The esports kings crush – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Sending a Text To “Little Lin”

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In an instant, it seemed as if she had lost any interest in ever speaking again.

Mo Bei stood there, her gaze difficult to read.

Her fingers twitched. In her cell phone was still her brother’s text, telling her to be careful.

It turned out that what Wang Dongdong had told her wasn’t something that he’d casually spouted.

What had made her brother lock himself in the room for three days?

It wasn’t just his hand injury or the fact that he had been kicked out of the team.

Her perspective had been too one-sided.

When he saw Mo Nan stand there expressionlessly, Chen Yu wanted to go on.

However, Feng Nai, who’d been playing with his phone the whole time, lifted his eyelids. After putting on his mask, even his voice had become slightly languid. “Dark Flares, we’re going.”

Chen Yu faltered, the words in his mouth getting swallowed back.

Granny Gray and Panda followed.

Mo Bei was still in the same spot, her gaze indifferent.

Feng Nai glanced to the side. “Not coming? Do you want to get punished?”

Mo Bei paused for a moment before striding out on her long legs.

Her personality was right there. There was no expression on her face.

Even after they boarded the van, Panda still did not know what “Mo Nan” was thinking.

Meanwhile, the assistant who had come with the business van stared with his mouth wide open upon seeing Mo Bei.

This… They’d just met yesterday but were meeting again today. What kind of ill fate was this?

Most importantly, why had Mo Nan boarded the vehicle too? Why was everyone else not reacting?

The assistant abruptly recalled their workflow texts that day. One of them had mentioned that the battle team’s new support had already reported.

The assistant looked at one member of the team, then looked at another.

His gaze finally landed on Mo Bei’s face.

Don’t tell me that the new support is, is… The assistant felt slightly dizzy.

Even after he started driving the van, he still felt rather muddle-headed. He felt even worse when he took the entire battle team back to the apartment.

It suddenly struck him that one of the rooms in the apartment had been faulty lately. Almighty K, who had always had one room to himself, seemed to have been given a roommate this time.

When the assistant walked in, he almost tripped over his own feet. He swiftly grabbed onto Panda, who was beside him. “Nothing happened in the apartment yesterday?”

“Nothing. What’s wrong?” Panda questioned him back.

The assistant did not speak. He’d actually wanted to ask if those two had fought.

After all, that heated hug yesterday was still vivid in his mind.

However, Panda misunderstood and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. Even if Mo Nan really has other ideas, you know Chief. He would’ve crippled him long ago. For now, Mo Nan seems to be rather dutiful. He even made a plate of egg stir-fried noodles for me.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about right now!” When the assistant spoke, his eyes noticed Almighty K darting a look at him.

All the secrets were swallowed back into his tummy at once.

It seemed like Almighty K did not want anyone knowing about the feud between him and Mo Nan.

That was right. After all, Almighty K had even called Mo Nan “Little Brother” that day.

If the other members of the battle team knew about this, they would be rather shocked.

Almighty K probably hadn’t expected that the new support they had been waiting for would be Mo Nan either…

A battle team wasn’t a place one could assimilate themselves into just because one wanted to.

After entering the apartment, Mo Bei made a beeline for her room. There was a Cherry MX Red keyboard in her suitcase, which had been given to her by her brother.

Head bowed, her fingers moved. However, she could not send the text, no matter what.

What should she ask?

Why hadn’t he uttered a word when he had gone through so much?

Perhaps it was because he would have to face even more if he did.

After all, no one would’ve believed him.

Mo Bei shifted, black locks falling over her forehead and vaguely leaving a circular mark.

She changed direction and tapped on Little Lin’s profile picture before sending a text. “Want to play a game?”

Feng Nai, who was sitting downstairs, received a notification on his cell phone.

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