Chapter 40: Ironclad Evidence That He’s Gay

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The K fans couldn’t confirm who the person hugging another man in the photo was either. Although the height and slimness of the figure greatly resembled their Almighty K, it was difficult to be sure.

Perhaps only the back view looked similar.

Besides, their Almighty K never visited such artistic places.

If he had free time, he would rather be sleeping.

However, there was a lot of interest in this photo.

Wang Dongdong, who had been lurking amongst the K fans for Unpopular’s sake, almost choked to death on the instant noodles in his mouth.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough!”

What the f*ck? No way!

What the f*ck? Brother Nan, what are you trying to do?

When Mo Bei arrived back at her apartment with Little Lin, she found Wang Dongdong in that state.

Other people would have found Little Lin’s expression rather cold. He did not speak, he only stared at Wang Dongdong with his big eyes. He thought to himself, “Sure enough, Little Brother ought to be friends with my brother. Everyone else is too sloppy…”

Wang Dongdong would never have imagined that Brother Nan would return with a child. He couldn’t even hide his manners in time.

Mo Bei glanced at him and then tossed a box of tissues over, her countenance still cold.

Little Lin asked, “Little Brother, is he your friend?”

“Assistant.” Mo Bei squatted down and unfolded the little man’s scarf.

Little Lin took another look at Wang Dongdong. “He’s totally unlike my brother’s assistant.”

Hey, your disdainful tone is way too obvious!

Besides, one look at your rich little young master behavior can tell me that your brother must be a celebrity.

Could celebrity assistants compare to assistants of eSports players?

We’re too crude!

Wang Dongdong wanted to vocalize these thoughts, yet when Brother Nan glanced over, he was oddly intimidated.

“No, that’s not what I wanted to talk about!” Wang Dongdong pointed to the photograph on the laptop’s screen. “Isn’t this you? Do not deny it!”

Mo Bei took a brief look and coolly responded with an “mm”.

Wang Dongdong choked. “You’re really not denying it?” Then, he looked at the little human still standing there. “Brother Nan, I want to have a word in private please.”

After all, it wasn’t good to have a conversation about sexual orientation in front of a child!

Mo Bei handed Little Lin a game controller and followed Wang Dongdong to the corridor.

Wang Dongdong was still sighing and groaning. After smoking half a cigarette, he asked rather dully, “The person who hugged you… is he in the scene or not?”


Mo Bei put a hand in her pocket. “Is that important?”

“Brother Nan, you don’t understand my current feelings as an assistant. We just agreed to be pumped up, yet a moment later, you give me ironclad evidence that you’re gay. I have to think about how to handle your public relations after this!” He was very serious about his work!

Mo Bei, who wasn’t fond of dampening other people’s enthusiasm, answered, “He’s in the scene.”

“In the scene?” Wang Dongdong grabbed a chunk of his own hair. “Brother Nan, it’s not that I love to nag, but the influence wouldn’t be as bad if you found an outsider. Why are you always so fond of eating the grass by your own burrow?”

Mo Bei peered at him. “Fond of eating the grass by my own burrow? Were you taught language skills by your physical education teacher?”

“Never mind.” Wang Dongdong finished the cigarette and inhaled deeply. “Tell me who exactly that person was. I can handle it, no matter who he is!”


Wang Dongdong felt the urge to grab his hair again. “Brother Nan, I asked you who that person was! Why are you bringing up Almighty K, you… F*ck! What the f*ck? Wait a minute! You mean to say that that person was Almighty K?”

Mo Bei was very calm. “Mm…”

Wang Dongdong’s jaw went slack, his mouth opening so wide that a tea egg could be stuffed in. “No, Brother Nan. Saying such lies is totally meaningless.”

Mo Bei looked up and laughed. Her laughter sounded slightly cold.

Wang Dongdong immediately understood. He was telling the truth!

“You and Almighty K? How could that be? I mean, why would Almighty K… hug, hug… oh, oh my god, this…”