Chapter 38: The Only Time They Wouldn’t Fight

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Little Lin had yet to realize what was wrong with what he’d said. His head was cocked to the side as he asked again, “Little Brother?”

It’s already a miracle that your brother isn’t fighting me right now, yet you’re actually asking me to watch him and prevent him from getting into fights?

Truly, doing so would be really difficult for both me and him.

However, Mo Bei could not say that to a child. She could only respond with a neutral “mm” and a cold handsome expression as her finger cleaned Little Lin’s face.

Master had said that one had to treat children gently.


Even if her face could not produce much of an expression, she had to do her best.

The assistant really didn’t want to watch this situation progress anymore.

He felt like his entire being had been dazed ever since he had stepped into this restaurant.

Meanwhile, Feng Nai used a napkin to wipe the corner of his lips, which still hurt a little. He suddenly smiled with a strange expression on his face. “Oh? Then Little Brother will have to watch me properly in the future. After all, sometimes, when my anger flares up, I don’t care who the other party is.”

Mo Bei figured out the meaning behind his words. Her slender fingers spun the coffee cup around rather absent-mindedly as she said, “You’re right. I will frequently go for a walk on No.1 Middle School’s side in the future.”

Feng Nai’s lips curled up slightly. “We’d really welcome you.”

Little Brother was totally unaware that these two people were arranging a fight. He lifted his milk tea and took a sip before saying, “Brother, didn’t we come to an agreement the other time? It’s too dangerous for Little Brother to go to No.1 Middle School. Next time, we’ll go play at No.2 Middle School.”

Feng Nai’s posture was languid. Trouble Lin had started to dig a hole for him again.

Mo Bei watched that attractive face before looking down and commenting, “He would go to No.2 Middle School?”

“Brother has agreed to it. He even said that he wasn’t afraid of being caught.” Little Lin was really serious. “Fortunately, Little Brother isn’t like my brother, who’s so fond of fighting. Actually, that’s not right…”

Intelligent Little Lin, who seemed like he had been struck by a sudden thought, frowned. “When I first met Little Brother, he was in a fight. If the relationship between No.1 Middle School and No.2 Middle School is so bad, then the two of you…”

“Don’t know each other.”

“Have never met.”

An emotionless voice and a languid voice spoke together with a chemistry they had never had before.

Even the assistant seated at the next table was tempted to cough. Luckily, he was able to hold back.

Meanwhile, Little Lin was bursting with joy. “I knew my brother would like you, Little Brother, once he met you. Fortunately, there was no conflict between the two of you previously. I’m so thankful about that.”

How were they supposed to respond?

The assistant was really tempted to comment.

Little young master, it’s simply because you don’t go online. Take a look at Weibo. The disputing comments are a mess.

This Little Brother of yours used Almighty to gain attention all the time in the past.

You think Almighty likes him?

How could that be?

How did you come to this conclusion, little young master?

Based on how friendly these two are on the surface?

Feng Nai had experienced all sorts of storms before. Thus, he chuckled softly and said meaningfully, “Yeah, we’ve never had a conflict. Why would I have a conflict with such an outstanding person as Little Brother?”

Mo Bei glanced at him, her countenance impassive.

Even the assistant found this unusual.

He had to hand it to this gay guy. He was actually able to respond to whatever Almighty said without freaking out at all.

After all, Almighty rarely showed this shameless side of himself in front of others.

“Little young master is formidable…” the assistant thought, his gaze falling on Little Lin once more.

The latter was completely oblivious. After all, he was too engrossed in his joy.

“Want some cake?” Mo Bei’s disposition was still cold and elegant.

Little Lin nodded. What he’d looked forward to the most was finally here. “Yes, yes!”

Mo Bei reached out and opened the carton. Fingers as fair as jade picked up the knife and created a flower design with just a few casual cuts.

This made Little Lin’s eyes light up. “Little Brother, you’re amazing!”

“It’s nothing.” She’d learned it in technical school. Mo Bei placed the cut-out flower before Little Lin.

Happiness was written all over his face as he took a bite. “Little Brother, give a slice to my brother too. He loves cake.”

Feng Nai, who had been called out, was speechless.



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