The esports kings crush – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The New Member Picked By Almighty K

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Wang Dongdong didn’t know whether to jump for joy that they had finally succeeded in using him for attention or get torn about whether Brother Nan would be beaten to death if the fans found out about this.

“When you left, you said you were going on a date, yet you ended up hugging Almighty K. You guys…”

It wasn’t difficult to tell based on Wang Dongdong’s incomplete sentence that he had misunderstood.

Mo Bei did not answer the question. Instead, she stuck another hand in her pocket and chuckled. “Dongdong.”

Wang Dongdong froze. After all, Brother Nan rarely laughed these days!


“Do you know who gave K that wound on his face?” Mo Bei’s expression was normal as she asked this question.

Wang Dongdong had a very bad sense of foreboding!

“I did.” Mo Bei sounded slightly nonchalant. “He also gave me an injury. That hug was his way of asking me for another fight.”

Wang Dongdong was speechless.

Were all eSports players so interesting?

Who used a hug to ask for a fight?

“Brother Nan, how are you going to report to Dark Flares then?” Wang Dongdong really felt like crying. “Your relationship with Almighty K…”

Before he could finish, Brother Nan suddenly threw his jacket onto his face for some unknown reason.

Then, the door was pushed open. The little boy walked out, game controller in hand. “Little Brother, how do I use this key?”

Mo Bei lowered her gaze as she took it from him, her thin fingers moving a few times.

Little Lin’s face immediately broke into a grin. “You’re amazing! Is assistant uncle going to continue talking to you, Little Brother?”

“No, he’s leaving.” Mo Bei’s countenance remained unchanged as she closed the door behind her.

Wang Dongdong, who had a jacket on his face, kicked at the air for no reason. He was speechless once more.

Forget it, he’d better go home and digest the fact that Brother Nan and Almighty K would never get along with each other.

Back in the apartment, Little Lin held the game controller, his cheeks looking rosy. “Little Brother, I think I heard assistant uncle mention my brother’s name earlier.”

Mo Bei, who couldn’t lie to children, changed the topic. “Mm… Your brother and I will become teammates tomorrow.”

“Really?” Little Lin’s eyes lit up instantly. “That’s wonderful! My brother still doesn’t know this? Don’t tell him, Little Brother. Wait till tomorrow and give him a surprise.”

Surprise would probably be the last emotion he’d be feeling.

However, Mo Bei certainly wouldn’t say that. She only coolly replied, “Okay.”

Little Lin excitedly played another match with Little Brother. He stayed until 7 p.m, when he was fetched home by his driver…

At night, in the Dark Flares Headquarters…

Vacation had officially ended.

It was rare for all the members to be present. The industry’s top manager, Gu Jingshen, stood before the projector in a well-ironed suit, his fingers knocking on the surface of the table. “Saw that?”

Panda, who had been dozing off, straightened up. Even his team jacket had fallen off by the time he perked up his ears. His canine tooth appeared on one side, indicating that he was very obedient. “I saw it, I saw it.”

“Oh? What did you see?” Gu Jingshen lifted a brow.

Panda promptly turned around to ask his ADC. “What am I supposed to be seeing?”

“The newbie.” The handsome ADC rolled his eyes at him and crossed his long legs. “Our team has a newbie. He’s reporting tomorrow.”

Panda leaned forward at once. “Who is it? What position does he play? Is his hand speed fast? Is he as handsome as I am? He must be especially formidable to be able to be selected by you! You’re being so suspenseful… Don’t tell me it’s a girl! HA HA HA! A girl would be great! What our team lacks the most is a girl! Manager Gu, couldn’t you send a photo to everyone before holding this meeting? If you’re teasing someone, you must go all the way. What’s up with leaving things unfinished?”


Gu Jingshen’s posture was very business-like. “King knows whether his hand speed is fast or not.”

“Hmm?” Panda’s eyes bulged as he turned towards the languid man. “Chief selected him personally?” How good was this person if he had been chosen by Captain?

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