Chapter 42: Still Can’t Fight In The Same Apartment

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However, Feng Nai was rather nonchalant. He had no intention of answering any questions.

Panda, who knew his Chief’s personality very well, did not push further. He turned back and started to search for information by only using his cell phone.

He didn’t believe that there wouldn’t be anything at all.

He searched for a long time, but there was really no content.

Could the Chief had poached a pro that he knew?

This was Panda’s first thought.

At the time, he did not know that their Chief, just like them, had never seen this new support.

“Alright, gather yourselves. You guys still have a program to do later.” Gu Jingshen put the pen down and clicked the mouse. The only trial video of this player that they had played. “Firstly, we’ll get to know your new teammate and his playing style. When the time comes, you guys will need to cooperate and get familiar with each other.”

It was true that these people loved to play around usually. However, when it came down to proper business, they’d become very serious.

On the screen was an assassin champion.

The precise movements and really fast hand speed only allowed them to see a white shadow blur past while the jungle was swiftly cleaned out.

“This playing style…” Panda paused for a moment, and then turned his head to murmur in a soft voice, “I have this constant feeling that I have seen it somewhere.”

Their handsome ADC, Han Xi, provided the answer. “The Zone A video clips are pinned in the forum.”

This reminder helped Panda remember. He looked at Feng Nai again. “No wonder that Chief personally picked him. He couldn’t be the real deal, could he?”

“He’s already gone into seclusion, so it’s highly unlikely.” Han Xi leaned back. “However, if he’s able to imitate the essence, he’s probably a piece of work too. I’m really curious about this new teammate of ours. He’s assassin material, yet he applied for the position of support. I wonder who this talented person is…”

A new member would be joining them.

They wouldn’t cease talking about it.

After everyone else had left, Gu Jingshen looked at the battle team’s signature player, who was leaning in his seat. “You recruited him into the battle team when you saw that his playing style resembles Bey’s style. Young Master Feng, isn’t your obsession with this person a little too deep? Is this just because he beat you back then?”


Feng Nai blinked, holding a cigarette between his slender fingers. “It’s not that complicated. The battle team needs a new member. You should know that.”

Gu Jingshen paused before his face broke into another smile. “Indeed. The lodging will remain like that for now?”

“Mm…” Feng Nai’s voice was completely emotionless.

Gu Jingshen was still hoping that nothing would go wrong by then.

He could hardly imagine that, the next day, a person that no one could’ve imagined would appear at the doorstep of Dark Flares’ apartment. It would be Mo Bei.

Wang Dongdong lacked the guts to take her all the way. He was afraid that Almighty King wouldn’t be able to hold back and he would kick Brother Nan out when he saw him.

However, Mo Bei had no such mental burdens. After he left, she lifted a hand to press the doorbell.

According to the WeChat message she had received, there would be someone waiting for her at the apartment.

She rang the bell twice, but there was no reaction.

Mo Bei’s brow lifted for a second. She was about to take out her cell phone to make a call, but the door before her suddenly opened.

A familiar slender figure appeared in front of her. He seemed like he had just gotten out of bed, as his dark locks were slightly messy.

He looked handsome in his entirely black uniform, as well as refined and cold.

When his eyes locked on someone, they looked like the whole Milky Way. The pupils were actually slightly lighter.

Mo Bei’s fingers stiffened and she subconsciously shifted her gaze away.

Meanwhile, Feng Nai, who had been surveying Mo Bei, reached out and shut the door.



He did not want to fight someone in the apartment.

Even if he wanted to, he could only do so when there was no one else around.