sighed.

When he worked with Lucas to make that powder like a thing or drug a few days ago he was shocked by the effects of the powder. It was too good to be true.

The thing if used properly can change the entire outcome of the battle and if they sell it, he was sure they will earn a hundred times more than what they can earn from selling battle suits.

Alas, the risk was too great to disclose about it.

Lucas looked at James’ sorrowful expression and spoke”James forget about it for now. The money we will be earning by selling that powder is not worth the risk that we are putting ourselves into.”

“Moreover, I have already used everything and to make the things, we required mana crystal. Where will we get mana crystals?” Lucas spoke.

Mana crystals are not open for sale due to their rarity.

Only nobles have excess to it.

If the warrior wanted to buy it, he need to be at least a 5-Star warrior to get permission to buy.

Even if he is a 5-Star, it’s not guaranteed that he can buy in shops or actions as they are rarely found there.

“James, tell me what happened with the production line,” Lucas inquired as his expression became serious.

“It’s almost ready. We can start the production of the battle suit very soon in mass quantity” James answered.

“Have you found any partners for collaboration,” James asked curiously.

Many people are aiming to swallow their business even before they can start selling the battle suits so one can imagine how pressure they are going to handle under those greedy people who are eyeing it.

Without any strong backing, it will be surely hard for them to sustain their business. Some greedy nobles may even try to steal the way of making the compressed battlesuit and cripple them at the beginning.

“We need to get a strong start,” Lucas spoke as his smile widened.

“Read it,” Lucas spoke as he took out a stack of paper from his ring and handed it to James.

James took the document and started to read it.

The rustling sound of paper flipping was heard as James flipped the pages one by one.

By the time, he reached the end of the document, he was so shocked that his jaw dropped wide.

His eyeball shrink and he looked at the document in his hands and Lucas’s face.

He pointed at the document and asked Lucas”Is it for real.”

Lucas gave a playful smile and nodded.


“But how…How were you manage to get the duke’s support.” James exclaimed in shock.

“No,” Lucas spoke and shook his head.

‘Ohh! So it was a joke.’James took a deep breath. For a moment he was unable to breathe.

Lucas raised two fingers in a victory sign and smirked”It’s not Duke. It’s Dukes.”

“What!!” James exclaimed with mixed emotions of shock and joy and almost fell on his back.

Lucas laughed seeing James’ reaction.

“I have the full support of Duke of Warren’s house. While we will also have the Duke of Frost’s support. We need to wait for his response.”Lucas explained.

” Why?”James asked with a confused expression.

“Charles is the hier of the Warren household. So, his permission is Duke Warren’s permission but Fredrick can’t decide all by himself so it will take time. If everything goes all right, we would have Frost Dukedom support for the business within a few days.” Lucas spoke.

“Hmmm. It’s great. Even without Frost’s household support, we can nail it still with their support would be quite valuable.” James analysed.

Lucas nodded at James’ words.

Charles owed Lucas so Lucas used that to get Charles’s support while in the case of Fredrick, it was the shares.

Frederick is not going to inherit the Frost Dukedom, so he had to gain a foothold by establishing his things.

Investing in Salus and developing it can give him a good asset for now and on its foundation, he can expand his influence.

But for this to happen, they need to make Salus a greater organisation. For this, they need a good business-minded person.

And who can be better in this regard than Reynolds? He will be handling the selling services for a month’s pay.

“By the way, Lucas what was share you offered. I have 20% and you have 80%. So how much will try to get?”James asked.

Lucas looked at James and answered,” Don’t worry you will be having your 20% share.”

“Fredrick would be getting 7.5% and Warren household would be getting 5%. For their low percentage, Warren house would get a fixed amount of free battle suits from us and for two years we will be giving a 20% discount to the customers that came to buy the suits from Warren’s reference.” Lucas explained the deal to James.

“Ohh! That’s quite a nice deal.” James raised his thumb to congratulate him.

They were badly in need of someone’s support.

Though he was confident in Lucas getting someone, he couldn’t imagine that Lucas was able to pull two behemoths onto thier sides.

With both the Duke’s support, our sales will surely be skyrocketed.

James’ gaze alternated between the documents and Lucas as he thought about the time he had met Lucas for the first time.

At his first meeting, Lucas looked like a puppy who was trembling and looked quite tense and nervous. James even doubted who this small boy even thought about doing business with.

But within eight months, the lion’s cub had grown into a full-fledged adult. His voice and his gaze were brimming with confidence and there is a mature aura around him.

Seeing, Lucas sitting folding his legs he thought that, unlike others who are born to achieve greatness, Lucas was the type of guy who worked harder to achieve greatness.

If things progress well, soon we are going to be drowned in riches.

Lucas flinched as he saw James lost in thoughts and laughed greedily with his jaw open.

“Hey, wipe that drool off your face James. You look disgusting.” Lucas yelled.

“Keke.Sorry.” James spoke as he wiped his drool.

James decided to take a break and moved to switch on the TV.

Lucas stood up and went for a shower to clean his body stained with blood but stopped in his tracks as he saw James trembling looking at the tv.

“James what happened,” Lucas asked.

James pointed at the tv with trembling fingers” Lucas look at the tv. The Plaza of Honour.”

Lucas looked at the tv to see the destruction in the Plaza of Honour. Still, it was in better condition than the image of the Plaza of Honour that had suddenly flashed in his mind before.

At least it was in one piece unlike his future self where a big crater was formed due to the explosion and inside it, an innumerable number of people were burning in it and the crater was filled with charred bodies.

James is always busy with his research and rarely used TV. Lucas comforted him and walked away.

On the road, he met with many knights who were searching for the members.

Lucas lamented that he didn’t know any more base location of the Villain Society. The Information from Azeroth only gave him the location of the bases he is afflicted with.

Since Lucas took care of him it will take time for that squad to fill up.

So hunting the remaining member of the squad was quite difficult as most of them must have fled after finding out that their squad members died.

Moreover, Lucas wasn’t in a position to convey the information as some may doubt him and think he is responsible for killing the people and for the explosion near the slum.

Also while escaping, Lucas noticed many knights gathering in the slums to find the reason for the explosions.

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