The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 135: Terrorizing Them

Chapter 135:Terrorizing Them

Chapter 135:Terrorizing Them



“My leg!”

“My limb!”

“Please, Goddess earth saves us. Have mercy on us.”

The screams of people getting killed and getting injured, filled the Plaza as the entire Plaza shook with their cries of agony and despair.

“What are you doing? Get your ass out of here, you filthy commoners.”

“Let us out now!”

Some noble started to flee and were fighting their way out trying to get out of the plaza as quickly as possible.

Many higher nobles were still calm and stood still in the noble stand, staring at the 9-Star without any fear but there were not many nobles like them and most of them just cared for their safety.

“Open up the path.”

“Kill anyone who tries to block us.”

The nobles who were trying to get out of the Plaza ordered their subordinates to kill any commoner who was in their path of retreat.

They tried to get rid of anyone who stood in their way.

They have been blinded and consumed by fear and getting out of here was the only thing left in their mind.

The citizens and common people were screaming for the knights to open the gates and let them pass through the defence line.

The knights and soldiers shouted and tried to calm them down but in truth, most of them were panicking inwardly.

They were in a dilemma, whether to let them pass or not.

If they let the citizens pass now, there are chances of members of the Villain Society concealing themselves as citizens and getting out of the Plaza safely.

p an da no v el On the other hand, the situation was quite grim, there were many chains of explosions going on every minute and the members of Villain Society who sneaked in are killing the people and trying to make their way toward the nobles and adding another problem to top of that, some nobles have become crazy and now were making their way here.

The whole Plaza had descended into chaos.


The 9-Star man seeing that the suicide bomber’s plan failing, clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“This is getting annoying.” The man spoke with a voice full of rage.

With that, all the members of the Villain Society started to launch their attacks and slaughter the people to their heart’s content. google p an da no v el

They pulled out the sword and sliced the people while the mages on their side started to cast spells on the people.

All types of long-range attack spells, attacks from Spears, swords and daggers were poured on the knight who tried to protect the people.

The common people died like cannon fodder.

One of the members of Villain Society clashed with the knight and both of their 5-Star pressure burst forth blasting away the people like feathers.


As the knight was slowly getting an upper hand, the member of the villain society direct jumped and pulled out an anonymous man from the crowd and threw it at the knight who was swinging his blade vertically.

The knight frowned and stopped in the mids of his attack seeing a citizen coming towards him and rushing towards the citizen to catch him but as he got closer to him, he saw his gut being pierced by a spear.

The member of Villain Society thrust the spear through the citizen’s gut into the Knight’s gut, killing two birds with an arrow and laughing sinister, he ridiculed the knight and spoke

“Since there are so many scapegoats, it would be a waste not to use them.”

The surrounding knights who were fighting in the range frowned and their faces became red in anger.

Fredrick who saw this happening from the noble stand gritted his teeth in anger.

He pulled out his spear and was about to engage but Ariana tried to stop her.

“Mom, don’t stop me. I am not a kid anymore and I am already a 4-Star warrior.”

“How can I watch the innocent people being slaughtered by these bastards?” Fredrick spoke with rage burning in his eyes.

Ariana sighed as she knew, it was useless to stop him once he decided something.

“Okay, take some knights with you and be careful, “Ariana spoke with a worried voice.

Fredrick nodded and stepped forwards along with five of Frost Knights.

” Fredrick, I will also accompany you.”

Fredrick halted his steps and turned back to see Charles coming toward him followed by Hugo and others.

As they were about to set on, they again heard the familiar laughter.


“What can wild goose-like you do in this situation?” The man laughed and ridiculed, his job was to stop the stronger nobles to make their move so how can he allow Fredrick to leave.

He raised his sword to make a move but before he could slash, he heard a voice.

“You sure talk too much.”

Following the voice, a streak of light appeared from the Royal Palace and like a flash, it appeared before the 9-Star warrior holding his shoulders, he pulled him up into the sky.

After gaining some distance he clenched his fist and punched.


A loud thunderous voice echoed in the plaza as ripples in the air formed and a figure shot up into the sky which was that of a member of the Villain Society.

The man’s figure suddenly appeared, hovering in the air wearing heavy silver armour which glistened under the sunlight.

His whole body from head to toe was covered in armour and a red cloak behind his back with a royal insignia engraved on it, fluttering in the air.

“Heard my command, I the Chief of Imperial Knights issue the decree, Kill everyone without a shed of mercy.”

As his frightening voice echoed in the air, many streaks of light shot out from the Palace and landed in the Plaza.

Following the knight, many figures flashed in the darkness.

“Members of Shadow guards, assist the Knights.” Another figure appeared beside the Chief of imperial Knights who was wearing a mask of a dark demon face.

Seeing the mask, the members of Villain society felt a chill down their spine of the members of Villain Society.

A 9-Star member of the Villain Society p an da no v el

“Escape, we have already achieved most of our goals.” He ordered and tried to flee.

But five-strong bursts of pressure locked him down.

On his side, there were just three 9-Star while on thr Cyprus side there were five 9-Star.

If everything had gone according to the plan, the Plaza would have been wiped out along with the lower Royal Palace and half of the city due to the explosion but their plan failed.

The King looked at the Imperial Knight Chief and Head of the Shadow Guard and gave a brief nod and signalled them.

They nodded and their figure blurred.

They appeared before the 9-Star and punched.

Their punch shattered the barrier of sound.

A loud sound of shattering of glass echoed in the sky, which was enough to burst the eardrums of any low-level warrior.

Followed by the sound, of a huge fist crystalline in the air that seemed to tear the void itself and it flew towards the member of the Villain Society with frightening speed.



Two loud booms were heard as loud explosions of bombs and two figures were shot like a streak of light towards the mountains in the north and carved on them.

They punch cookies with their bodies and they felt a fist-shaped stamp appearing on their chest which blasted them away.

Within a second, they have been blasted away sixty kilometres and the two 9-Star warriors of Villain Society crashed into the mountains and shattered the peak creating a crater. Their ribs shattered and their internal organs were damaged and coughed blood.

The Chief of Imperial Knights and Head of Shadow

Clan covered sixty kilometres in an instant and appeared before them and were about to engage with them but the member of Villain society took out a scroll and tore it and their figure disappeared or teleported to another location.

The King sighed and he looked up at the sky to see the other member of Villain Society, who also seemed to have escaped but at least, he was badly damaged by the Chief.

He looked down to see that the chaos had been managed.

Most of the members of the Villain Society are either captured or killed, while the rest have fled.

Four figures flashed before him and bowed down before him.

Seeing King’s lamenting, Duke of Warren asked”Majesty, although there have been casualties we were able to save many. If not for His Majesty’s swift actions, I am afraid there will no Plaza of Honour in future.”

The King looked at the Duke of Warren and lamented”Though your words are correct, even the life of one citizen is more precious than Plaza of Honour and we lost many. “

“I don’t care about those bastard nobles who tried to slaughter their subjects but the innocent commoners who have gathered to celebrate and enjoy now were soaked in the sorrow of losing their lost ones.”


While the Imperial Knights were busy engaging the chaos at Plaza of Honour after the horrifying incident, a few hours after the incident.

In a dark underground place that seems to be a secret hideout place for a group organisation, a bloody battle had taken place.

It was a place where many groups meet in secret and discussed their plans. It was one of their bases in the cities which were used to incite chaos and pass the evil plans of conspiracy and crimes.

But today, this place was sprayed red with the dead bodies of many people, few people were still alive and were lying on the corner watching the gruesome horrific deeds committed by the intruder who seems to seek pleasure from the act.

Even if these people have committed a crime and slaughtered many, seeing and feeling the cruel act committed by this man, made them shiver in fear and frightened their whole existence.

The place wasn’t just full of a corpse but also may part of dead bodies.

Broken limbs, broken fingers, dissected heads, dissected limbs rolling around, blood flowed from the chopped hands and limbs were dying the entire place in red.

On the top of two corpses, a man who seemed to be in his eighteen sat and his sword pierced the floor which was dyed in red.

He looked at the man lying before him leaning on the wall. His face was covered in blood and his two golden eyes shone brightly in the dark place, his lips curled upward into a smile as he spoke.

“Azeroth, a member of Villain Society.”

“Hmm or should I call you, Demon Azeroth of demonic land.”

The man who was covered in cuts and wounds was lying on the floor and looked at the boy in horror as his eyes widened with shock.

He wanted to scream and cry but he couldn’t.

“Now tell me something, Azeroth!”

“Under this vast and mighty sky,

Who will cry when you die?”

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