Chapter 55: The WeChat Message From “Little Brother”

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It was a WeChat message from Little Brother.

It said, “Want to play a game?”

Feng Nai’s fingers paused for a moment as his gaze seemed to sweep past it with a glance.

At first, he did not reply.

After all, when faced with a person that one wanted to get revenge on, one indeed wouldn’t want to reply to such texts.

Even when the assistant finished preparing dinner, the person in question did not appear.

Feng Nai looked at the screen again before he typed a line of words. “I’m his brother.”

His fingertip almost hit the ‘send’ button.

However, the other party suddenly sent another text. “Haven’t you been wanting to play the assassin recently? You can practice.”

Feng Nai’s fingers moved after seeing that sentence and changed the content to “Trouble Lin is so lousy, yet you’re still letting him be the assassin?”

The tip of his thumb moved over once again.

Panda, who was sitting across from him, had absolutely no idea what had happened. He knew that their Chief only used his cell phone for gaming and ordering food. He’d never used it to text before.

Who was the other party?

Were they male or female?

It would be no big deal if they were male. They could simply be having a discussion about games.

However, this didn’t seem like a discussion about games.

If it had been, Chief would’ve just sent a voice message. It was a lazy way of getting his point across clearly. After all, he still had a cold.

However, it was different this time. Not only had he been typing the whole time, but he had even typed, then deleted, then typed again. What was going on?

Panda felt that something was amiss. When he looked over with a cola chicken wing in his mouth, he only managed to catch a glimpse of the nickname ‘Little Brother’.

This nickname made the chicken wing in his mouth fall out!

Um… Little Brother?

Who had Chief saved as Little Brother?

Their ADC?

Panda shifted his gaze to Han Xi. He was indeed very good-looking, but it was quite unlikely.

Then, he turned towards their assistant. That was even more impossible.

Chief’s WeChat contact list only contained these few people.

Who could it be?

It couldn’t be someone from another battle team, could it?

This was virtually suspenseful!

When the battle team ate together, they sometimes dropped things. There was nothing odd about that.

However, when Feng Nai heard the noise, he looked up and shot a glance in his direction.

This glance was enough to tell Panda to behave and eat properly. Otherwise, his bonus would be deducted.

He understood nearly everything his Chief meant.

However, after looking at him, his Chief looked back down and texted. This made him very agitated.

This time, Chief did not delete anything else. It was very obvious that he had typed everything out and tapped the send button.

At the same time, Mo Bei also received a text. It only contained one word. “Okay.”

She did not give any thought to why there was a change in Little Lin’s tone today.

After all, the only thing Mo Bei wanted to do now was enter the game to vent some things weighing down on her heart.

The two of them entered the arena and they each selected their role.

Feng Nai noticed something.

Mo Nan’s handling was completely unregulated that day. He picked a tank but did not protect the damage dealers. Instead, he fought head-on.

He got lots of kills and died many times as well.

When the match was about to end, a slightly cold voice came from the other end. “Why aren’t you talking?”

When this question was asked, Feng Nai did not react.

However, everyone at the dining table turned to look at him.

Not only was Chief playing a game with someone, but he was even voice messaging them.

The problem was, they couldn’t tell based on the voice whether the other party was a girl or not!