The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 105: The Beginning Of The Nightmare[4]

Chapter 105: The Beginning Of The Nightmare[4]

Chapter 105: The Beginning Of The Nightmare[4]

The knight looked at Lucas and spoke”Though the situation is not good, pardon me for my late introduction. I am Hugo a knight of Warren charged with Young Master Charles’s safety.”

“I am sincerely grateful to you.No, the whole Warren Dukedom is thankful to you for protecting your young master. Without your help, young master Charles may in a tough situation.”Hugo spoke with respect bowing his head.

“No, no. It’s the job of a friend to look out for his friend.” Lucas spoke calmly but he was stunned internally on hearing Charles narrate the events of Lucas saving him.

Even while Hugo was talking with Lucas, he didn’t let his guard down and monsters who entered a certain distance from us were directly crushed by Hugo with a simple swing of his sword.

“Will, not people will undermine your authority if they found out you are speaking to a commoner like me,” Lucas asked curiously as he noticed there is no hint of disdain or mockery when he spoke with him.

“Status is just useless things. What matters is strength. Many think bloodline is a boom but in truth, it is a curse that limits one’s potential. But that doesn’t mean it can tie us down. I was also a commoner but luckily I had a golden bloodline that allowed me to entire knight guard of Warren. In Warren’s Knight, everyone is equal and all that matters is strength. Duke Warren is not a narrow-minded person like others.” Hugo spoke puffing his chest as he sang praises of Duke Warren.

‘Though, indeed it’s true that Duke Warren isn’t a narrow-minded person but why does his son behave like this. How did a good tree give birth to a rotten apple?’Lucas thought as he fired ice spikes at the monster.

Though they chatted, they slew monsters in the meantime while Hugo gave some pointers to Lucas.

Even after monsters were slain one after another, they didn’t care about the circumstances of their species dying and kept on attacking them.

With a loud howl flying through the sky, the vultseeker flew spreading its wings and went towards the fortress.

Alabaster looked at the sky and seeing the flying beast felt charging over their head, made him feel uneasy.

It wasn’t easy to fight them as they generally depend on aerial attacks.

The knights and mages all became busy fighting against the flying creatures that were trying to scatter the formation from above.

Gliding through the wind, the vultseekers were able to dodge most of the arrows. There were over dozens of them that we were circling above the skies of Aler and the knights on the walls were making sure that none of their attacks landed on the children.

When the flying beast lowered themselves to attack, the mages hit them projectile of spells


A sharp spell went through one of the vultseeker body, making a bloody hole and it fell from the sky taking its last breath after which the mages started to counter-attack.

On another hand, even after trying their best, some of the monsters were able to breach the defensive line and were climbing on the walls, the knights of the second unit having recovered some of their strength were making sure that the monster don’t climb up and overwhelm them.

With every minute passed more and more monsters fell off of the sky. The mages were started to wear out and were forced to leave. The second squad was busy defending the walls so the beast attacked them as the mage stopped their attack.

They used their swords to fend them off quickly so that after finishing things here, they cam rejoin their comrade on the battlefield at the front.

“Ahhhhh.” A huge cry broke out as a part of the fortress was hit by an attack and destroyed the upper section of the wall.

They looked back to see a huge vultseeker with a 20 m wide wingspan coming towards them emitting a war cry sending a chill down their spine.

It looked like the king of vultseeker and its piercing gaze frightened the ones defending on the wall.

It’s opened its mouth to attack. A gust of wind emerged from his wings and a ball of light coming from its mouth dashed towards the defenders.

Mages were already on their last leg and even if they were in their full strength their attack wasn’t enough to neutralise the ball of light.

They were lost in thoughts of how to defend themselves when they heard a boy’s shout.

“Don’t lose your focus, attack with everything you got,” Fredrick shouted as he took the spear and threw it towards the ball of light with full force.

The spear piercing the wind accelerated towards the vultseeker leaving behind a trail of lightning and the lightning covering the spear changed into a shape of a dragon.

If this wasn’t enough, Rose stretched her bow to the utmost limit fired the arrow shouting in a low voice” Air Piercer.”

“Stone Cannon, “Charles summoned a huge stone and shot it towards the ball of light.

The three spells that came from different directions were aimed at the same spot.


A huge shock wave was emanated when the four attacks collided with each other in the mid sky and the entire night sky was illuminated with dazzling light.

The knights who were fighting on the ground looked up to see the source of bright light that blinded them for a second.

They were stunned for a moment seeing the clashing and thought it was fortunate that the students were horizon were present on the fortress walls or that beast would have surely destroyed part of the walls.

The bright light slowly dissipated and the darkness of the night sky returned to normal.

As everything returned to normal they noticed that the king-size vultseeker was still hovering in the sky, though it was faltering while flying and it looked affected by the earlier attack as the collision took place near it, it still didn’t give up.

But it was not time to admire and Rose picked another arrow and shot the arrow towards it.

Following him, many Archer followed the same notion.

Flapping its wind, it rose high in the sky ducking the arrows.

Rose didn’t give in and bit her lips and fired another Air piercer. The destructiveness of the air piercer was cut above the rest in terms of firepower and speed.


The arrow went toward the vultseeker like a missile and even with its speed, it was not able to avoid the arrow fully the arrow tore one side of the wings.

It lost its balance in the mid-air and tried to flip its other wing frantically to balance its body in the mid-air but it was all for nought.

Just as was able to balance its body in the mid-air to avoid falling, a huge pillar of lightning hit it roasting like a duck.

While the bird was busy avoiding failing, Fredrick waved his spear aiming at it. Using the spell for the second time will surely gonna take a toll on him but he has to do it.

Raising his spear he called for the lightning, a sip of blood appeared on his lips and but he didn’t care. Summoning the lightning, he fired it on the vultseeker grilling it like roasted duck.

Seeing it’s dead, he finally took a breath of relief.

” Tsk..”

Fredrick heard a mocking tone and looked back to see Parth looking at the vultseeker with eyes full of pity and sympathy.

“What happened?” Fredrick asked Parth with curiosity raising his brows.

“It’s a pity that the entire body was wasted. If it was another time then I wouldn’t have let the grilled meat of the vultseeker go wasted. It was too much pity to waste such delicious roasted meat,Tsk,Tsk.” Parth spoke clicking his tongue with a sorrowful expression.

Fredrick almost choked on his words and almost coughed a mouth fills blood. He felt his injury had worsened on hearing the bullshit.

Charles was shocked with his mouth wide open unable to process the situation thought’ Weren’t they on a battlefield. Who in the right mind would think about eating amid a battle, This fellow must have surely hit his head when he was a baby. Yes, yes that must be the reason.’

Charles nodded at his conclusion.

Although Charles knew about Parth occasionally spouting bullshit, he didn’t imagine that he had greatly underestimated him. His performance is enough to crown him with the King Of Bullshit title.

“It was good that Lord Alabaster didn’t hear you otherwise, he would have surely thrown you from the wall,” Fredrick spoke wiping the blood from his lips.

The second unit was about to head to the battlefield but he had already overexerted himself in dealing with the trouble.

Fredrick looked at the storage ring and pondered for a moment. He was in a pinch on whether he should take the potion or not.

Looking at the battlefield, his expression turned grim as he saw that the knights were being overwhelmed by the huge number of monsters.

His condition was not good for battle.

Fredrick sighed as he unwillingly chugged down a potion.

“Lucas, I will remember your debt.” He muttered.


Lucas was panting hard as he sliced off the monsters. With many present out there he wasn’t able to use his fire bullets and he can’t take too many potions in front of others which will arouse suspicion.

The skills he invented were good when he fought alone, his control was still lacking so he was afraid of hurting his allies if he used the fire bullets on a wide scale where both his friends and foes were fighting.

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