The esports kings crush – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Sleeping With Almighty K

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After switching off the light, he still didn’t feel sleepy. When he took another trip to the bathroom, it so happened that he could see the youth’s face while he slept. His eyelashes were especially long, and his skin was so nice that it seemed a little too much…

Feng Nai stopped in his tracks. There wasn’t much emotion in his dark eyes.

However, when he returned to bed this time, he fell asleep.

Mo Bei did not know that the way she looked in her sleep could cure someone else’s insomnia. When she opened her eyes again, it was already bright outside.

Just like most youngsters, she woke up very late.

However, not later than a certain Almighty, who was still in the other bed.

Considering that there was someone else still sleeping in the room, Mo Bei could not make too much noise while washing up.

However, when she walked past him, she shot a glance at Almighty, who experienced beautifying effects even in his sleep. She could not help but sigh. No wonder there were so many people online who were into this face. The fans found him special even when he taunted them. He was truly good-looking, but his personality was really unlikable.

On this point, she and her brother agreed for once.

When she unlocked her phone, she saw a reply to the WeChat she had sent last night.

“Alright, listen to your big brother. You gotta stay away from the king. I’ve always felt that he’s so clever that he’s dangerous.”

After reading the message, Mo Bei did not mention that she’d already offended Feng Nai or that they’d injured each other when she typed her reply. “I can’t. I’m sharing a room with him now.”

The text had just been sent when Mo Bei’s ringtone started ringing like hell!

The noise made Almighty, who was in the other bed, frown. He turned over, the thin blanket spreading out on his waist. He was evidently expressing his extreme frustration for the noise around him.

Mo Bei, who noticed that, immediately pulled open the door and walked out with her phone before picking up and saying in a soft voice, “Hello, is something up?”

“How did you end up in a room with him? Mo Bei, sister! You’re doomed! If his fans find out that you slept with Almighty K, they will hunt you down and fight you. Do you believe that?”

However, Mo Bei’s attitude was lackadaisical. “We’re sleeping in the same room, not in the same bed. Is that considered the same?”

Her reply was an explanation.

However, when the person in the next room unexpectedly opened his door, he heard this one sentence.

Their eyes met for a moment.

Mo Bei saw the shock in the boy’s eyes.


As expected, the boy became completely agitated. His canine tooth was revealed, making him look like a raging bear. His name was very fitting. “You’re sleeping in the same room, not in the same bed? Is that considered the same? What the f*ck, Mo Nan? What else do you want? To really sleep with Chief? I knew it! I knew you had another motive for joining our battle team!”

Mo Bei was wearing the battle team’s black uniform today, but the shirt inside was loose. The angle of her profile was slightly nonchalant as she spoke up again, addressing the person on the other end of the phone. “Hang up, I have something to handle here.”

After putting her phone away, she then lifted her eyes to meet the boy’s gaze. She was expressionless as she said, “You’ve misunderstood.”

“I’ve misunderstood?” Panda was so furious that both his cheeks were flushed. “I should have recorded you earlier! I…”

Panda could no longer continue. Unexpectedly, his stomach suddenly started to rumble.

Panda froze.

Mo Bei also paused for a moment. “Hungry?”

“Who, who’s hungry?” Panda was young, so he was particularly terrible at lying.

“Oh,” Mo Bei responded, still looking aloof. “You might not be hungry, but I am. Why don’t you let me make a meal so we can sit down and talk while we eat?”