The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 129: Visiting FrostHousehold[3]

Chapter 129: Visiting FrostHousehold[3]

Chapter 129: Visiting FrostHousehold[3]

In a large luxurious room, laid a man full of bruises and scratches.

The man’s brows furrowed and he heard someone gently tapping on a table, which woke him up from his sleep and he tried to open his exhausted eyes which were asking for more sleep.

“Good morning, Lace.”

The man heard a cold voice and majestic voice which carried a tone of authority. The man felt chills throughout his body and his drowsy eyes which were still asking for more sleep subconsciously opened wide.

Bright sunlight that was coming through the windows was cast on the boy who sat beside the bed looking at him with his golden dark eyes.

There was no expression on his face and he was gently tapping the armpit of the chair and seemed to be in deep thought.

“Huh.”The man muttered as he stared at the boy.

“How are you. It looks like except feeling weak, you are fine.” The boy said.

“Are you a member of Villain Society?” The man asked with a sorrowful expression as he thought, he was caught again even after escaping out of the hell hole.

The boy chuckled”Do you think, you will get this type of treatment in Villain Society. If you are already caught, you would have been already tied with handcuffs and hanged somewhere instead of lying on this comfy bed.”

The boy’s words suddenly woke him up from his stupor and he looked around to notice that he was inside a luxurious house which seemed to belong to nobles.

Looking around, he remembered running from the people of Villain Society and accidentally running towards a carriage thinking of asking for help.

“Who are you? Did you save me?” The man stuttered as he spoke.

“Hello, I am Lucas. Nice to meet you.” Lucas spoke.

“As far as who saved you. It was my friend. We were on our way to the Parade when we saw you being chased by two people. You are inside Frost’s household. So can rest assured now.”Lucas explained.

The man’s face become pale when he heard about the Frost household and suddenly remembered something important.

“It’s an emergency. I have to inform others. When I was captured, I heard the members of Villain Society talking about making a move at the grand parade today. We have to inform them now.” The man spoke and quickly jumped out of the bed wanting to run but he staggered in his steps as his body was still weak after going through all the torture.

Lucas stood up and supported him and spoke”You don’t need to hurry. Duke Frost had already got something from the two members, we have caught the people who were chasing you.”

Moreover, Duke Frost must have already known about this since Lucas had discussed it with the Princess.

Lace was the heir of the chief of people of the Northern tribe. They can be said to be beastman and can change their appearance into humanoid lions.

“Lace,” Lucas called.

The man looked at Lucas with a shocked expression and thought about how did he know his name since he had met him for the first time.

“How did you know my name?” He asked.

Before he could ask anything, Lucas answered it’s easy” You are the heir of the Northern King Lion Tribe, so you were invited to the Grand Parade but the Villain Society attacked you and kidnapped many members of the tribe. Am I correct?”

“Yeah.” Lace nodded.

“Do you know the reason,” Lucas asked.

Lace shook his head and fell into deep thought.

He thought about Lucas’s question carefully ‘Why did the Villain Society capture them and what did they want from their tribe. Except for our combat capabilities, we don’t have anything that they want from us.’

Seeing him pondering about it seriously, Lucas smiled in satisfaction.

He is about change another major event today.

“I think, they wanted to experiment on your tribe people,” Lucas answered.

Lace’s eyes widened with horror but it lasted for a second he clenched his fist in anger and his eyes became bloodshot. His blonde hair fluttered and his golden hair started to cover his body.

Lucas saw that Lace was going to transform into anger and tried to calm him.”Calm down, calm down, it’s just a theory.”

Hearing Lucas’s plea, Lace calmed down and looked at Lucas with a weary gaze”How did you know about it.”

“How did I know isn’t important, what is going to happen next is important,” Lucas spoke as he sat down on the chair and started to tap on it.

Lucas cracked his neck and looked at Lace with cold eyes” The Villain Society is experimenting with beastman so that can give any human being, the power to transform into a beast. I knew about it at I encountered a snake-like humanoid monster.”

Lace’s heartbeats hastened and each word rang like thunder in his ears. Thier species are being hunted to use as lab rats, what could be worse than this.

He was boiling with rage now. First, on his way, he was betrayed by one of his people who used poison in our food to make them conscious after which the Villain Society captured us and after giving us an antidote, they tortured us until we transformed and used every means to attack us.

If Lace wasn’t poisoned, he would tear the members off. Villain’s Society and drink their blood.

He was so angered and his mind cloudy. Even for a moment, the thought of Lucas telling lie didn’t come to his mind.

Moreover, he just wanted to kill the member of the Villain Society for torturing him.

But after knowing the reason, the first thing he wanted to do was find the traitor.

As he thought about it, sudden memories flashed before his eyes. During one of the important gatherings, there was a report about people of beastman missing on their journey and no matter how hard they tried, they weren’t able to find out the culprit.

But now hearing Lucas’s words, he got a clue about where they disappeared.

They were hunted down and the members of Villain Society must have a hand in it and every member they went missing must have been brutally tortured and used as a lab rat.

Lace gritted his teeth in anger.

“Lace, it’s not over. Your tribe is still not out of trouble. A bigger threat is around the corner for you guys.” Lucas spoke staring straight into his eyes.

“I think, your whole tribe is in danger,” Lucas spoke with a solemn expression.

If their previous words of Lucas were shocking then the words he spoke now, were earth-shattering.

Lucas’s words were met with silence as Lace’s eyes became lifeless and he was still in shock.

Lucas pulled out an envelope and handed it to Lace.

Lace took the envelope with trembling hands, his eyes lost their lustre as he read the letter and felt as if it was a death warrant.

In the novel, when Lace reigned his consciousness after being saved by Fredrick. He first asked Fredrick for help to look for his tribe members.

Fredrick was able to locate them and found out about the bombing incident in the process, though he was quite late in getting the news, this news still saved the lives of many people, especially the nobles.

After uniting with the gang, Lace went back only to find that his whole tribe was slaughtered and captured by the Villain Society and since most of the strong warriors were accompanying Lace, the tribe lacked warriors and the Villain Society took this opportunity.

The Lion’s tribe leave in the northern region, in a small secluded forest, so the information coming out of there was quite hard and no one was able to notice the Villain’s Society.

While the whole manpower and strong warriors were centred in the capital due to The Parade now, most of the parts of the kingdom were devoid of manpower.

And if the Villain Society attacked a secluded tribe now, the chances of reinforcements coming from other nobles’ lord was close to none.

Lucas patted Lace’s shoulder and spoke”I have given you a chance to survive and a way to stop the massacre from happening. You can ask Duke’s help through a partnership exchange.”

Lucas stood up and walked towards the door.

“Lucas, what do you want in return. Please tell me, If what you are saying happened to be true and my people will be able to overcome the crisis, I would even lay my life for you.” Lace shouted looking at Lucas back.

Lucas stopped in his tracks and looked back and chuckled.

“I hope you remember your words. In the future, there will surely become a time when your help will be needed.” Lucas spoke and without turning back walked out.

On his way, he found Fredrick standing there leaning on the wall waiting for him.

“Did you finish your thing,” Fredrick asked.

“Yes, I took care of it. I hope it won’t be too late and he will be able to save his tribesman.” Lucas spoke.

“Are you sure the prediction would be true and the Villain Society would attack them? Though in our interrogation, there was something we caught about that but still….” Fredrick spoke with hesitation after Lucas is taking a huge risk.

To help Lace, an army will be mobilised and Lace would have to exchange certain treasures and accept the kingdom’s law.

The Lion Tribesman are proud people and generally, their policy is you don’t interfere in our matter and we will not interfere in yours.

You can visit them and stay with them but if the Kingdom is facing a crisis unless it will affect them they will not lend a hand nor they will ask for help from others when they were in trouble.

But with Lucas’s intervention, the status quo will be changing soon.

Too soon.

Fredrick is already getting a headache thinking about what will happen if the Villain Society will not attack them.

Lucas sighed seeing Fredrick worry but he didn’t think much about it.

After all, he can’t just say ‘Dude, I know many things about the future and I am a divine predicator.’

“Okay, are you ready to depart?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, we will leave soon. Are you sure you don’t want to come with us and stay with the normal crowd and watch from afar?” Fredrick asked.

“Yeah, I can’t just stand in the place which is meant for noble after all. Moreover, I came with you cause all the rides are suspended today and if not for your lift, I have to walk on my foot here. I can’t miss this opportunity.”

“I want to take a look at the so-called mountain peak of strength,” Lucas spoke as his eyes shone brightly.

“Okay, I am leaving now,” Lucas spoke.

“See you,” Fredrick spoke as he accompanied Lucas outside.

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