The esports kings crush – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Joining Dark Flares

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However, several people suddenly walked over from the other side.

It was Panda and the rest, who had just completed their interview.

Feng Nai was at the very end of the group. His phone was still in his hand, and he still acted in the same lazy manner.

Their initially lively mood gradually cooled down when they saw the situation ahead.

“What’s going on?” Granny Gray was the first to speak up, sounding somewhat curious.

Lu Yifan, who stood there, shot a glance at Mo Bei before saying, “Nothing much. It’s just like last time. Someone who should not be here got in.”

Granny Gray’s first thought was what the new support had once done. It was a little difficult to speak up under the circumstances.

Panda wanted to speak but also found himself stifled by the atmosphere of his surroundings.

Mo Bei looked up for a moment, her gaze very indifferent. Then, she turned to leave.

All of a sudden, a halfhearted voice uttered an apathetic word. “Jacket.”

Mo Bei turned and threw it with a swing of her arm.

Feng Nai caught it. There wasn’t much of a change in his voice as he casually draped it over his shoulders and fiddled with his phone. Meanwhile, he said as if giving a reminder but also a recount, “There’s a certain punishment for leaving the team without permission. You’d better think it through before you go.”

Mo Bei stopped in her tracks upon hearing that. She found a spot and stood still. Her aloof, handsome face was still unreadable.

Lu Yifan, who was shocked, turned to Granny Gray with disbelief written all over his face. “Leaving the team without permission? What does that mean?”

The battle teams all knew each other. Granny Gray touched his nose, feeling a teeny bit awkward. “Um… Mo Nan is our newly-recruited support.”

“What?” Yang Mengruo’s eyes became wide and round. How could that be? How could Mo Nan possibly have made it into Dark Flares?

Around them were also people who used to be in the same battle team as Mo Nan. At present, their faces were all various shades of color. Dark Flares was a battle team that everyone wanted to join.

Mo Nan, who they’d thought had been destroyed and could no longer succeed, had actually managed to clamber into Dark Flares.

This issue was unacceptable!

Envy came faster than shock.

That incident had gone too far. How could Mo Nan still return? If he couldn’t, how had he still been able to join Dark Flares?

Lu Yifan was also frowning. What exactly was Dark Flares thinking? Why would they actually accept such a person?

He turned to look at Feng Nai, knowing that he wouldn’t get any answers from him.

He simply directed his question at Granny Gray. “You guys let such a person into your battle team just like that?”

“Ah…” Granny Gray did not know what to say.

Based on this reaction, everyone could tell that Mo Nan had joined Dark Flares without their knowledge.

This addition had not been completely accepted by the battle team.

Chen Yu, who’d taken over Mo Nan’s previous position, spoke up then. “Dark Flares better think it through. Once he’s recruited, if he ever pulls any tricks again, you’ll be implicated on so many levels.”

Mo Bei was listening to everything from the sidelines, never uttering a word.

The game had not changed.

She could still find remnants of her past in it.

However, the environment had changed. All this felt unfamiliar.

Back when she had been in Sovereign Union, she seemed to have always been protected.

Or perhaps, at the time, everyone had been united and had sincerely trusted each other.

No one would go to any pains to pull others down.

However, it was different now.


When one no longer had any value or had gained too much, some people wouldn’t hesitate to stab them to get what they wanted.

When too many daggers had been stabbed into someone, no one would care what was true and what was not.

Was this the scene that her brother had stayed in for a year?

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