The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 106: The Beginning Of The Nightmare[5]

Chapter 106: The Beginning Of The Nightmare[5]

Chapter 106: The Beginning Of The Nightmare[5]

One after another, the knights killed the monsters and reduced their numbers. But with time even the knights started to struggle as the number of monsters continued to grow.

Without the 6 Star and 5 Star knights fighting alongside, the monster would have already flattened the entire city.

The speed of monsters coming from the forest was increasing and was much faster than the speed of their number decreased and the expression of the knights became cloudy.

The third line unit which was still fighting suffered several injured. It seems that they were starting to get exhausted. The battle line was on the verge of collapsing as injured were covered up and personnel were sent to rescue them.

“Tsk.Damn monsters.”



Alabaster, who judged that the battle would quickly turn into disadvantages, didn’t take any action.

But he didn’t move cause he was worried. After all, there was one more person he could rely on here.

“Babak, take them down,” Alabaster ordered.

Babak was a 5-Star warrior and was the captain of his knight squad.

On hearing the command, Babak took a large leap and jumped high up in the sky and as he fall, he thrust his sword into the ground.

Following his thrush, the ground started to shake and rumbling noise was heard as the ground cracked and the monsters lost their stance as they felt small tremors coming from the ground.

The monsters charging madly toward the knight were stuck, as their legs fall into the crack and fissures formed in the ground by the Babak attack and lost their balance.

All the knights ran to take advantage of this opportunity.



“Curse you.”

Lucas activated his flash steps and passed through the monsters. His image blurred as he went past dozens of them making a swish sound.

Lucas silhouetted passed through the monsters like a faint breeze gently caressing one body, which was followed by the sound of a small thud of heads and monsters’ bodies falling on the ground.

Within a minutes Lucas slashed countless times with his sword. His blade had been further sharpened by his mana. His blade which had been covered by a layer of mana started to glow golden.

Every time his blade struck a monster, a golden glow followed the swing of the sword creating a mesmerising beautiful stroke of painting in the air.

“Haaa.” Lucas took a deep breath and gave a horizontal slash.

A huge arc of the golden glow which was around 10 meters in diameter emitted from his blade and sliced off the monster as it passed through them chopping the upper half of their bodies and then moving towards the sky gradually disappearing into nothingness.

The arc emitted by Lucas’s sword was just a simple slash from Lucas’s end and nothing sort of complicated move or skill. Lucas found himself in a state of epiphany but he was unlucky as he was unable to tap into the enlightenment and concentrate on it as he was facing an imminent threat before him.

“Damnn.If I could have gained enlightenment somewhere else then I could have got my hands on the use of aura somehow and would be able to move one stage closer to the advanced stage of swordsmanship.” Lucas spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

Hugo who was taking care of monsters observed Lucas and was shocked to find that Lucas had almost grasped the concept of using Aura.

Mastering aura is not a matter of a joke. With aura not only you can strengthen your body but the damage of your physical attacks also increased to a great extent.

He praised Lucas secretly in his heart and muttered”Young Master had a found a good friend. If nothing else he can become a good addition to our Warren’s knight squad.”


Suddenly, a monster roar rang out over the battlefield. The air trembled from the tremendous volume of the air and the knight subconsciously covered their ears to protect their eardrums from bursting.

“Damn these cries. Which monster bitch came out now.”One of the knights shouted.

Lucas was taken back by the scene but he understood there was nothing abnormal on the battlefield.

Kobolds and lizard basilisks were just front runners. The ogre’s howling echoed through the sky indicating that the true horror, despair and scourage were just beginning now.

The sight of them running towards us was fear itself. The ogre has bodies bigger than orcs and they even eat humans as food.

“Fuck..Just what is going on?”

“Are these fucking monsters out here for picnic.”

“Why the hell is these fuckers aiming at the city. Why don’t these bastards hunt in the forest instead of looking at us as food?”


The knights that were killing the monsters spit out their bitterness and resentment towards these damned monsters cursing to their heart content.

The ogre who like all other monsters was covered in a dark veil had lost his mind and was growing more violent as he moved. With each step it took, the ground beneath it cracked as he caved its feet in the ground with a huge force.

It was behaving as a madman not even sparing the weak monsters on his way as he directly stepped on them flattening them.

Many weak knights who were trying to hold on were consumed by fear at its sight. They were so terrified that weren’t able to move and their legs wouldn’t listen to them.

From a distance, they could feel that ogre rank was greater than D and there were tons of them.

“What the fuck.It’s killing the monster on its side.”

“From where those this fuck heads had spawned from.”

Lucas looked at Hugo and then at Alabaster although the situation was dire there was no change in expression on ther faces.

Alabaster just stretched his arm and pointed at the ogre indicating the knights just to watch the show.

So, without a doubt, Lucas looked and the other knight looked ahead.

Standing before the ogre was Babak, his sword was ready standing majestically in the air pointing towards the sky.

Babak stretched his sword and shouted.

“Behold my prowess.”

“Don’t be afraid!!”

“Look ahead, I am here with you, The Lord stands beside you and then God will guide you.”

“You have nothing to fear.”

“Before our strong will, everything else will tear.”

“Brave souls standing here, heed my words.”

“Knights, stand up and Take out your swords.”

“Now is the time to show the world, the might of your Valor, the strength of your swords!!”

Lucas who had been momentarily consumed by fear felt courage coming into his heart hearing these words.

How can he forget those lines? After all that Babak spoke was the Song Of Valor of knights that is sung for knights when they fight on the battlefield.

Babak, who would not retreat even if his opponent is more powerful than him, looked more majestic than a King itself at the present.


The knights cheered for Babak from behind.

“Ahhhhhhh.”Babak roared at top of his lungs just like the ogre and kicked off the ground.

Babak’s figure disappeared and appeared before the ogre and both of them finally clashed with each other.

A huge shockwave spread across the area which pushed the monsters and the knights a step back. The ground beneath them, which both of them used a foothold cracked.

For the sake of eating.

For the sake of killing and protecting my town.

It looked as the two ideals clashed with each other and both of them abandoned all thoughts and the happenings around the vicinity and focused on each other trying to kill the other party as soon as they can.

Ogre put force onto his club but even with all his strength, it was not able to push back Babak an inch.

The ogre felt that it was in a deadlock and pull back his head and then gave a headbutt.

Babak sneered, seeing the disgusting creature and instead of retreating gave a headbutt of his own.

As both of their heads collided, the metal helmet worn by Babak arched a little. A small wave of force is emitted due to the collision.

The ogre frowned as it noticed that the human before him was alright whereas his head cracked a little and blood was oozing out from the small wound.

The ogre became furious and breathed heavily and pushed back Babak a few steps and it swung its heavy arm as thick as a log aiming to crush down Babak with his attack.

Babak mocked it and leapt towards the attack raising his sword it slashed towards the incoming attack

An arm flew through the air and fell over a distance with a large thud and blood spurted in the air proving that Babak’s sword was able to cut off the ogre’s arm.

The ogre screamed in agony. Even though it was out of its mind, it’s still felt the pain of his hand being cut.

Babak didn’t let the ogre suffer more and cut off the head of the ogre and released it from suffering.

As the cut detached the head, blood-splattered and soaked Babak which made many admire.

” It’s scary but it’s cool.”

Small whispers could be heard from the back when all the units joined them consisting of many students from the horizon.

Perhaps it was Babak’s bravery that got them excited.

Lucas wished, he could eventually become a cool guy like him.

“I can’t just sit around and enjoy the show and let another shower in glory.” Lucas chuckled with a playful expression but his eyes said something else.

It was time for him to show his resolve.

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