The esports kings crush – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Two Chiefs’ Photo

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Mo Bei glanced in his direction. Her look was very clear. Was it so unexpected that such a person liked sweets?

Feng Nai leaned back, lighter in hand. His smile was still languid, but there was no warmth in it. “Then I’ll have to trouble Little Brother to cut me a slice.”

Mo Bei’s voice was very indifferent. “Stop calling me Little Brother.”

Feng Nai’s smile faded, his eyes turning completely cold.

However, he still had to eat the cake.

After all, appearances still had to be kept.

Little Lin was watching from the side.

He thought that his brother and Little Brother were a great match, which made it impossible for Feng Nai to get revenge even though he wanted to.

He took the cake from the other person’s hands with a faint smile.

When the chocolate that melted in his mouth burst on the tip of his tongue, it was accompanied by the aroma of milk.

Feng Nai’s slender fingers froze for a moment while his expression remained indifferent.

He heard his brother say from beside him, “It’s really delicious, Little Brother.”

Feng Nai did not speak.

The belated birthday meal ended.

Although it had seemed peaceful, in reality, they could’ve started exchanging blows at any moment.

The two of them had finally gotten through it.

They had not used their fists to greet each other.

However, Little Lin felt that time had passed too quickly. While they were separating, he suggested, “Brother, why don’t you hug Little Brother too? The next time you meet, you two will be good friends.”


Hug? Who?

Mo Bei’s brow lifted for once.

The assistant behind him almost fell down.

Um, um… A hug? Wasn’t that a little dangerous?

Feng Nai never rejected his brother’s requests. When he saw his brow furrow slightly, the corners of his lips curled up.

Mo Bei believed that it was impossible that this certain person would do anything. After all, the two of them still had an ongoing fight.

Moreover, according to her information, Almighty K was a clean freak…

However, to her surprise, the other person suddenly reached out, his tall and lanky body leaning forward. The mask was still on his face as his hand landed on her back.

Then, a low magnetic voice spoke by her ear, accompanied by the scent of mint. “Glad to meet you, Little Brother.”

Mo Bei had never been so close to anyone. Her fingers, which hung limply by her side, froze.

Then, that voice added calmly, “This is the only time I won’t fight you. I wouldn’t be sure about next time.”

Upon hearing that, Mo Bei showed her pretty profile while thinking to herself, “You won’t be able to do so next time we meet either.”

After all, she would be reporting to the apartment tomorrow and Dark Flares’ internal rules forbade fighting.

At least, it was forbidden in the apartment…

This embrace couldn’t be considered friendly, no matter how one looked at it.

However, the two individuals were slender and good-looking.

When Feng Nai moved, there were already girls watching from the sidelines.

Not to mention…

“He whispered by that person’s ear! Ahhh… I feel like I could come up with an entire story just based on this scene!”

When he realized that the direction of the comments was slightly off, the assistant quickly reminded Almighty. “Young Master, you still have a meeting at the office tonight.”

Regardless of whether this embrace was friendly or not, it would simply seem gay in the eyes of fujoshis [1. A reclaimed Japanese term for female fans who enjoy any media work or fanwork with romantic relationships between men]!

That was nothing. His greatest fear was that Almighty would be recognized and word of this would spread online!

It seemed as if, the more worried he was about it, the more likely it was that it would happen.

This thought had just surfaced in the assistant’s mind when someone said, “Eh? Why do I feel that this person’s back resembles my Almighty K?”

“Every time you see a cute guy, you say that he resembles your Almighty K.”

“No, I’m serious this time.”

“Would your Almighty K hug a man in public?”

“Of course not! My Almighty K is as straight as a pen!”

“Then it’s not him,” the other person said with a shrug.

“I’m probably wrong, but he really resembles him. I’ll post a photo and let the K fans take a look…”


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