The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 116: The Appearance Of The Myth

Chapter 116:The Appearance Of The Myth

Chapter 116:The Appearance Of The Myth

After hearing Julian’s explanation, her gaze extended between Lucas and Ami.

“Princess, tell me that you were joking,” Ami spoke with a trembling voice as if she heard something wrong.

Her question was answered with Julian nodding her head to confirm Ami’s suspicion.

Ami facepalmed as she was still in dilemma unable to believe Julian’s confirmation.

The picture of Lucas holding her was still vivid in her memories. Moreover, it was quite a surprise that the icy cold princess who she knew from her childhood allowed a male to touch her.

Lucas noticed Miss Ami’s and Julian’s expressions and panicked. Although he looked from the outside, he was shocked inside.

He was already drenched in sweats when he saw Miss Ami’s murderous gaze before.

If possible, he wanted to run away from there as fast as he can. He was too embarrassed.

‘Even the princess isn’t saying anything so why is Miss Ami igniting thr fire. Just on whose side, you are Miss Ami. I can be said to save your beloved princess so why are pushing me into the gallows,’ Lucas’s chain of thoughts was running wild as he feared the Princess might suddenly turn against him.


The monster which was almost frozen by Julian started to vibrate.

The ground of frozen branches, on which they stood suddenly vibrated as the giant started to move.

With Miss Ami’s absence, there was a sudden break in the knight’s attack as even their combined attack was not comparable to Ami’s strength.

Julian was about to say something when they felt sudden danger and her pupil contracted and

as she looked up to see, she saw a bright light flashing near the chest of the huge giant monsters where the dark flames were burning.

Ami’s figure disappeared and she appeared before Lucas and Julian.

From the dark flame near the chest area of the giant, a beam of light was shot at the spot where the trio were standing.

Ami’s entire hair stood as she felt a sense of danger from the attack.

Her entire body was screaming and warning her not to take the attack head but she has no choice as Julian and Lucas were present and would die if the attack reach them.

She summoned her sword and slashed it but the beam reached her too fast and she was interrupted in the half swing of her strike.


A huge blast occurred and the three silhouettes blasted away in different directions the beam of light passed through them after blasting them off, the beam of light, headed straight towards the ground creating a huge hole in it.

Before the beam collided with them, Lucas subconsciously stood up and pulled Princess to her embrace and as the beam of light blasted Ami and was about to touch Lucas, the necklace he was hearing glowed and a bubble made of mana enveloped Lucas and Julian, shielding them from the attack.

Lucas holding Princess was thrown off from the huge giant body and both of them crashed into the ground creating a crater.

The sudden attack blinded their vision for a moment.

After a moment, Lucas stood up on his knees and as he moved his hand to soft himself, he found that his hands were wrapped around Princess’s waist and he was on top of Julian.

His face was quite close to Julian and she could see her flawless, glowing face which mesmerized him for a moment.

“Ahh.”On hearing a soft cute voice, Lucas rubbed his eyes and his entire body froze like a statue as he looked down.

” Arkkkk.”Lucas woke from the stupor and jumped back in fright after seeing where his hands were.

‘Oh no, what did I do. Will she cut my hands?’Countless thoughts flashed in his mind as his body drenched in a sweat thinking about the grave mistake, he had committed unknowingly.

Julian slowly opened her eyes and looked at Lucas’s pale figure who was sweating profusely.

She frowned as she saw Lucas’s body being frozen like a statute and hurriedly stood up and asked”Lucas are you alright?”

“Hein.” Lucas blurted as he hear the Prince’s question.

“I am right. I am alright. I have never felt much better as now, in my whole life.” Lucas spoke anything that came to his mind while cursing himself inwardly, as realized what he had said due to the moment of embarrassment.Do you want to read more chapters? Come to panda-novel,com

He felt as if his mind was going to short circuit, Today, he was surely gonna die of embarrassment if not from the monster’s hands.

Julian’s brows furrowed on hearing Lucas’s odd answer but she didn’t think much about it nor did she has the liberty to waste time here.

Julian looked at the giant figure which seemed to stop attacking.

The flames burning on its chest flickered and suddenly it move out of the giant body and flew into the sky.

The huge monster’s body had frightened the knights and dominated the people suddenly crumbled into small trees and collapsed.

The monster’s body disintegrated and any trees fell to the ground with large thuds as the power source felt the shell.

A huge roaring sound echoed through the whole sky and from the dark burning flames, two huge wings appeared along with a tail.

A pitch dark head appeared with green burning eyes emitting a shrill scream that tore the eardrums.

The silhouette of the dark creature appeared fully as the flames resided. Fumes of black vapour emitted from its body.

Finally when its head appeared silence descended on th whole area.

No one spoke anything, no one commented. They were too shocked to speak anything.

The entire battlefield was enveloped in silence, the silence before the one set of chaos.

After all, the figure that appeared, was of a creature whose legendary tales have been sung since the ages.

The Myth had finally been broken as the mythic creature, The Dragon made its appearance.

The dragon had half of its upper layer of skin missing as the bones and ribs can be seen from above, its body emitted pitch dark fumes and the seed was in its chest which used the dragon body as a vessel.

Lucas observed it, and he concluded that the dragon might be dead and the seed of darkness is planted in its corpse and is now using the dragon at the vessel.

Still, for God’s sake, this is a dragon.

‘Man, why did the plot go astray to this extent.’Lucas muttered and he can swear that the way events were unfolding, he had no hand in it.

Every time they were on verge of winning, a new boss level monster appear.

It’s like there are many different levels of a boss monster.

First a mini-boss then a hidden boss, then an ultra hidden boss and now an ultra pro max level hidden boss.

‘What the fuck.’Lucas was already on the verge of a mental breakdown seeing a dragon.

Even when a dragon just comes out of its mother’s womb is stronger than 5-Star. Only God knows how much strong this dragon is.

The dragon flapped its wings creating a gust of wind and opened its mouth as light particles gathered in its mouth.

Ami stood up with trembling legs. Her hairs were dishevelled and her entire body was dyed in blood from the wound, she got from the previous attack.

Ami’s pupil shrank as she felt the intensity of the attack. She just got up after suffering from the previous attack and saw a dragon opening his mouth.

“It’s Dragon breathe. Everyone run or take cover.” Ami shouted at top of her lungs.

From the documents she read, she knew about the Dragon’s breath. The most basic and the deadliest attack cast by Dragon.


With a huge roar, the dragon unleashes its beam of destruction. Seeing the beam coming from above everyone fleed.

The Paladins pulled t Luna and ran towards the city casting a shield without a second thought.


The continuous beam of light met the earth and destroyed every part of it. The huge firey luminous light raised the temperature to such a degree that it swallowed everything within a kilometre with its raging fire.

The Dragon Breathe felt as if it was the wrath was unleashed by heaven for punishing them. A huge beam of fire reached over a hundred meters in height emitting the heat that can instantly vaporise any living creature.Do you want to read more chapters? Come to panda-novel,com

Julian stood before Lucas and activated her ice ability and hurriedly formed several layers of thick ice walls one after another to protect all those present from the blast.

Many were instantly vaporized on meeting the blast of the explosion while those who were able to take cover behind the huge walls were in a deadly state.

Julian greeted her teeth and formed several layers of ice walls of fifty meters in height and 10 meters in thickness. Every time a layer of wall melted, she added another layer to it.

However, each layer was able to hold the heat for a moment before instantly vaporising.

She had no choice but to shout for her voice to be heard amidst the explosion”My walls can’t contain the blast.”

Lucas looked at the blast and already saw that coming.

The dragon looked at the ice wall defending against its attack and exhaled as the turbid fiery breath concentrated on the place where the ice wall was formed.


The dragon silhouette was hit hard and it flew through the sky for a distance. It flapped its wings rapidly to balance itself in the mid-air but before it can properly stabilize its body Ami appeared above its head and punched it again.



The huge body of the dragon shot towards the ground and its body crashed followed by an earth-shattering blast.

The smoke from the blast hadn’t even subsided when the dragon roared fiercely clearing the smokescreen and stomping on the ground and flapping its wings, its image blurred and appeared before Ami.

Ami was unable to react to its fast speed as the dragon rotated its body and slashed its tail at Ami.

Ami was unable to dodge the blow and she raised her hand to defend, bracing herself for the attack.

As if time slowed down, everyone show the devastating attack reaching Ami at an unprecedented speed. Finally, the dragon’s attack made contact with Ami and a powerful explosion rang out.

A whistling sound arose and a powerful shockwave spread through the air.


While the great battle was fought before the fortress of Aler, a man stood on the edge of the forest and was observing the way the battle unfolded.

He wore a veil and a cloak and his presence seemed to be one with the darkness.

The appearance of Princess and Saintess was not a good sign for them.

He can get rid of them and remove the future trouble but that would mess up their plans for the future to a great extent.

“Tsk.What a huge loss.” The man spoke clicking his tongue.

“The seed of Darkness, in itself is priceless. Moreover, the invaluable dragon corpse. What a loss!” The man spoke with a sorrowful voice.

He sighed deeply and his figure disappeared into the darkness.

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