The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 111: The Princess Entered The Battlefield

Chapter 111: The Princess Entered The Battlefield

Chapter 111: The Princess Entered The Battlefield

Lucas didn’t hold back and prepared to fire bullets and fired at the other side.

Since his target was on the other side, he didn’t need to be afraid of misfiring.

Since another side was devoid of any member of their party, he didn’t need to hold on and can go all out without fear of hitting people on his side.

But the endless trees didn’t give in, even after burning down and turning into ashes new ones emerged and started to take their place.

The deep valley was already filled with trees and the whole valley created by Charles was burning in flames and soot started to arise from their ashes.

If one stood from the fortress and observed the scene from there, they will feel as if some sacrificial rituals were going on.

The thick black smoke had already covered half of the sky and as the wind blows, it carried the smoke towards their side.

The knights coughed as the smoke hit them and they cursed their luck as the wind was blowing towards them carrying the smoke towards them.

Nothing was going good for them. The smoke released from the damned trees was suffocating them and if the fire kept on spreading, it may reach the entire forest. If the entire forest is lit, the consequences may be quite dire as many monsters living in the forest may go on a rampage.

Moreover, the smoke was covering their vision making it difficult to carry out their offence.

While Lucas was praying for some sort of miracle to happen, in the sky under the darkness, a light twinkled and an object tore the smokescreen making a hole fall through it, the object fell from the sky.

The knights and students looked at the object that fall with great speed and crashed on the opposite side where the trees were burning.

As the object hit the object a huge storm emitted from it and a blast of air emerged clearing the smoke screen followed by a chilling sensation dropping the surrounding temperature by many degrees.

The ground rumbled and a shock wave of chilled air blasted through the surroundings.

“What was that?”

“Did a meter drop from the sky?’

” Are you an idiot? Since when meteor drops without causing an explosion.”

While everyone was surprised by the way the event unfold, Lucas’s lips curled upwards as he smiled and muttered”She is here.”


The trees that were thrashing around after being burnt in the fire were frozen like a statue and came to standstill.

The entire area where the monster trees were rampaging was frozen and at the centre of the chilled ground, a huge black great sword was present that was emitting a chilling breeze that can freeze anyone with a simple touch.

The entire ground had been covered with a layer of ice.

As everyone’s eyes focused on the huge black sword, a figure appeared out of thin air her steps landed on the hilt softly and the figure stood on the hilt of the huge sword.

On top of the huge black greatsword , the figure that appeared wore a white dress that was fluttering in the gentle breeze under the faint moonlight, the figure wore a breastplate and a knight armour on top that was unable to cover her body curves.

Her hair white was tied in a bun while the remaining part of her hair fell above her shoulder and was dancing in the wind.

“Princesses.” Everyone yelled at the same time as they looked at the lady that appeared.

She opened her eyes and looked at the surroundings and the frozen monsters around her. Just a simple blink of her eye can charm the eyes of the beholder who looked at her.

Everyone gulped as they were unable to hide their appreciation for seeing the Princess.

Lucas averted his gaze as he didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire if the princess gets angry, seeing these people staring at her.

Even in her warrior dress, she looks beautiful as if it alleviates her charm to a great degree.

It was fortunate that they were fighting with monsters otherwise if there was a war with other humans, Princess blinking eyes was a killer move in itself that was enough for them to surrender.

Julian jumped and landed on the ground and held the hilt of the sword and pulled it out of the ground.

The frozen ground rumbled and cracked.

A whitish aura burst forth from her body and a huge pressure emitted from her and the sword started to glow emitting a faint white glow.

Even though the height of the sword was greater than her, she dragged the sword as if it was just a light piece of metal and raised the sword in the air and slashed.


With a simple horizontal swing of the sword, an arc of white glow burst forth and tore apart the air colliding with the frozen trees.

The monster trees which had been frozen by her ice ability shattered like glass.


Everyone was mesmerized by the Princess’s action but she didn’t bait them an eye and carried on her clearing the great field.

The trees were butchered like pigs in front of her powerful might swing.

Each slash of her was followed by a white arc of blades that shattered the trees with a loud blast.


Parth gulped as she saw Julian’s cold expression as she decimated everything, turning them into dust that came in front of her with her large sword and spoke, clicking his tongue”She is too fierce to handle.”


Both Fredrick and Lucas punched at the same time.

Parth shuddered as he saw Lucas’s dark hollow eyes.

“Do you know, she will not hesitate to cut your tongue if it reached her ear,” Lucas warned

Parth closes his mouth his hands and makes a locking action signalling, that he will keep his mouth shut.

“If you want to die just dig your own grave don’t pull us into it,” Lucas spoke.

“Let’s us get far away from him, I fear he gonna surely pull us into trouble.”

Lucas nodded and looked at Julian slaughtering the monster like the Goddess of War.

Julian froze the trees running amok with her ice ability and then slashed with her sword breaking them into millions of tiny particles of ice that fall on the ground like snowfall.

Julian looked around and noticed a huge number of monster trees gathering around her.

The trees tried to take advantage in number and shot a huge number of claws toward her but before they could reach her, they stopped before her and were crystallized by her ice ability.

Anything that was near her was immediately frozen, even the air was not spared from it, the surrounding temperature around her had already gone down below the minus.

She raised her hand and the smoke in the sky gathered around above her head forming a huge vortex that sucked the surrounding air and changed into dark grey clouds.

High-speed winds blew from those clouds and many pieces of ice spikes materialized around them and suddenly it started snowfall.

If this was not enough as the snow fell downwards, their edges became sharp and they became small ice spikes.

Julian widened her eyes and shouted in her cold voice”Die.”

She looked like a Goddess of Ice whose command was absolute and no one to deny her authority.

Hearing the goddess call, the entire area responded and a huge ripple of air occurred above her head and followed by her voice, rainfall of ice spikes and a hailstorm rained on the trees.

Julian didn’t give any leeway or chance for them to escape and tapped on his feet.

The ground started to shake and huge walls of ice rose and covered the entire plains, blocking the pathway of the trees to disperse.

Frost appeared to cover the entire sight, the walls of ice form a dome-shaped arch trapping all the monster trees in the vicinity.

While everyone was watching the scene from the side were mesmerized by her prowess.

She was just 6-Star like Hugo and Alabaster but her combat strengths surpassed that of a 7-Star.

Lucas’s expression turned grim as he saw Julian was overexerting herself.

She is now casting her domain, The Throne of Ice. Within her domain, she has absolute control of ice and can freeze anyone with just her will.

The domain used too much mana but it is quite useful when dealing with a large mob you can take them down quickly but it had side effects.

The chances of her getting a chill attack would increase if she wasn’t able to control her mana properly and her frosty mana would run wild in her body, freezing her from inside and she may hit backlash.

Julian cast her domain and raised her sword to deliver the finishing blow but she was stopped in her attack in the mid.

“Princess, allow me to finish them. Please take a break. You have already over-exerted yourself.” A figure landed beside her and spoke.

“Hmm, Okay Ami takes care of the rest,” Julian spoke nodding her head.

Julian turned back and taped her feet and skidded using her ice ability through the place.

Once she appeared near the small artificially created valley, she used her ability to make an ice bridge to the other sides and walked on it.

As the knight saw Princess coming toward them, they threw away their reckless behaviour and stood in an orderly and coordinated manner.

Alabaster ran towards her and greeting her, exchanged a few pleasantries.

Lucas sat leaning on the sword and observed Miss Ami as he cleared the other side.

“She is taking them down, just with her punch,” Lucas muttered.

Although it looked as if everything was over with Princess’s entry, Lucas knew it was far from over.

Unless they deal with the seed of darkness, there is no end to the horde of monsters and defeating them is a temporary measure.

The knights tended to their wounds but frowned when they felt that the burning sensation was getting stronger in the spots where they have got the cuts.

While fighting, due to the adrenaline rush, most of them were able to ignore the slight pain but as the adrenaline rush was over, stinging pain started to assault them.

The scratches and bruises that they got from the tree monsters started to expand and their cuts were covered with a black sticky substance.

“Is it a poison?” They were horrified as they checked the wounds unable to discern what was the black sticky substances oozing from the cuts.

“It looks like the miasma that had corrupted the monsters.” One of them muttered.

“Damn, the healing potions are not working.”Another knight spoke as he emptied a potion and cursed at those monsters to his heart’s content.

Lucas listened to their words and thought ‘Wait if the Princess is here and then she should be here but I can’t see her anywhere.’

Lucas remembered that he had called the Princess and had specifically mentioned bringing her as she was the key to solving the crisis and purifying the seed of Darkness

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