The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 133: Bombing At Plaza[2]

Chapter 133:Bombing At Plaza[2]

Chapter 133:Bombing At Plaza[2]

Seeing the chaos in the Plaza, Fredrick’s heart ached.

The common people are getting butchered by the Villain Society while the guards were unable to deal with Villain Society members who were hiding in the crowd and attacking in concealment.

Fredrick stood before his mother and took out the spear to deal with the intruders. He had already enough of seeing people getting killed.

Lucas had already warned him about the incoming dangers and the counter-attack measures that the Kingdom had devised.

He knew no matter the measures, people were going to be sacrificed. He could tell from Lucas’s ugly expression that he didn’t want it to happen and, if he had the power, he would choose his best to cancel this whole damned thing.

After all, just what is the meaning of this whole false bravado when people so many lives are going to be lost.

But still seeing Villain Society sending three 9-Star warriors, made him shuddered.

He remembered the battle at Aler Fortress, the battle between two 8-Star between Miss Ami and the Dragon was already too much frightening for him to handle. He was knocked out just from the aftershocks of the collision.

Now the battle was going to be between 9-Stars and that was between so many 9-Stars.

If the battle is not handled properly, everyone presents out there will be wiped out, just from the aftershocks of the clashes.

He could see the situation was quite chaotic as people screamed and ran trying to escape.

Fredrick saw in the vast sea of crowds, the imperial knights grabbing someone who seemed to have possession of bombs.

The knights of Frost encircled Fredrick and reported him to head back.

Fredrick jerked a little when he saw the knights were ripping off the arms and heads of the invaders without any shade of mercy.

They were angry and burning inside as today was their day when many outstanding knights were going to be awarded.

“Fredrick!” Ariana pulled Fredrick’s arm.

“Let’s head to a safe place,” Ariana spoke with a solemn expression.


A loud noise appeared beside the sound of clashing metals as the crazed laughter echoed again.

“From the moment, we accepted the mission, we were already prepared for death. Since we are going to die let’s take as many as possible with us.”

The 9-Star spoke as he released the frightening pressure and broke free from the huge ice hand which was locking him.

“All of you activate the mana explosion Magic!”He shouted.

“There is no way, they were able to pin down all the bombs,” He yelled.

The nobles who heard the man’s words frowned, even the King’s expression turned ugly.

From the information, he got there was no mention of how many bombs would be planted. The knights tried to get rid of as many as possible but the possibility of a bomb hiding underground frightened him.

As soon as his voice fell, mages from many locations chanted their spell at the same time.

All the members of Villain Society that were hiding nearby, moved forwards.

From the local shops to mixing among the crowds, many balls of magic shot up into the sky.


As the magic balls collided, they blew up in the air and started to spread like a shock wave of fire.

The noise among the crowd started to quiet down as a huge cloud of flames, descended upon them from the horizon.

Fredrick saw four projectiles of mana being shot up in the sky at the same time.

He looked around to see it was from his father and Duke of Warren using their magic along with two guards who were always standing by the king’s side.

Those four projectiles combined to form a net that spread far and wide and stopped the flames from descending.

It stabilized the situation and within an instant, the net expanded and engulfed the huge flames and flew towards the mountain peak in the north of the capital and exploded into a huge mass of gas, illuminating the whole capital.

The citizens blankly watched as these four projectiles flew like shooting stars forming an enormous net and moving toward the mountain preventing them from dying.

“It’s not over.” One of the mages from the villain society shouted.

Three 9-Star moved and a huge wave of mana burst forth from their bodies and a huge pressure weighed down the normal people.

The huge pressure made them unable to move and they felt as if a mountain is weighing them down.

A huge red mana ball started to form in the sky which emitted scorching heat.

Even from a huge distance, one could feel their skin burning due to the scorching heat coming from the huge fiery mass of the red ball.

The temperature in the Plaza of Honour went up by a few degrees and the surrounding mana gushed forth towards the plaza.

The trio formed a triangle around the huge red ball made of fire and shouted.

“Flame Solaris.”

The huge fiery ball suddenly lit the whole plaza blinding everyone’s vision, expanding into a giant fiery ball covering the entire Plaza of Honour.

It looked as if a mini sun is about to descend the sky which is crashing on them.

The bellows and eerie screams of people echoed across the whole plaza as they cried and prayed for God’s mercy.

But before the ball could descend, the King made his move followed by the two dukes.

Three steaks of light ascended the sky like a burst of lightning.

The Knights closed in and took their stance forming a huge formation and a huge golden shield appeared above the Plaza of Honour.

The King unsheathed his sword and mighty pressure erupted from him that send a chill down the spine of 9-Star warriors from the villain society.

From the pressure and mana that was erupting from the King of Cyprus, the 9-Star warriors from the Villain society could feel that The King was stronger than them and the quality and quantity of mana were much greater than theirs even if they were in the same rank.

The difference between both sides was quite evident from the moment King released his pressure.

The frightening burst of power swept down the plaza. If not for the shield protecting the people, they would have already been blown away by the King’s might.

The King’s sword glowed in white and he slashed upwards towards the ball of the ball, shouting at the top of his lungs.

“Supreme Storm Slash!”

Followed by his slash, a huge white arc of white light shot upwards. A white light, flashed in the Plaza which bought down the surrounding temperature by a margin. For a moment people had an illusion of a snow blizzard blowing over them.

The white beam of light sliced the huge fiery ball into two halve. The two halves of the fiery ball were blown away by the slash of King’s sword and froze into a huge ball.


The huge ball underwent a series of alternate contractions and expansion due to the collisions of the fiery mass and supreme storm slash and burst forth into a mighty explosion.

A frightening thundering voice was heard in the capital that shook the whole capital as the sound of the voice broke the limits of sound a person can bear.

Many felt their eardrums were going to be burst by such an explosion.

A large explosion occurred in the sky. The explosion was so bright and luminous, that it temporarily blinded everyone who was looking in the sky covering their vision with a huge blinding flash.

A large pillar of flame burst forth followed by pitch dark flame and rushed up from the sky. A large gust of wind rushed toward the Plaza of Honour from all the surrounding directions as the huge blast had evaporated the huge mass of air creating a vacuum that pulled the surrounding air.

The shockwaves that spread across the whole capital shattered the glass and windows. The old dusty and shabby house near the Plaza of Honour collapsed unable to bear such shockwaves.

The live TV broadcast had already been cut down. So, people opened their windows and walked out of their houses to see the entire sky turn red and huge smoke in the shape of a mushroom spread across the sky of the Capital.

“They are all monsters…..”

Charles muttered as he looked up in shock. Any warrior who had a slight knowledge of the strength of the explosion would know the destructive force of the attack was enough to wipe out half of the capital, no even this was underestimated, it was strong enough to blow up a small nation

It was because of the knights forming a powerful formation creating a huge barrier to protect them, they were safe otherwise the loud thundering noise erupting from the explosion was enough to take down normal people.

Moreover, the slash from the King carried away the explosion high up in the sky.

Even the Princes and Julian, who were guided by a knight stopped in their tracks and frowned.

Julian looked at th scene with a grim expression. Even after taking so many countermeasures, such an unfortunate occurred if not for Lucas’s warning, she fears that the Kingdom would be doomed today, on the very date, it was founded many centuries ago.

As she thought about it, her eyes narrowed as she scanned for Lucas in the crowd.

Lucas had told her that he would be in the crowd and there is nothing to worry about but seeing the Villain Society has so many tricks up their sleeves, she was worried about him.

Moreover, there are so many people in the crowd and who knows how many Villain Society members are hiding in it waiting for an opportunity to strike.


The King brushed his hair which had become a mess from the guess of wind.

‘Did it over or do they have more tricks up their sleeves.’He thought not letting his guard down.

He looked down at the chaotic Plaza which had become calm, in a matter of fact, it was quite miserable and people were quite desperate.

As he looked around, he suddenly felt a tremor and his pupil shrank.

He turned his head to hear, a loud explosion taking place at the base of the watchtowers.


The ground beneath the watchtower shook and shrunk as the cracking sound of ground was heard.

“Those bastards.”

“Frost…” He was about to give the command when he saw both the Duke were already engaging with the 9-Star warriors.

The King also has some hidden guards but he can’t mobilise them now and he had ordered his imperial knights to guard the nobles and the other knight to save as many common as possible.

Moreover, he didn’t know if there will more 9-Star making a move.

He knew the moment the Villain Society will make a move, many lives will be lost and sacrificed.

But the way things are going, the situation is becoming worse than he thought, cause he miscalculated and that is three in number.

He never thought that the Villain Society would mobilise the supreme powerhouses.

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