The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 117: The One, Before Whom Even The Myth Trembles

Chapter 117:The One, Before Whom Even The Myth Trembles

Chapter 117:The One, Before Whom Even The Myth Trembles


Ami’s figure flew across the air, crashing against the trees on the ground, breaking multiple trees, her body slid on the ground as her figure rubbed against the ground leaving a massive crack on the ground across the distance he drifted.

“Miss Ami.”


Accompanying her crashing, loud shouts and screams were heard as they saw the blow was too strong even for an 8-Star warrior.

Once the dust cleared, Ami tried to stand up as her body trembled and she staggered many times to stand up. Her aura had become faint indicating that she had been severely injured.

Ami stared at the Dragon hovering in the air with rage clouded eyes. However, she didn’t attack immediately. The frightening power that the dragon displayed before them, had left a lingering fear inside her mind.

“I have to defeat otherwise I would let Princess down,” Ami muttered biting her lips.

To make matter worse, she was the only one here to can take on the dragon and due to being injured, she wasn’t able to assert her full strength.

She didn’t waste any more time and opened potions and gulped them down. As her wounds slowly started to heal, her aura skyrocketed and a frightening pressure emitted from her body.

Luna who was watching the scene from the side joined her hands and chatted to cast The Saintess Blessings on Ami to support her.

Staring at the black dragon with her black eyes, Ami’s body was covered with an auburn aura that glowed brightly. Turning her head to get a better look at the dragon, she closed her eyes and opened them as her gaze became intense.

The dragon had the upper hand in terms of fighting in the skies.

“Haaaa,” Ami shouted raising her sword in the air and pointing at the dragon, the mana of an 8-Star warrior within her surged like a storm of sea waves, as the huge hue of mana expanded from her body rapidly. Her hair tied behind in form of a bun broke free and danced crazily.

The ground on which she stood cracked and torn apart due to the frightening burst of power.

From afar, she looked like a beautiful goddess, absolutely majestic and full of strength.


Ami stomped her legs n the ground and leapt towards the sky, high up in her air and slashed at the dragon.

A terrifying beam of sword light shot forward, toward the massive black dragon radiating a massive amount of mana.

The beam of sword light was comparable to dragon breath, wherever the beam of sword light passed through nothing but the devastation was left.

The dragon roared and opened his mouth, shot his dragon breath and a scorching hot beam of light shot towards the sword beam of light.


Finally, both the attacks collided against each other and a powerful shockwave spread across the area resulting in a massive crater being formed followed by a huge explosion.

A huge mushroom-shaped cloud of dark smoke and flames rose to put into the sky.

One can feel the temperature rising even from many kilometres.

It was already nearing dawn but still, the explosion lit the whole vicinity clearing the darkness and illuminating the sky as if a sun had appeared over the sky.

The while Fortress and city of Aler shook as if an earthquake had appeared.

Julian activated her ice domain and created huge walls of ice of almost 100 metres but the walls were instantly crushed by the shockwaves still she repeatedly piled up the ice walls upon walls to stop the flames from the explosion from reaching them.

The Paladins formed a shaped shield and Luna cast her blessings on Juliana and the Paladins.

Once the dust from the collision cleared up, in the middle of the crater a figure stood without being affected. Standing on top of a small hill like structure, Ami panted heavily as he looked at the dragon to flap its wings in the mid-air without being affected.

Ami’s expression turned grim seeing it. Since the dragon was already in a half-dead state or already dead it is not prone to exhaustion like her and each of its attacks was as strong as peak level 8-Star.

She had given her all in this attack but still, she wasn’t able to take it down.

A rare trace of solemness flashed in her eyes, as her gaze never left the dragon who was flapping its wings reaming in its spot.

The dragon hovering in the air spread its winds and flapped it strongly creating a huge pressure of the wind and using its huge Dragonoid wings, it slashed its wings like a sword toward Ami.

Ami’s mana burst forth as she also followed the dragon suit slashed and both the attack collided exploding into a gush of air pressure.

Ami’s figure blurred as well as the dragon’s figure as they exchanged blows with each other.

The dragon slashed its claw which collided with Ami’s sword.


Fire sparkled as Ami’s sword clashed with the metallic sharp claws of the dragon and sounds of metal crashing reverberated across the whole area.

Each of their clashes shook the earth making the living creature tremble in fear.

Lucas who observed from the sidelines only noticed large bubbles of ripples formed in the air, which rang like thunder in his ears and even before the sound ceases another thunder was heard.

Those who were at the forefront were pushed away from the pressure emitted by each clash.

Julian and Luna looked at the battle with grim expressions. The battle was going to be hard.

The dragon has an inexhaustible amount of energy being fueled by th dark flames burning inside.

Julian knew Ami couldn’t hold out for long and decided to make a move.

She was going to bet everything on it.

“Everyone get away from me as far as possible.”

Everyone frowned and on hearing Julian’s call started to get back as far as possible as felt a threatening aura from her.

She took a step forward and pulled her right hand. The mana in the atmosphere started to condense in her right hand.

A layer of ice armour started to cover her right hand and a gauntlet of ice-covered her hand.

This was the move taught to her by the Principle and she can only be able to use this move due to her enormous pool of mana the repercussion would be quite worse but as Lucas had gotten rid of the chill attack, she can use the attack now.

If this attack failed, there is no other option unless the Knight arrived from the capital but it may take many hours.

An unparalleled wave of energy burst forth immediately and a light shone out in the air emitted from her hand.

All the people present out there felt a huge pressure and looked at the source.

The dragon who engaged with Ami was distracted for a second, feeling a surge of mana.

Ami didn’t miss the opening and attacked aiming for the head but the dragon dodged flapping his wings backwards still Ami attacked connected and sliced the upper collar of its shoulder bone.

The dragon roared as dark fumes of smoke erupted from the wound.

Ami didn’t stop her attack and tried to stall time for the Princess’s attack.

Julian while immersed in concentrating on her next move, a flash of memories of her practising the punch, appeared in her mind.

Julian opened her eyes and her cold eyes locked onto the dragon.

“Amii,” Julian signalled following which Ami stepped back leaving the entire dragon for Julian.

Julian gripped her first tightly and a terrifying surge of power erupted from her fist as mana swirled around her fist which sent out violent shock waves in the air.

Julian looked at the dragon and punched toward it as she shouted “Touch of Winter.”

Following her suit, a surge of white light erupted from her body and a burst of mana condensed in the air forming a crustal shape that followed her punch violently.Do you want to read more chapters? Come to panda-novel,com

A wave of power surged through condensing in the form of a white beam of light, the beam of light drummed through the air frantically, spreading circles of shockwaves upon shock waves making its way tearing the air.

The single punch reverberated the whole space around it, the punch broke the barrier of sound as if tearing the void itself.

The atmosphere froze where the beam passed through an intense chilling frost radiated all around.

The dragon’s pupil shrank as it looked at the incoming beam of light but how can the attack be enough to threaten the mighty dragon.

It opened its paw and met the incoming attack with its dragon breath, shooting out its beam of light.

As the cold beam of light collided with the hot beam of light, a huge shockwave spread out followed by a loud crackling sound which caused the surrounding air to explode.

Violently beam of light condensed into a crystal fist and tore the dragon’s attack apart and the beam of light rushed toward the dragon.

The beam of light passed through the dragon engulfing it wholly and blasted off in the sky with a huge BOOOOOOOOOOOM!

The gust of cold winds that emerged from the blast, chilled the whole atmosphere creating snowfall in the area.

Following the blast, a silhouette fell on the ground with a large thud.

Everyone looked at the silhouette to find the body of a frozen dragon lying on the ground.


“We won.”

Everyone shouted and took an air of relief seeing the frozen body of the dragon.

Ami jumped towards the dragon and was about to analyse it when the snow near the dragon’s mouth cracked and a high pitched roar resounded from it Ami was blasted off by the highly pitched roar and was forced to take a few steps back spurting blood.

Hearing the mighty roar, everyone fell onto their knees and shivered as their heartbeat increased and they were suddenly attacked with an onslaught of fear.

“Dragon’s Roar.” Ami’s muttered with a trembling voice as her whole body jerked violently when she heard the legendary roar of the dragon which made one’s shudder in fear.

The dragon shot out a huge ball of fire which on reaching the sky, burst into many balls of fire and rain down on the ground like a meteor shower.


A chain of explosions took place as the huge fireball collided on the ground.

Julian tried to defend herself but the dragon roar had left her in a helpless state and she was unable to control her mana.

Her face had become as pale as a sheet of paper and her heart was beating frantically.

She raised her hand to form ice walls but her hand trembled and her body refused to listen itself, a ball of fire exploded before her and she was blasted off the ground a few meters.

She spurted blood and her right hand suffered a burn from the attack.

As she lifted her head, she saw a dark greenish pair of eyes looking at her rage.

The dragon as if annoyed by Julian’s attack looked at her in rage and fired a Dragon breath straight at her.


Both Ami and Luna and others screamed at top of their lungs.

But before the fiery beam could touch Julian, a figure flashed past her and Julian’s figure disappeared from the spot, the fiery beam went straight towards the cliff in the forest and blasting it off flattened it wholly along with annihilating the forest.

Once the smoke dispersed, a silhouette appeared in the air who was holding Julian in his embrace.

His hair reached over the shoulders and danced crazily in the air.

Julian opened her eyes and looked at the boy who was holding her in a stupor. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and could only be explained as a miracle as both of their silhouettes floated in the air as gentle winds bruised past them.

Julian looked into his eyes, he had red sclera instead of the usual white sclera he generally had, along with his signature bright glowing golden pupil but unlike usual his iris had turned crimson.

The boy looked at Julian and caressed the part of the cheek which was burnt a little and raised his head.

As his gaze landed on the dragon, a surge of power burst forth from its body and enormous killing intent that dyed the whole sky in red, burst forth locking the dragon in its spot.

The thick killing intent along with his immense anger made the people present there unable to breathe as the air resonated with his intent making even the dragon tremble in fear.

The one who was barely able to hold consciousness after the huge shockwaves fell on the ground.

Except for Ami, Luna, Hugo and Alabaster, everyone else became unconscious.

The dragon’s entire body was frozen like a statue as it felt the humongous killing intent directed at him and the seed of darkness burning in its chest, fluctuated to maintain his brightness.

The dragon subconsciously took a step back as he looked at the boy’s demonic eyes which were thirsty for blood and asked it to offer its blood for today is the rise of this Sovereign.

The little bit of conciseness that had left in the dragon asked itself one question.

‘Just who the hell did I provoke!!!’

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