The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 14 – Breakthrough

Chapter 14 – Breakthrough

51,52…100 counting the pull up I continued my training.

With a 50 kg belt around my hips, I was doing pull-ups until I have no more energy left in my arms

Seeing the grand fight, which was an eye-opener for me. I trained harder than before.

Except for class and training, I have been not wasting any more time. I need to get to the peak of 1-star level fast and 2 Star level within one and half months or before.

But the problem is, it will be much more difficult for me to get 2 -Star because of the called bloodline in this world. I have already submitted my application to skies. I should be getting a call sooner.

According to the story Frederick is now in the early stage of 3 Star.

In around 5-6 months’ time frame he would reach 4 stars.

I aim to reach the peak or middle stage 3 star by that time if I can but I cannot stay achieve less than the peak of 2-Star.

After completing my training, I sat cross-legged meditating feeling the flow of mana through my body.

I can feel I am quite close to the peak. I can surely break today.

I circulated my mana through my channel. After two hours Feeling the vigorous energy filling in my body, I opened my eyes which shined bright for a moment.

Yes, finally I have reached the peak stage of 1 star.

I opened my status window.



Name : Lucas Brightt

Bloodline Grade : Bronze

Realm : 1-star +

Combat Power : F-

Strength : 1-star +

Agility : 2-star-

Stamina : -1-star+

Perception : 2-star-

Magic Power: 1-star

Stat points:0


Profession :

[Swordsmanship level:Beginner]

Your understanding of swords is at the beginner level. The more level of swordsmanship increases the easier it becomes for you to grasp the concept of the sword arts.

Bloodline ability[Locked]


I was astonished, seeing my agility and perception are at 2 stars early where combat power was F – which means I can fight 2-star early stage somehow but they don’t mean I can defeat them.

Tears of joy were flowing through my eyes.

The stat points surely looked good, it means every time I break through everything will be increased through a minor realm irrespective of the stat points.

With this, I can somehow narrow the gap between others.

Looking again at my stat, my eyes stood at magic power for a second.

“What the hell why is my magic power still the same, instead of increasing”.

” What kind of bullshitting is this”

‘Relax Relax…’ Telling myself to relax, I concluded that my knowledge of mana is less so that must be the reason but whatever I have to find it sooner.

“Who knows if there is some hidden problem in my system”.

“Hmm, I have 4010 exp points”.

I have brought the sleeping pillow and the combs.

The pillow was quite good and after sleeping through it I feel much refreshed.

I decided to save the exp to buy mana breath.

I looked at my bloodline which was locked.

Bronze ranked bloodline generally doesn’t have any bloodline ability but still, it is showing locked then the possible explanation maybe my ancestors. They must have a higher bloodline but with the mixing of lower bloodline, it has been reduced to what I have today.

I don’t have any hint on how to unlock it.

I will upgrade my bloodline in future. Maybe that time, it will be unlocked.

Who knows if I get a strong ability.

When I took this body my strength and stamina were behind, that’s why mainly focusing on them, I was finally able to level them on par with other stats.

I can’t get too arrogant after all this much strength is nothing in front of others. With my strength, I somehow may rank between 2200 to 1700.

Taking a deep breath, I got up.

My tired body recovered with the minor breakthrough.

I feel much livelier than before. With my perception being 2 stars, my senses have heightened.

My eyesight can look for even minute things. My sense of smell and hearing was increased.

It feels as if I am in a new world.

‘Wonderful. I can’t get enough of this feeling.’

Tiring… Tiring.

Someone knocked on my door.

Wiping my sweat, I opened the door.

A package of my name has arrived.

I took the package and saw it was from my parents.

A feeling of sorrow appeared on my face on thinking about it.

Thinking about my parents in another world. Though I have somehow settled here still a nightmare of my mother’s face crying for me still haunt me some nights.

In this world though I have not interacted with my parents, I can surely say they are quite good to Lucas.

I got messages from them frequently and reply them.

They sure love him a lot.

What a lucky guy.

With a heavy heart, I opened the letter placing the package on the desk.

Mom:Hello Lucas how are you.

Are you eating nicely?

Do you have good sleep at night?

Honestly, without you, I feel alone.

Did you have any problem staying there?

We are always with you what you do.

If you feel it his too much for you to bear. You can tell us, dearly.

You are not forced to study at Horizon. We may not be rich but we have ample money to live comfortably.

Father is always worried about you though he may not show it on his face.

We missed you dearly…Come back if you have time.

Father send you a gift. Surely open it.

With lots of love ??

From Your lovely Mama and Papa.

With red eyes, I took the paper and stapled it in the diary.

This letter may be small but for me, was a huge part of my world.

In my previous life though I loved my mother still we have some casual arguments.

This life I will make you happy my new mother.

One day your son’s name will soar to the sky. I swear it.

Rubbing my eyes I took out the package.

It has some clothes with a fancy suit that of noble. It looks expensive.

‘Why do they have to spend money here?’I laughed bitterly.

Then my eyes went to the last thing that was wrapped in packages.

Just what is this? It is giving me a different vibe.

Unwrapping the package, I pulled out the sword from the scabbard.

It was neither a long heavy sword nor light.

I looked at the sword carefully. It was a D ranked sword.

It must have cost around 50,000R to 60,000R.

They sure spent a lot on it. It was made by a blacksmith.

It doesn’t have any skill attached to it still I like it a lot.

Putting the sword in the scabbard I hugged it for a second.

I have not met them yet still I have been given so much by them.

I can finally feel I am not alone anymore.

“Hehe”.Can’t wait to try it out.

Lucas flashed a sly smile on his face.

Taking the sword he went to the training ground to practice.

A group of students were on their knees bearing the wrath of the person.

It was none other than Charles.

He was very much frustrated by the defeat. He was looking for someone to blame and take out all his anger on them.

Who can be a perfect dummy if not for the dogs that he has raised?

“Should we gang upon him”.Gary mustering his courage suggested.

” For the people to see Charles was not able to take a small defeat and ordered his lackeys to take on Fredrick. What a shame”.

You are the one who was defeated and still couldn’t accept the defeat.

Gary sneered Inwardly.

If not for Charles’s background many of the students here would not comply with trash like him who look down on the world.

“I will not move now.”.

” When he will be on high. I will make him fall in depth of despair that he will not crawl his way”.

“Just you wait lowly son of bitch”.

” I am gonna make you pay in the worst possible way”.

“Young master a letter has arrived”.

Charles took a look at the letter.

An opportunity has come.

Charles smiled inwardly burning the letter with fire.

“Fredrick you are going to receive special treatment from me”.

‘You said us not to make move while you are secretly using the dirty trick. What a bastard’ Gary muttered inwardly.

Biting his fingers a boy was walking left and right anxiously in his room.

This is my only chance to rise.

” I can’t fail the task given to me”.

“Completing the task will open a path for me to a bright future”.

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