The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 127: Visiting FrostHousehold

Chapter 127:Visiting FrostHousehold

Chapter 127:Visiting FrostHousehold

Today was a very important day, both for the Kingdom and for Lucas cause it is the most awaited festival of the year for the people of Cyprus Kingdom, The Grand Parade.

The celebration of the foundation of the Cyprus Kingdom.

Lucas looked at the set of things and checked again in case he missed something.

“Sword Check.”

“Dagger Checks.”

“Bombs check.”

“Hmmm, wait where is the pouch.” Lucas looked here and there and finally grabbed a blue pouch and laughed starting at the pouch.

“You are going to play a very important role, in the case of any foreseeable situation. You are going to be my lifeline”

Lucas put the weapons into his dimensional storage instead of a ring cause everything will be checked before entering the Plaza and a commoner isn’t allowed to carry weapons.

Though he will be visiting the place with Fredrick he will depart from Fredrick at the main palace and will mingle his way through the crowd still it’s better to prepare beforehand.

Lucas had already informed the Princess about the possible dangers and he hadn’t even a wink of sleep for many nights as he planned with the Princess and drew all the possible sites of explosion.

He already had a solid reason for giving the information about the incident.

p anda no vel Lucas knew about this upcoming incident and explained to her that when he was fighting with the 3-Star warrior of the Villain Society, he screamed after being defeated by him”Don’t dare to think, you will be safe after killing me. There is still a huge threat coming at the Grand Parade.”

Lucas lied to Princess about the men’s words and this time, he was able to give a good reason for knowing this from before, without holding Skies or anyone accountable.

Since Julian has seen that guy and saved Lucas from the explosion, she believed that the man must have gone crazy after being defeated by a low-level warrior and blabbered his plans in anger.

Though Princess was doubtful why Lucas hadn’t spoken about it before, Lucas countered it by saying that he thought it was just a random mumbling from a dead fish and he just said it for the sake of peace of his heart.

“Okay, that’s it. Let’s go.”

“Fredrick would be waiting for me.”

Lucas spoke and moved out.

If anyone would have seen the things, Lucas was carrying now, he would have thought that he was going to rebel today, taking the chance of the Grand event.

As Lucas exited the Academy gate, he saw a huge luxurious carriage with a golden crest on it.

It was a symbol indicating that the belongs to the Frost Dukedom, as well as a handsome boy with Purple hair sitting in it.

Fredrick opened the carriage and Lucas rode on it and saw beside Fredrick there was an old man who looked at him and greeted him.

Lucas greeted the man who was the butler assigned to Fredrick.

Lucas looked at the carriage.

There were soft chairs with a colour full pattern on it.No matter how Lucas looked at them, it was a carriage that can be only be thought of as luxurious. There is almost no vibration even when the castle moved fast.

There were no escorts besides the Butler sent to escort Fredrick. If one dares to try his luck seeing the noble without any knights, he will surely be counting death cause the old man is equal to an army of escorts.

He is at the peak of 7-Star and is quite close to a breakthrough 8-Star.

The butler signalled the carriage man to start the ride.

With the sound of the whip, the horse started running towards its destination.

Leading the black golden chariot were two beast horses who seemed to be C ranked.

On the occasion of the Grand Parade, people try to reminisce about their past and old ages, so cars and bikes were banned today and the nobles use carriages to visit any place.

Instead of using modern vehicles, carriages and wagons are used today to visit from one place to another.

If Lucas hadn’t taken the lift from Fredrick, he had to walk to the Plaza before Royal Palace where thr parade was to be held.

Previously, Julian had also offered Lucas to accompany her as her butler but he declined as it will be too much hassle and to stand beside her with so many people will draw too much unwanted attention.

Lucas is still not capable enough for now to protect himself and if that bastard attacked the royals directly, then their guards would first look for the royal member’s safety and Lucas would be left alone to bear the brunt.

Moreover, he had other plans today which may prove crucial in the future.

On their way to Duke Frost’s mansion in the capital, Lucas chatted casually with Fredrick and thought it would be better if Roan accompanied them but Roan refused to visit and see the Parad which Lucas supported today instead of celebrating a blood bath gonna occur.

Except for the nobles, most of the students are still in Horizon and were watching the parade on TV.

Parth is accompanying his shadow clan and Charles will be with his Warren household.

Once, Lucas departs from Fredrick’s household, he would be alone.

‘It’s good and since I am alone, I can move freely.’Lucas sighed.

Fredrick’s carriage leisurely headed to the east of the capital.

People were already busy getting ready for the upcoming celebration.

In the novel, Fredrick ran into Ian, a member of the Northern King tribe who had the lion’s bloodline and had been kidnapped by Villain Society but Ian was able to escape and met Fredrick. After that Fredrick would run into the Villian society and thier organization.

Lucas looked up from the slightly lifted curtain and saw a man running down and smiled.

‘It’s time now.’Lucas muttered inwardly

The carriage that was running at full speed, suddenly stopped and the inside shook and we were thrown off of our seats due to the sudden halt.

google p anda no vel “Bastard, what the hell do you think you are doing. Do you know whose carriage is this and you dare to stop our carriage?”The driver shouted on top it’s long.

” Fredrick, I think we should head out, “Lucas called and stepped down from the carriage.

Fredrick nodded and led the way.

As Fredrick, Lucas and the butler stepped down, they saw a man in his 20s with golden hair wearing ragged clothing and his body was full of scratches and bruises lying down on the road in front of the carriage.

The man accidentally staggered and fell on the road and seeing the horse about to step on him, he passed out in fear.

Lucas poke Fredrick and whispered something.

” Ohh! We have guests.”Fredrick spoke.

“Lim,” Fredrick shouted.

“Yes, young master. I will finish this soon.” The old man’s figure disappeared and he appeared holding two men with broken limbs who were wearing the mask and seemed to be chasing the man who lay before the carriage.

Fredrick went closer and looked at the pale-faced young man stained with blood and looked at Lucas.

On the back of the man, signs of whipping were seen and there were many wounds all over his body that looked as if this man was tortured brutally.

Lucas nodded in confirmation to take this man with them.

Fredrick’s carriage stopped in front of a large mansion and Fredrick stood up and exited the carriage.

“It’s much better than. expected.” Lucas muttered as he saw a huge six-storey building past the iron gates with huge walls and a huge garden between the house and the gates.

In the centre, it was a sculpture of Frost a warrior holding a sword in his hand while riding on a horse.


The large gate with a large eagle crest slowly opened. The guards standing beside the gates opened it, followed by many knights, maids and servants, all lined up to greet Fredrick.

“Second Young Master Fredrick, welcome to the house.”All of them spoke in unison bowing down their hand.

It was an extremely respectful greeting and they were bowing their heads so low that their heads almost touched the ground.

The old man following behind us holding the wounded man passed it to a knight and stood before us and gave a bow and spoke loudly.

“We will do our best to serve you, Young Master!”The old man spoke with a respectful tone.

“Is my mother here?” Fredrick asked.

“Yes, Second Mistress is here and is already waiting for your arrival,” Lim spoke.

Lucas observed each one of the people present out there, there was no hint of contempt or ridiculousness shown towards Fredrick.

The novel started early in Fredrick’s childhood.

In the novel, it was mentioned that some of them always mocked and ridiculed him but everything changed when Fredrick found the spear.

Not only did it upgrade his bloodline from golden to platinum, but it also helped him to awaken his mana at the age of 12.

From that day, he never looked back.

With his strength, he faced all the mockery and ridicule head-on with his spear.

Everyone that ridiculed him was beaten with the spear.

Fredrick will be soon 17 and he is already at the 4-Star stage and is stronger than many knights of the Dukedom.

Lucas felt both awe and small seeing Fredrick, only now did he know the difference between Fredrick and him.

Fredrick had a whole Dukedom and an army backing him up but he except a few people had nothing to back him up.

Lucas sighed.

“Everybody, lift your head,” Fredrick ordered.

They slowly raised their head and looked at the young master who seemed to have changed so much. search p anda no vel He is now carrying a mature aura and is much more refined than, a year before he went to the academy.

The knights who stood at the side felt slight pressure coming off from Fredrick. The tales of War of Aler had already spread thought out the kingdom about how 200 warriors faced almost 10,000 monsters and a dragon and won the battle.

And their young master was part of the squadron that fought bravely on the battlefield. From the day, he awakened mana, his progress had been skyrocketing.

First, he beat the young knights who were spewing nonsense and calling him trash. Next, with his frightening combat prowess and strength, he beat a 3-Star talented knight while he was in the 2-Star peak stage.

Under the Duke’s strict guidance, he grew more and more of a monster and even the first young master seems to be incomparable to him.

While they were observing Fredrick, no one paid any attention to the boy beside him and thought that he may be Young Master’s servant, which he had picked up at the academy.

“Let’s go,” Fredrick spoke and walked in front as they headed to the sixth storey building.

The large iron gates closed and the huge door of the buildings opened.

Lucas followed Fredrick closely under the piercing gazes of the knights and servants.

Standing beside Fredrick, Lucas saw a huge lineup of maids bowing their heads and at the centre stood a black-haired lady wearing a purple gown giving a bright and warm smile.

Fredrick’s eyes moistened a little and he shouted”Mother.”

The lady smiled and extended his hand and welcomed Fredrick as Fredrick walked slowly and steadily into his mother’s embrace.

Lucas smiled as he saw Fredrick’s change in expression.

No matter how domineering and how strong you are in front of enemies and no matter how frightening your enemies may see you.

In front of a mother, every lion will turn into a mouse.

Lucas’s heart ached a little as he thought about his past.

Every time a child returns home, his mother would be waiting at the door to receive him and even his mother was like that but he had never appreciated her efforts and took it for granted as a job of the mother but now he sincerely wished for someone to stand waiting for him to return, just like Fredrick he wanted someone to give him a warm hug say and you have done well but he had no one.

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