The esports kings crush – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Two Chiefs Cohabited

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Feng Nai flicked off the cigarette ash. Upon recalling that there was now someone else in the room, he paused outside. His profile was handsome and lazy, and the color of his lips was slightly pale.

If he’d known that the new support would be the person that he’d wanted to get revenge on, why would he have agreed to this?

Sharing a room with another person was…

Mo Bei surveyed the lodging where she was about to start her new life. She was slightly confused as to why there were two single beds in each room.

It was probably because the previous members had used the room and the bed had yet to be moved out.

Mo Bei did not think more of it. All she wanted to do now was finish unpacking, wash up and sleep.

However, as she splashing water on her face, she suddenly became aware of a problem.

Why was there a set of toiletries in the bathroom?

A cup, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a razor… Razor?

Mo Bei quickly turned off the tap before looking at the items laid out. They didn’t look like they were meant to be thrown out at all, as the bottle of men’s facial cleanser had not even been taken out of its package.

What was going on?

A click was heard from outside!

The man who walked in threw the remaining half of his cigarette into the ashtray, then looked languidly at her while lifting his brow slightly. “Come out. Let’s have a heart-to-heart talk.”

There wasn’t any human warmth in his voice.

“Sure.” Mo Bei responded with one word. The corners of her lips were curled into a half-smile as she put her towel down and changed into a plain black hoodie before lifting the hood. This very youthful attire made her look cool yet good-looking.

She walked out. As the two tall and graceful figures faced each other, it actually felt like they were evenly matched.

Feng Nai leaned lazily against the bed rail, his slender and aloof figure slightly tilted. He looked to the side, as if he was talking about the day’s weather, and said, “I don’t care how you acted in the past. However, there’s one thing you need to know. Now that you’re in Dark Flares, you need to restrain yourself. I don’t have much patience.”

Although he spoke nonchalantly, his words were filled with warning.

Mo Bei smiled, her head slightly turned to the side as she placed her left hand on the bed rail behind him.

She spoke very slowly. There wasn’t any timidness in her voice, even though the server’s top jungler was standing there. Instead, she gradually said, “I don’t have much patience either. I don’t like being doubted all the time.”

“Oh?” Feng Nai pondered over the youth’s attitude and straightened up. He looked unaffected as a hand went into his pocket. “That’s your problem. It’s not something I’m considerate about.”

Mo Bei: Heart-to-heart talk, my *ss!

This person, who could end the conversation as soon as he opened his mouth, didn’t seem to be Little Lin’s brother.

It was better when he didn’t talk. Once he did, he spoiled the beauty of that face.


Mo Bei retracted her gaze. After adjusting her collar, she intended to lay down and catch up on her sleep.

However, she realized one thing. What was this man trying to do? Why was he still not leaving?

“Is there anything else?” Mo Bei turned to the side as she stood beside the bed. Her fingers had already lifted the thin blanket on it. Her meaning was very obvious. I’m going to sleep. If you have nothing else to tell me, do as you please. 

She didn’t expect that, after darting a look at her, he would open the wooden cabinet on one side and pull out a towel.

Then, he bowed down, bending slightly. His pretty, slender fingers lifted the ends of his shirt and tugged upwards.

His action was very fast and suave.

However, Mo Bei was rooted to the spot, evidently stunned for a moment. “What are you doing?”

Feng Nai casually threw the top he had just removed aside, leaving just a pair of plain black long pants on. His dark locks were slightly messy, yet they made him look even sexier. That smooth V line, which was thin and firm under the light, was extremely attractive.

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