Chapter 48: He Likes Her

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Panda wanted to reject him to show his great integrity!

How could he eat food made by the enemy?

However, that person had already pulled open the door of the refrigerator. He seemed to be lost in thought as he casually took some items out. “There are too few ingredients in the refrigerator. There’s only enough to make noodles.”

He wanted to bribe him with just noodles? Panda crossed his arms in a dignified manner. He was about to speak up when he heard a click. The stove had been turned on.

The other person had already added oil into a pan and cracked eggs in mere moments. The moment they entered the pan, their aroma wafted out and reached his nose.

Panda’s eyes were wide. He unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Dark Flares was composed of a bunch of standard homeboys skilled in only one aspect.

What were the distinguishing features of such homeboys?

They watched dramas, played games, and couldn’t cook!

However, their ADC really liked cooking. He called himself an eSports idol who dreamed of becoming a chef.

Excuse me?

This was someone who could not even cook rice. How could the food he made even be edible?

After taking a bite once, Chief had given their ADC only one sentence in response. “You will either stop cooking or quit the team.”

It was evident how terrible it had tasted.

However, right now, he was actually smelling the aroma of fried eggs in this apartment that was full of ascetics!

Panda was very touched as he took another step forward.

Mo Bei noticed his small action.

Cooking wasn’t difficult for her, as anyone who had seen her WeChat Moments would know.

After all, in a sense, she was also a cooking broadcaster.

However, because she didn’t show her face, many people had been wondering whether she was male or female.

It was just like in the game back then. She had been Zone A’s veteran player and the server’s top jungler, but no one had known what she’d been like in reality. Even her gender and age had been unknown.


The stove was switched off.

When Mo Bei walked out again, she was carrying two plates of attractive egg stir-fried noodles.

She casually sat down at the dining table and pushed one of the plates toward Panda. There was hardly any emotion on her handsome face. “Have a taste.”

Panda struggled but ultimately did not manage to resist the temptation of this delicacy. He waved his chopsticks in the air while saying loudly, “Don’t think that you can bribe me with just a plate of noodles to get information about Chief. I am very loyal to Chief. I absolutely will not tell you who he likes!”

“There’s someone he likes?” Almighty’s eyes were on top of his head. He was actually interested in someone? Mo Bei chuckled. That was unusual.

Panda, who was already absorbed by the aroma, squinted his eyes and replied conveniently, “Yes, why? It was Zone A’s previous almighty, Bey!”

“Zone A? Bey?” Mo Bei faltered, an expression forming on her face for once. She even stopped eating her noodles. Was this a coincidence?

Panda mumbled under his breath as he took a glance at the person opposite him. He acted rather like a tsundere as he said, “I knew you wouldn’t know this name. You only started playing Heroes later on, so it’s very normal that you’ve never heard of it. Damn, you don’t know how formidable Bey was. As long as he was present, he always drew blood first. Wherever he went, there was complete devastation. His playing style was always brilliant and cool!”

How was Mo Bei supposed to tell him that the formidable Almighty Bey he was speaking of was sitting right across from him? She had even made a plate of noodles for him earlier.

I didn’t even ask anything, yet you revealed everything about your Chief. Is this okay, young man? Where’s the loyalty you mentioned?

However, she’d never mentioned her gender online.

Besides, because she had been really young back then, lots of information about her had never been announced.

Why would Almighty K like her?