The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 138 : Terrorizing Them[4]

Chapter 138 : Terrorizing Them[4]

Chapter 138 : Terrorizing Them[4]

The leader of the gang looked at the remaining four with his blood-red eyes and spoke”Do you want to die by fighting him or by my sword.”

“If you were able to kill him, I promise, I will spare your lives.”He smirked in amusement after giving them the option, now it was in thier own hands to decide.

Lucas looked at peculiar scenes and sneered inwardly.

He knew that the man gonna kill his subordinates whether they were able to kill him or not. He is doing this to make the whole scene more entertaining and enjoyable for him.

Whether it was a coincidence or something planned by his future self, he was able to see the memories of the bombing incident of the Plaza of Honour even though they were just bits and pieces of it.

He remembered clearly remembered that man who after slaughtering a hundred people, threw a sword at the citizens and promised to spare them if they kill their loved ones.

A son killing his mother, a father killing his daughter, a husband killing his wife and many more things like this happened as they did what the man commanded just to protect themselves.

Not only did he divide the heart of people, but he was also able to uncover the veil covering the ugly rotten hearts of people.

Now, he was doing something similar to that. Since he wasn’t able to enjoy killing people in the Plaza, he is reaping the enjoyment here as he saw his teammates getting killed and slaughtered.

There was no shred of sorrow or mercy, rather the man’s eyes were full of excitement as his eyes looked at Lucas waiting for more amusement the boy can provide him until his death.

The four men drew their swords with their trembling hands. Their stance was already in mess.

They looked as if they were about to lose their consciousness in fear.

Just a single gaze from Lucas and it felt as if they will wet their pants in fear.

In truth, they don’t want to fight anyone and just what to escape. Both the boy and their leaders were worse than demons in their eyes.

In fact if not for the fact that the leader is 5-Star, they would have already jumped on him.

Lucas shook his head as he saw the four people coming at him. These remaining ones are worse than those who pounced on him previously and were just 2-Star warriors.

Even Roan in his 1-Star rank can kill them effortlessly.

The dagger in Lucas’s hand disappeared and a sword appeared in his right hand.

As Lucas gripped his sword, it started to glow in crimson colour.

Not intending to waste time on these minions, Lucas took a step forward.

The floor on which he took a step cracked and his figure disappeared in an instant.


Just like a flash, a red beam of light passed through the four people within a blink of an eye and their movement halted.

Within a moment the figure of Lucas that had disappeared before their eyes, appeared behind them.

As Lucas put down his sword. Three heads fall to the ground and roll down while a huge chunk of someone’s left shoulder fell on the ground with a thud and blood splatters on the ground.

‘Shit! I missed.’Lucas cursed inwardly as he wasn’t able to control the angle clearly, missing the head of the fourth know.

” Hush. I missed a chance to go for quadra kill.”Lucas lamented and he looked at the leader but his eyes widened as the man’s image blurred.

Lucas subconsciously raised his sword.


A metallic sound was heard as both of their swords clashed followed by a figure flying back and crashing against the wall.

The silhouette was that of Lucas, he felt his hand going numb and a tearing pain assaulted his head as he slammed against the wall.

The wall cracked and Lucas was almost stuck.

Lucas knew he had no chance of taking a 5-Star before but he had spread the powder and thought it would have already affected the man but his hopes were crushed.

He was delaying the fight and letting the man watch and enjoy it not because he has got quite some free time rather he wanted him to inhale the powder as much he can, Lucas had already spread it in the air as much as he can so that it can affect him before Lucas fought with him.

Lucas put force on his body and tried to pull out his body.

A cracking sound was heard as many cracks appeared all over the walls.

Lucas’s eyeball shrank and he tilted his head to the left as a sword appeared and struck the wall.

Lucas barely avoided the blow as the sword brushed past his cheek and with a small cut appeared on his cheek.

The man appeared before him and glanced at him with a sinister smile as he moved a big fist towards him.

As his fist flew towards Lucas, Lucas forcefully turned his body at the last moment and used shadow steps.


The punch missed Lucas and collided with the walls, his blow broke the wall and a huge hole appeared on the wall and it was smashed along the underground soil behind which was crushed and the blow shook the earth making a faint tremor.

It looked as if something going at a high speed crashed and smashed the wall.

A cloud of dust flew towards the man and covered him which was full of soil and dust particles.

Lucas’s eyes shined brightly as he appeared behind the man. He quickly jumped on his back, his legs wrapped around the waist clutching onto the man’s lower body.

The man was an experienced fighter and raised his right hand to give a blow to Lucas.

But Lucas used his right hand and pivoting his whole body, he locked down one of the man’s hands.

The man sneered at Lucas’s stupidity as his strength was enough to tear Lucas’s entire body if he used his strength to get out of the lock.

The man raised his left hand to punch Lucas’s face but before he could do that. Lucas whose left fist was clenched tightly, suddenly opened he threw a white powder straight into the man’s face and jumped back by kicking on its back.

The man staggered in his steps after being kicked by Lucas and fell into the hole, he created before him.

“Bastard. Are you a warrior or a thief? Who uses these nasty means in this kind of fight.” The man cursed Lucas rubbing his eyes as he felt a burning sensation in his eyes and thought Lucas had thrown something which will affect his eyesight but his prediction was far from the truth.

Lucas smirked as he noticed the man’s line of thoughts.

He summoned a fireball and threw it at the man. The man felt a presence of heat and dodged it by jumping to the left.

But as he jumped to the left, a huge hammer bashed him.


Lucas made a hammer of ice and bashed the man with it. The hammer broke into countless particles but Lucas summoned another hammer and hit the man in its chest making him fly backwards.

With Glaciar Strike, the spikes or pieces of ice that Lucas can summon can be changed into various shapes and manipulated into swords, lances, sticks, hammers and many more as long he was imaginative.

The glacier strike can be said to be a closer replication of ice ability that allows the user to do anything with the piece of ice he summoned.

Still, there are many differences. One of the facts is once a piece of ice Lucas summoned and manipulated its shape, he can’t manipulate it again.

Secondly, the summoned piece of ice can’t be maintained for long and will disappear with time but in the case of Ice ability, the user had extensive ability to maintain the ice do much time as he wants and Lucas can’t harden the ice and change its property at the molecular level like Julian.

The man rotated his body in the air and landed on his feet.

Lucas charged at the man. The man felt his presence and threw a powerful fist.

Lucas sidestepped and avoided it. A gust of pressure passed by his side due to the first which blew away the people the corpse that was lying behind him and the some of the bodies was burst into a blood mist and the pressure didn’t stop here and collided with the wall and smashed it and a banging sound thundered.

Lucas was slightly blown away to the side by the punch but it wasn’t enough to frighten him cause he know the man is already on his last leg and soon would be in his palm.

The man could see a blurred vision of the boy and threw punches and kicks, one after another but the boy was able to avoid his every attack.

The man frowned and felt something was wrong. As he threw more punches, he felt his movement had become sluggish and his senses had dimmed by a margin.

He felt his movements slowing down and a sense of drowsiness enveloped him.

He didn’t know what happened to him suddenly but he was sure that this boy was the one who did something.

“Bastard!! Stop using underhanded means.” The man roared in sheer frustration and humiliation as he had never imagined had would be led by the nose by a small boy who is on the 3-Star stage.

He roared and tried to use all his mana releasing a burst of pressure.

Normally, a 5-Star warrior releasing his full fight can blow and tear this whole place but as the guy tried to release his pressure, his pupil shrank and he was horrified.

He felt as if he was not able to manipulate mana and felt the amount of mana he had was decreasing.

No, he wasn’t able to feel his mana. Something was interfering with his mana channels which stopped him from utilising his mana efficiently.

The pressure emitting from his body started to decrease.

“What did you do?” The man panicked and spoke with a shocked expression.

Lucas smirked and said, “Don’t worry, Let’s enjoy the moment to our heart’s content.”

“Let’s sink into the sea of wickedness,” Lucas spoke as his figure blurred.


Sounds of banging echoed in the whole area, dozen of punches landed on the man within an instant and he was unable to react or defend against any of them, he felt as if he had become a punching dummy.

Lucas appeared before the man and his hand shot like a whip and punched him upward and then appear behind his shadow that fell on the ceiling and summoned an ice hammer and bashed it on the man’s head.


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