The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 104: Beginning Of The Nightmare[3]

Chapter 104: Beginning Of The Nightmare[3]

Chapter 104: Beginning Of The Nightmare[3]

“How many casualties are there till now?” Alabaster asked with a solemn expression.

He was worried at the moment, he didn’t want to lose most of his knights this early even before the true battle, which is yet to start.

Fortunately, the knight’s answer calmed him down

“Fortunately, there are no casualties at the moment but the number of wounded is increasing which is not a good sign. The scale of monsters is invasion is quite large and is increasing. The elite knights of Warren and our Aler are still engaging at the moment but once they are exhausted we will be in deep trouble.”He answered.

“Yeah, that’s not good. Still, we don’t have to worry for now. Reinforcements from the capital will be on the way. I will be also joining the defence now.”Alabaster spoke.

“Deploy the troops. The first unit is prepared to head out and Lein keeps track of the situation. Your strength isn’t sufficient to contribute to the battle but you can take care of commanding troops.”Alabaster patted his son and passed him the responsibility.

“Yes, father I will not let you down,” Lein spoke with determination.

Alabaster walked toward the third unit who were prepared to head out.

Seeing the Lord coming there, the knights gave a salute. Lucas noticed Lord Alabaster and bowed out of courtesy.

Alabaster looked at the teenage boy in front of him and asked “Will you be heading out now?”

Lucas nodded and spoke”Yes.”

“I will be also heading out with you. Good luck” Alabaster spoke looking at Lucas. He was quite grateful to the students of the horizon to extend their help in such a dire situation.

With this, the third unit went out to replace the second unit.

While running through the field, Lucas surveyed around to see the corpse of many monsters lying around. The grotesque sight was enough to make anyone vomit with the foul blood order that was emanating from these corpses but there was a worse sight waiting for him from here.

‘Be calm. You can do it, Lucas, you can do it. You have already taken on a hundred what was there to be afraid of unless they were in thousands.’ Not wanting to falter at this point, Lucas muttered inwardly.

As they neared the defence, Lucas could hear the crashing sound of weapons accompanied by the cries of the monster.

Alabaster shouted and asked for a report.

“The first unit is still engaging. which consists of Knights of Warren’s and our elites. The number of monsters is estimated to be 6000. The monsters we have confirmed consist of goblins, trolls, two-headed snakes and hounds while many types of beasts were present. They seemed to be resistant to pain. If you want to take them as soon as possible either just tear them into pieces or cut their heads.”

Lucas’s eyes shrank with horror on listening to the number of monsters. It was 6000 monsters VS nearly 200 warriors on their side.

‘Did I just jinx it?’Lucas cursed.

It was already 6000 monsters at the start of the battle who knows how many would appear till the end knowing the huge forest and wilderness behind it, Lucas shuddered at the thoughts of the huge number of monsters.

He felt as if they were fighting against the whole forest.

‘Did the seed of darkness had already affected the entire forest and taken over the monster’s mind and consciousness. Even if it did, it didn’t make any sense for a large number of monsters to suddenly attack them. Just what is the motive of Darkness Cult behind this wide-scale monster tide? Did they also have a hand in the beast tide that will happen in the Mist city?.’Lucas thought as he started to have a headache.

Lucas was late to join the party but soon he joined the front line. What Lucas saw there at the front, was the sight of 6-Star warriors whose armour was dyed in red with blood like warriors of God of war and they were sweeping through the battlefield.

They were killing the monsters like they were taking a stroll in the park. There was no sign of exhaustion, not any discomfort as they charged ahead.


With a swoosh, Lucas cut down both the hounds in front of him. Imitating the knights, with a yell as loud as the monster’s roar, Lucas heads toward the next enemy.

From here on, there will be a real fight. He has to keep up with the other knights so that he may not lag behind others and surround by monsters.

Lucas drew his swords and swung toward the monsters that attacked him. The monsters seeing a weak human boy amid the battle were unable to control their urges in the face of newly appeared food.

In addition to his small age with his tender skin, he looked like the finest meat to them.

“I am sorry but eating me won’t taste good. If you want some food, you should ask the God of death after you die.”Lucas, as he rotated his body and dodged the charging of the monster and thrust the sword into the belly and got off the oxen and sliding the sword, tore its belly and kicked hard sending it flying.

Lucas swings his sword and slews the monster. A lizard type monster that looked miniature version of a dragon appeared out of nowhere and opened its mouth and fired flames aiming at Lucas.

Lucas felt his surroundings heating up and seeing the flames coming at him, he stomped the ground and leapt high in the air.

The lizard dragon saw Lucas jump and moved his mouth upwards aiming at Lucas in the mid-air but Lucas’s figure disappeared.

The lizard was stunned and looked around to see where the human boy went but he couldn’t find the boy’s trace nor his scent.

Suddenly he felt something on his body and he rolled his eyes to take look to find the human who had disappeared before, had now appeared on its forehead.

Lucas standing on the lizard’s head raised his sword high in the air and strike down with full force.


The strike tore the lizard’s head in half but it was not able to split its head into two halves completely.

The lizard rotated his body around to thrash Lucas’s body on the ground but Lucas raised his sword and stabbed again and again into its head and just as it was about to rotate towards the ground, Lucas jumped off from his head.

The lizard wriggled in pain emitting a shrill cry.

“It’s clearly on a different level even if it’s an E rank monster,” Lucas spoke as he sliced it again using a wind blade to finish it off.

The knights while fighting, were also keeping a close on Lucas to help him in case of any trouble but they were impressed with the way, he was able to dodge the attacks and strike at critical times going directly for a kill.

Lucas didn’t relax at all and slew the monsters one after another. However, there are too many of them and most of the dark bests haven’t even started.

Lucas’s slightly lower concentration allowed the monster to pass through his defence to attack.

The goblin with a black body and huge claw pounced on him. Its claws were right in front of him but they extended directly towards his throat.

Lucas’s eyes widened when he saw the goblin, wondering what the hell had happened.

The goblin that attacked him had half of his head missing and blood spurted out of its neck like a fountain.

Lucas was going to draw the sword but the goblin collapsed, spurting blood out of its neck. What happened before him, now confused Lucas and he was wondering what was going on.

It looked more like a ghost than a goblin coming out straight of a horror movie.

His question soon cleared up when the knight ran toward Lucas seeing the black goblin.

“Monsters can’t be judged by normal standards, some even try to attack you after they die out of instinct. Moreover, the black ones are really dangerous and something is wrong with them. Just because, you defeated an enemy doesn’t mean you can relax and keep your guard up always.”He explained

“Ah, yes!!”Lucas nodded.

It was a battlefield and the knight was lecturing Lucas for losing his focus which allowed some of the monsters to attack them.

Lucas wanted to shout at him and ask him if he has forgotten that this is a battlefield but the monsters coming towards them to attack them, have all their heads crushed within a spawn of time by the knight.

The knights of Aler stared so hard at the unbelievable scene that they thought their eyeballs will pop out.

The man standing beside Lucas was the Knight of Warren and is now at the peak of 6-Star.

Lucas looked at his brown beard and a scar on his left eye and remembered that his name was Hugo and he will break through to 7-Star in a few years.

Every villain has a strong and faithful servant who carries out their vicious plans and schemes. He was the one for Charles.

Though he was a kind good person, he was loyal to Charles and can go to any means for him. Even when Charles started to do evil deeds, he was the only one trying to correct him and lead him to a better path but Charles had already gone too far to return.

Even in Charles’s ending moment, he was the only one who tried to protect him and stayed with him till the end. Seeing him Lucas thought that maybe in this life he wouldn’t have to give away his life in vain.

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