Chapter 52: Former Good Friends

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Mo Bei stood up with the jacket on her arm. She didn’t intend to respond.

Yang Mengruo’s face stiffened. Why was this blockhead’s reaction different from the past?

According to what she had imagined, this blockhead should have stood up and gotten into a huge fight with her.

Why was he so calm?

Just as Yang Mengruo was about to retort, she saw a figure approaching from a close distance.

She immediately stopped speaking and bowed her head. The rim of her eyes was red and filled with righteous indignation.

“What’s going on?”

Another voice came from behind her.

Mo Bei only felt coldness surge out of her heart. This feeling was so cold that even her fingertips stiffened slightly.

When she turned around again, she saw the finely chiseled, handsome face of Lu Yifan.

Other than Lu Yifan, there were also a few others that Mo Bei had met outside the school the previous time. They were former team members.

They were all dressed in different team uniforms, yet they were on very good terms with one another.

Lu Yifan had also seen her. His brows furrowed for a moment, as he was caught off guard.

Mo Bei clearly saw loathing in his eyes.

This loathing was like a needle pricking into spots that couldn’t be seen.

So, this was how you looked at my brother.

This was how you looked at the good friend who once personally taught you everything about the game step by step? 

Mo Bei’s heart felt a little empty.

Yang Mengruo had already thrown herself into that person’s arms. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she said in a gentle voice, “Brother Mo Nan wanted to be dramatic again. I urged him, but he wouldn’t listen.”

Lu Yifan’s gaze fell on her like a dagger.

Chen Yu found an excuse to defend the girl against this injustice. “Mo Nan, are you still a man? Mengruo treated you like her biological brother. When things went wrong for you, she still explained on your behalf. Look at you now, coming to places where you shouldn’t be over and over again… Are you qualified to stand here?”

Mo Bei switched the jacket to her other hand, still remaining silent.

For some reason, Chen Yu actually felt pressured.

It felt as if his throat had been jammed up. “You!”

Lu Yifan blocked his hand, but his eyes did not move away. “Mo Nan, what do you mean by this? Are you not going to say anything?”

The voice seemed to be very fair and logical.

However, his words actually had the same meaning as what Chen Yu had said.

Lu Yifan’s eyes surveyed the other party’s face once more. There was none of the usual anger on it. Instead, he seemed to only exude nonchalance from inside out.

It seemed like, even now, he still had no idea what his problem was.

Lu Yifan’s voice turned cold. “You use others to gain attention. That is a fact. You wanted me to help you, yet you also thought of making use of even more people. There is concrete evidence of this. You ought to have given everyone an explanation long ago, but it seems that you don’t plan on doing so even now.”

Mo Bei’s fingers paused for a moment before she looked up slightly. “Mm…”

Lu Yifan, who was infuriated by this sound, narrowed his eyes. “Do you have nothing to say to this industry that you loved deeply?”

Mo Bei’s voice was very detached. “I wanted to focus on playing. Now, it seems that I can no longer do that. However, I’m still standing here.”

Yang Mengruo, who was still in Lu Yifan’s arms, acted as if she was very afraid that they would start arguing. She touched that person’s hand and said, “Yifan, don’t say anything else. Brother Mo Nan evidently won’t listen to anyone.”

As soon as she said that, she lifted her eyes, fixing her gaze on Mo Bei. “Brother Mo Nan, this is our company. Only people who’ve been invited can come here. Unauthorized personnel is prohibited from entering. Since you’re being so stubborn, I can only call security to kick you out.”