The esports kings crush – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: He’s Her Fanboy?

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Mo Bei’s expression was impassive as she put her chopsticks down. “Could you have misunderstood? How did you make out that Chief likes Almighty Bey?”

“Do I need to? I just used my perfect brain to think for a moment and I got a verdict!” Panda leaned back after he was done eating and patted his tummy. “The food you cooked was so delicious that I’ll quietly tell you a secret. Chief looks outstanding to you, right? No one has ever killed him single-handedly, right? These are all false appearances. I… Mo Nan, what’s wrong with your eyes? Why aren’t you looking at me…”

At this point, Panda paused abruptly. Then, he turned behind and swiftly turned back!

Oh f*ck! Chief?

Since when had he been standing there?

He was dead!

Panda dropped his shoulders, intending to quietly move away.

However, he hadn’t expected that this slender, aloof person would be a step faster than him and immediately block his way. Then, he heard a voice that couldn’t be more familiar. “Why don’t you continue? I would like to listen to the rest of the story.”

“Chief, I was wrong!” Panda thought for a moment and cried, “I shouldn’t have accepted the enemy’s sugar-coated bullets and abandoned my principles over a bowl of noodles.”

“Oh,” Feng Nai responded, his brow lifting slightly. “Compared to that, I’m more curious about how you used that blockhead of yours to create illusions and come to the conclusion that I like Bey.”

“Don’t you?” Panda’s eyes were wide and bulging. “Haven’t you been waiting for that person to come back? For him, you even…”

“You have two options.” Feng Nai did not wait for him to finish. He interrupted him indifferently. “One, shut up. Two, quit the team.”

Panda went still immediately and stopped talking!

Mo Bei, who had only gotten half of the story, was naturally curious deep down. However, her face was still aloof.

After all, as one of the parties involved, she totally didn’t remember having a little fanboy called King back then.

Mo Bei thought that she needed to digest this information.

Ultimately, they still wanted to get back at each other.

However, if he was her little fanboy, this would make it slightly difficult for her to strike…

Young Master Feng usually liked to pursue responsibility when he punished people. Thus, after turning his head, he approached her and said slowly, “Do you know what the battle team’s rules are?”

To avoid exposing her identity, Mo Bei had searched and read up extensively about Dark Flares before coming. Thus, she was able to answer such questions.

“No gossiping, no relationships before competitions, and absolutely no sleeping with fans.”

Upon hearing that, Panda stared at her with wide eyes in shock. How did he know this? He was Chief’s follower indeed! He even knew something that Chief had casually said during an interview by heart!

Mo Bei could not be bothered to look at Panda anymore. This rascal looked at everyone with a wicked gaze.

However, Feng Nai was very indifferent. His eyes were on her as he drew out a cigarette. “That’s just what we say to outsiders.”


“Internally, the battle team only has one rule.” The cigarette was clipped between his fingers as he looked up nonchalantly. “Don’t make me unhappy.”


Mo Bei was speechless.

This really fit his shameless persona.

However, the more he acted this way, the more Mo Bei wanted to know what exactly had happened back then. How had this Almighty, who was so arrogant, taken a fancy to her?

Feng Nai lit up the cigarette and put it between his lips. “Both of you, an extra hour of training every day this week.”

Panda, who looked distressed, tried to plead for mercy. “Chief…”

“Three hours.”

“How, how could training be increased like this?” Panda was dumbfounded. However, he fortunately had someone to keep him company!

“Mo Nan, come over quickly and let’s start training!”

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