The esports kings crush – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Almighty K’s Complex

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Probably because of his cold, his indifferent voice contained a trace of hoarseness.

When Mo Bei walked in, he even frowned for a moment.

Instead, the several big boys standing aside exchanged glances, all of them looking puzzled.

What did ‘how would you prove that’ mean?

What exactly was going on?

Typically, at such moments, anyone could be cowardly.

Besides, hadn’t Mo Nan been like this in the past?

Although he had indeed dared to charge into their backstage area, he hadn’t acted like this.

Under their watchful gazes, Mo Bei’s attitude remained the same. She unlocked her phone with a faint smile. Then, after turning around, she flashed the game image to the man leaning against the wall. “My nickname, FromNorthToSouth.”


Feng Nai had yet to react.

The boy with the granny-gray hair, who was the closest to Mo Bei, was the first to exclaim, “You are our new team member?”

What was happening to this world?

This was completely unacceptable!

Based on the nickname, it had totally seemed like it was going to be a girl!

How could it be this attention-seeker?

Granny Gray was appalled. As he sat back down on the sofa, his hands were fiddling with the edge of his shirt, but his gaze remained bitter.

Meanwhile, Mo Bei was as aloof and refined as ever. “Now, the misunderstandings between us must have been cleared. Please guide me in the future.”

Who said that there was no misunderstanding anymore?

This misunderstanding was huge!

Granny Gray gritted his teeth.

The only person who wasn’t reacting was Feng Nai.

He rubbed his neck with one hand and walked back to his seat as he nonchalantly instructed Mo Bei. “Your room is on the second floor. Don’t make noise and don’t touch anything that does not belong to you. Someone will talk to you about everything else.”

His voice couldn’t have been any colder.

It seemed like none of her teammates was really welcoming her.

However, Mo Bei had already been mentally prepared for this. She did not say anything else. Instead, she headed upstairs with her luggage.

The atmosphere in the apartment was evidently different now.

None of them had expected that the new member they’d been anticipating would be Mo Nan, who had a bad reputation in the scene.

They’d also lost interest in the celebration they’d initially prepared.

“Is he really gay?”

“Who knows? But it’s true that he has a bad temper. He also likes to push the blame on other people. He better not use his tricks here at Dark Flares.”

“Wait a minute. I know all about his handling standards. Although they aren’t as bad as people say in the outside world, his recent condition has been terrible. Would it work if such a person was our support?”

“Could even Chief not have known that FromNorthToSouth was him?”

At this point, the few of them exchanged a glance and gathered around Feng Nai. “Hehehe… Chief, we have a question.”

Feng Nai replied indifferently, “Speak.”

“You selected FromNorthToSouth online?”

“Mm…” Feng Nai sat down. He seemed to be deep in thought and extremely languid.

“Then, did you know that he was Mo Nan?”

Upon hearing that, Feng Nai took out a cigarette and turned his head to light it up. His profile was wicked yet handsome. “Want to know?”

The question was directed at his teammates.

The big boys all nodded.

However, Feng Nai laughed and took his time before freeing up a hand. He then patted Granny Gray’s face. “Why should I tell you guys?”

The boys were speechless.

“Gossip less in the future. You’re making too much noise.” Feng Nai then stood up. His brain was filled with the images he had seen in the trials. Agile movements, godly accurate predictions, and skills displayed while he jungled. He had thought that this was the person who’d once beaten him. After all, the style and handling were similar. Only when he had seen Mo Nan log in to the ID earlier on, had he realized that he had gotten carried away by thinking too much.

After all, that person had long gone into seclusion…