The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 125: Working As A Butler

Chapter 125: Working As A Butler

Chapter 125: Working As A Butler

The kick from the instructor threw Lucas out of the arena and as he was about to fall off the cliff, a figure flashed before him and pulled one of his legs hanging him down the steep slope of the cliff.

“Hein!” Lucas exclaimed in surprise and looked at the foot of the instructor who appeared before him and raised his head upwards to see, that the instructor was staring at him with a serious look, contemplating something.

“Sir!”Lucas yelled.

‘Does he want to drag me to the ring and then beat me again? He wants to toy with me. Is this the feeling Roam that feel whenever we have a sparring session.’Lucas muttered inwardly as he was in a similar position to Roan when Roan fights with him

“Lucas.” The instructor called.

“Yes Sir!” Lucas shouted.

“Seeing your fighting skills, I can say it was quite good though you need to polish your skills still there is a huge flaw in your hand to hand combat techniques.” The instructor spoke with a stern


“Sir, please guide me,” Lucas spoke with a respectful tone while he was hanging upside down.

His sight fell on the ground which was not visible due to the covering the vision due to high altitude which gave him goosebumps.

“I noticed every time you make a move, you tend to think and plan too much for your moves. You also waste too much time reading your opponent’s movements. It’s not wrong to analyse your opponent but you tend to waste too much time there and you plan your every move too much which is slowing you down.”

“When you fight at a higher level, you can’t afford to lose this much time. You need to train harder so that your body moves automatically out of instinct.”

“Just like a baby a cry when if feel hungry as it is in its instinct. Just like that every time an opponent attacks you, your body should move by yourself ro counter the attack. When the opponent attacks whether to block or counterattack should ingrain in your brain and muscles and it should react in an instant .”The instructor explained Lucas’s flaws and provided him with some tips.

Lucas pondered and nodded his head as he realized what the instructor said was correct, your brain should analyse your opponent subconsciously without you putting in an effort or the calculation you do in your fight should be much faster so that it should drag you down.

To do this you need to fight more and train more.

” Thank you, Sir.”

“I got your point,” Lucas spoke giving a sincere nod.

“Good.Since you got it. I hope you can work on it. See you next time when you climb and challenge me again.”The instructor loosened his grip on Lucas’s leg and Lucas fell from the peak of the mountain.

” Agghhhhh,” Lucas screamed as the instructor without warning let him fall and as he was about to crash into the ground, a bubble of mana formed enveloping him and slowing his speed of falling.

Lucas looked up and sighed as he stood up to climb the mountain only to get beaten up again and thrown down the mountain.

After the training session and the daily classes, it was time for Lucas’s practice session with the Princess but what surprised him today was that the Princess called him to her office instead of the training grounds.

“I think, she wants me to officially start my job as her butler.” Lucas sighed.

He wanted to train at the moment since he recently had a breakthrough and he needed some time to get used to the new strength.

He felt as if all of his muscles had become stiff due to the lack of training.

Greeting the lady watching at the door, Lucas opened the door and entered.

Just as his usual greeting, he was going to wish her when he saw a man with long white hair sitting on the sofa looking at him with sleepy eyes and yawning.

Lucas was shocked for a moment but he reacted instantly and changes his words.

If you want to read more chapters, visit pa nda-novel,c.o,m “Glory to the empire and may the people’s blessings be showered on you. Glory to the Princess and Third Prince of the Nation, “Lucas spoke and bowed twice at the Princess and his brother.

The man who was feeling quite lethargic stood up and rubbed his eyes as he looked at the Princess.

” Ohhh!So you are Lucas.”The man spoke as he observed Lucas from head to the toe and nodded his head in satisfaction.

He got up and walked toward Lucas.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Lucas spoke.

“Haa! Just drop the formalities,” He waved his hand and added, “Just call me Ellen.”

“Sorry, I can’t do that. It is not good for a commoner like me to say your name, Your Highness.” Lucas spoke shaking his head.

Ellen Von Stan, the third Prince of Cyprus. Of all the Prince, he is the most amicable one and Lucas found him quite easy to talk with rather than the First and Second Prince who had a natural air of arrogance surrounding them.

Ellen didn’t have any interest in politics and just waste his time lazing here and there. He behaves like trash but underneath he is a genius at commanding troops and administration if one can overlook his laziness.

He may not be strong like the other two Prince but his management and strategies are quite fearsome earning him the name, Ellen Wiseman of Cyprus in the future.

He is a type of person who doesn’t like to work but if he decided to do something, it had to be the best and he doesn’t differentiate people based on status.

“Okay, let’s leave it for now after all our status is going to be equal in the future, “Ellen spoke.

“Hein!” Lucas exclaimed with a confusing expression as he couldn’t understand Ellen’s words about how statuses are going to be equal.

Ellen seeing Lucas’s confused look, put a hand across his shoulder and patted Lucas’s shoulder and spoke, “Why are so surprised after you are the material, my sister has chosen? You should take pride…”

Before Ellen could finish his words, he felt a chill coming from behind.

Lucas swallowed his saliva as she saw Julian’s glaring at them as if she is going to kill Ellen


“Ahem. Julian, I think you are misunderstanding.” Ellen spoke flashing a gentle smile and added, “I was talking about Lucas being a good material for the butler. Your choice is excellent.”

“The status of your butler will surely be higher than a worthless Prince like me who doesn’t have any political power,” Ellen explained but seeing Julian’s menacing gaze aimed at him, he further added, “Hehehee. I think I should leave and give you two some time to spend with each other…Cough…meaning some time to finish your work.”

Ellen passed through Lucas and halted for a moment and whispered in a soft tone”Lucas, look after my sister. I am leaving her in your good hands.”

Lucas turned and wanted to speak something but seeing Julian’s cold gaze, he knew if he said anything now, the matter will only escalate further.

After seeing Prince Ellen exit the office, Lucas turned back towards the desk where Julian was sitting and asked”Your Highness, you called me to the office.”

“Yes.” Julian nodded and spoke, “Since the Grand Parade is next week there are huge tons of paperwork of the academy and other matters regarding the Kingdom that I have to handle, I have to finish it quickly now so I thought having a helping hand would be good.”

Julian then raised her hands and rested her chin on them and stared at Lucas and spoke”Moreover, you should take a break from your training. Excessive training isn’t good. So, just take a break today.”Want to see more chapters? Please visit pan da-novel ,c.o.m

Lucas finally understood why Julian called off her training, she is thinking that after all things he had gone through it will be good to get a change of pace.

Moreover, Lucas felt helping Princess in doing paper works may give him experience for future work if one day he will be able to get his territories to manage and succeed in becoming a noble.

That’s what he thought but the reality turned out to be different after seeing the mountains of stacks of paper placed on the desk.

Seeing the piles of paper, Lucas’s eyeball shrank.

Looking at the huge bunch of paper arranged in columns, Lucas asked”Your Highness isn’t your maids generally help you with it. So, where are they today?”

Lucas asked curiously as he saw there was no one in the office to help Julian, unlike other times when two maids generally accompany her all the time.

“I have got a message from the Father,” Julian spoke with a grim expression.


Lucas frowned as he swallowed his saliva.

“You got a message from the king. What was a message about?”Lucas asked with a worried tone?

With Julian sharing the message with him, he was almost sure that the message she got had something to do with him.

“I got the message from the Prime minister but you can assume that it was my father and he had noticed your presence.” Julian sighed as she wasn’t whether this was good news or not.

“Father had issued a decree that you can officially become my butler in the future if you can prove your worth. That’s why I wanted you to start helping me with this kind of thing. Moreover, it would be a nice change for you.” Julian explained.

Lucas knew that the king would surely notice him but it surprised him that the king had allowed him to interact with Julian and gave him a chance to become her butler.

‘In fact, it was too good to be true.’Luca sighed.

Even if he felt that there was something fishy, he can’t do anything about it now, except to prove his worth for the King to notice him and grant him a noble title in the future for his contributions.

Sorting the documents and going through each document carefully and then deciding on what to do and then moving on to the next things.

It looked like it will take ages to finish the whole thing.

“Lucas, help me sort out the document first,” Julian ordered.

“Put matters regarding the budget and finance in one place and the ones which required my sign for the procedures to another first. We will finish them first and also differentiate the ones of the academies and the nations into two stacks.”Julian ordered as she took a stack and started to sign it.

Lucas nodded and standing beside the huge desks covered with mountains of papers, he started to sort the mountain of papers, taking the first step of working as her butler.

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