The esports kings crush – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: First Sleep

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Mo Bei instinctively looked away.

Except for her brother, she’d never looked at anyone else like this.

However, Feng Nai’s next words made her freeze once again.

“I’m taking a bath.”

Five words. No more, no less.

Mo Bei frowned. “Taking a bath? Here?”

All of a sudden, she seemed to have recalled something. “Those things in the bathroom…”

“Are mine.” Before stepping into the bathroom, Feng Nai turned his head slightly to the side. His face was handsome and aloof. “Mind your own business. The closet on the right is yours, so you better not touch the one on the left.”


The wooden door was shut.

Intelligent as Mo Bei was, she understood what Feng Nai meant almost at the same moment.

Right side, left side, two beds…

The bed hadn’t yet to be moved away. She would be sharing a room with him!

Did the Heavens want her dead?

Even though Mo Bei had a stolid personality, there was an obvious change in her expression after hearing this news. A moment later, she uncontrollably let out a curse word.

What was Feng Nai’s hearing like? Professional eSports players were particularly sensitive to sound.

That very soft ‘f*ck’ uttered in a clear voice was like a pebble falling into a river. It was not annoying.

He had taken in the youth’s expression before walking in. He had looked like he had been struck out of nowhere by lightning. It seemed that he disliked sharing a room with him.


They finally had something in common.

This would save him quite a lot of trouble.

Feng Nai turned on the showerhead. As the bathroom fogged up, he recalled losing that match once again.

He indeed ought to end this here.

Constantly searching for a person’s shadow like this wasn’t like him…

Outside the door, Mo Bei had bowed her head, deliberating how to avoid some risks that she would be facing.

Staying in the same apartment and staying in the same room were two different concepts.

Fortunately, it was early spring, so the clothes she wore weren’t that thin.

Mo Bei calmly analyzed the situation. When she looked up again, Feng Nai had already walked out. A hand was holding his towel against his head. His black locks were still dripping with water, and he was still topless!

This situation was something she couldn’t practice.

The entire room was filled with a man’s smell.

A minty tobacco scent mixed with the refreshing smell of shampoo.

He had no intention of blow-drying his hair. Instead, he leaned against the wall, the towel still on his head. His attractive shoulder and neckline spread all the way to the back of his waist, which was slightly sunk in. He cocked his head to the side to light up a cigarette that was between his thin lips, looking so handsome that he didn’t seem real.

Perhaps it was because they were too close, but he suddenly glanced in her direction as if he had sensed something.

Their lines of sight met for the first time.

Very soon, he spoke up. “When you sleep, please face the other way too.”

His voice was very detached, but his tone was nice and languid.

Had he mistaken her for someone who liked to peep at people? Mo Bei’s expression was delicate and cold. She did not speak as she lay on her side. Instead, she took out her phone, nonchalantly playing with it.

She seemed to be using actions to say, “Except for beating you up, I have no interest in you at all.”

Feng Nai’s good-looking brow lifted for a moment. Then, he stubbed out the cigarette and went out again.

The person he’d warned never looked at him again.

That back view was surprisingly amiable.

How rare… Even though his brother wasn’t present, the two of them had not started fighting.

Feng Nai sneered, looking slightly absent-minded.

Without lifting her head, Mo Bei sent a text on her phone. “I’ve moved into Dark Flares’ apartment. No one recognized me, don’t worry.”

When she was done, it wasn’t long before she shut her eyes. She was probably too tired, as she didn’t even hear her phone vibrate. She had an especially good sleep.

Meanwhile, this being his first time sharing a room with a stranger, Young Master Feng wasn’t adapting very well…

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