Chapter 50: Almighty K Uses His Position To Avenge A Personal Wrong

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Mo Bei moved unhurriedly. “Where do I sit?”

“Second to last seat.” Panda lowered his voice. “The seat beside Chief. Pal, brother gave you his blessing.”

Mo Bei’s brows lifted in surprise.

“Don’t misunderstand. It’s because everyone was afraid of seating beside Chief that you got this seat.”

Mo Bei curled her lips. “Understandable.”

This was understandable? A hint of astonishment flashed through Panda’s eyes. For some reason, he kept feeling that the Mo Nan before his eyes was slightly different from the Mo Nan he had imagined. Although he was pretty much expressionless, he was very good-tempered and could even cook. This was unreal!

Wait a minute! Panda, you must be strong-willed! 

Whether or not this new member was accepted would still have to depend on this fellow’s skills in the game.

It just so happened that this was an opportunity for him to show his skills.

Panda’s fingers paused. He was just about to make use of this chance to test out the other party’s strength when Feng Nai, who stood in the middle of the living room, hung up the phone and looked over. “No need to train. Go upstairs and wake up the other two.”

“Huh?” Why was Chief being so nice?

Feng Nai sneered. “Stop dreaming. We’re heading out for an event. You’ll continue training when we get back.”

Panda was speechless.

He’d indeed been too foolish and naive!

Given Dark Flares’ popularity, it wasn’t odd that they often received invitations to events.

However, they probably had not announced that Mo Bei was their new member.

Should she go or stay in the apartment?

Mo Bei was pondering over that question.

Suddenly, a voice was heard behind her again. “You are blocking my way.”

It was Feng Nai. He had a hand in his pockets, and his face was still so aloof that there wasn’t a trace of human warmth in it.

While looking at this face, Mo Bei could not help but ask, “You really like Bey?”

Feng Nai’s lips curled into a half-smile that seemed mocking. “You don’t have to train when we get back. You’re a newcomer after all.”

Upon hearing that, Panda turned back instantly. Since when had their battle team treated newcomers like they were special?

He got an answer very quickly.

“You’ll scrub all the bathrooms. Then, as a newcomer, you’ll learn what kind of questions should be asked and what kind of questions should not be asked.” Feng Nai shot a glance at Mo Bei before he nonchalantly headed upstairs.

Panda felt that he ought to console the newcomer. After all, he’d just eaten a plate of noodles made by him.

However, before he could speak up, the other party did first. “Let’s pack our belongings.”


“Aren’t we heading out to an event?”

That’s right, but isn’t your ability to resist suppression a little too strong? 

Panda watched that tall, lean back. This was too different from the rumors circulating…

At 2 p.m. in the afternoon, they were at the backstage area of Canine Live Stream.

This event wasn’t considered a big-scale event by Dark Flares.

However, there were other battle teams present, so it was very noisy.

Mo Bei took one look. The quietest person around was Feng Nai.

Feng Nai never showed his face at all. He was wearing a black jacket over his team uniform and had a mask on his face. He was currently focused on the cell phone in his hands. Probably due to his cold, he couldn’t even be bothered to look up.

Even so, once he appeared, he still attracted everyone’s gazes.

Some people just seemed to be born this way. Although they were not a part of the entertainment industry, they naturally radiated light.

There were many of Feng Nai’s fangirls on the scene.

Mo Bei hadn’t walked far when she heard someone say, “He’s so handsome!”

Probably because she stood out like a sore thumb behind Feng Nai, some people were also asking, “Hey, who’s that person?”

“That one. With the black hair, the one wearing a mask.”

“I don’t know. Could he be their new assistant?”

Mo Bei did not stop. Her expression was really indifferent, as if she wasn’t the subject of their conversation…