The esports kings crush – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: You’re Here To Gain Attention Again

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On their side, Feng Nai and the others were about to enter the live stream studio. It was too warm inside, so wearing a jacket was really troublesome.

Feng Nai accepted the producer’s suggestion and looked around with a slight frown.

Then, he languidly curled his finger.

Mo Bei lifted a brow. Was he gesturing at her?

“What’s…” Before she could finish her question, her head was covered by a black jacket that had come out of nowhere. The familiar scent of minty tobacco came rushing in. Mo Bei froze. What did this mean?

“Hold it.” His voice was cool, as if he was having a casual chat. “A newcomer should act like a newcomer. What do you say, Little Brother?”

Mo Bei had more or less figured out that this person was feeling indignant because he couldn’t get revenge.

On top of that, everyone else in the team except her had to enter the studio.

He probably had no choice but to hand his jacket to her.

Otherwise, given the clean freak that he was, he wouldn’t let anyone touch his clothes.

The fact that such a person had been able to survive until now and even be liked by millions of young girls was really a miracle.

As she was separated by the glass, Mo Bei’s side was also pretty warm. She casually sat down and removed her mask to make it easier for her to watch the progress.

This was supposed to be an interview, but the person who spoke the most the entire time was the host.

Feng Nai wouldn’t even reply with two words if one word could answer the question. He sat there languidly, looking like he could not wait for this to end.

Beads of perspiration could be seen on the host’s forehead. This was a live stream!

From Mo Bei’s position, she just happened to be able to see the host’s extremely awkward smile.

Mm… She totally believed in this person’s ability to kill the conversation.

After watching for about three minutes, Mo Bei stood up with the jacket, intending to go get a bottle of water.

Suddenly, an exclamation came from behind her. “Brother Mo Nan, what are you doing here?”

The sound wasn’t loud, yet even though it contained a natural delicateness, it made Mo Bei freeze right there.

There was only one person who would address her brother this way.

It was the girlfriend that her brother had once wanted to bring home, Yang Mengruo.

Mo Bei looked to the side and saw an internet broadcaster who was cosplaying a game champion. She had light makeup on and looked very beautiful. However, the moment she opened her mouth, it was to accuse someone. “Don’t tell me you’re here to use someone to gain attention again just like last time?”

Mo Bei did not speak. She was thinking about what her brother had gone through out here before he had returned home in such a devastating, sorry state.

It had been more than a hand injury.

Perhaps he had also been betrayed by his closest people.

After all, no girlfriend, even if she was now an ex-girlfriend, would slander the man in public by saying something this casually.

Her brother might be slow-witted, but he wasn’t stupid.

Mo Bei clearly remembered a time when her brother had still been popular. Yang Mengruo had called him crying and asked, “Brother Mo Nan, what do I do? My popularity isn’t growing at all. If this goes on, the company will definitely fire me. Could you help me? You don’t have to promote me. Just come in and play a match while I’m live streaming.”

Her brother had not declined.

Mo Bei knew her brother. His wish ever since a young age had been to marry a girl.


Why would he reject his own girlfriend?

However, her brother’s help had not resulted in gratitude, but in betrayal. A ruthless betrayal.

“Use someone to gain attention? Use who?” Mo Bei’s voice was emotionless, and so was the color of her eyes.

That girl seemed like she had expected better. “Brother Mo Nan, we’ve known each other for at least a year. The entire scene knows your state by now. The battle team no longer wants you. How could you appear here? You’re obviously here for attention. You better leave now. At least you will save some of your dignity.”

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