Chapter 37: Feng Nai Shifts the Blame On Little Brother

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It was really awkward now!

After all, even if Feng Nai had not known previously the reason Mo Bei hadn’t been able to make it that day, he now did.

He’d been caught by the students from No.1 Middle School.

Most importantly, he’d had another fight with him.

Although he had been on the wall the whole time, this had not stopped him from giving him an injury on both palms.

Little Lin was still eagerly waiting for an answer.

Mo Bei looked up and darted a glance at the nonchalant person.

Feng Nai was very skillful in shifting the blame. He smiled as his tongue pressed down on the mint. “Why are you looking at me, Little Brother?”

Mo Bei was expressionless as she listened to Almighty address her as Little Brother. It gave her an approximate idea of how shameless he could be.

The assistant still stood aside.

How surprising.

Almighty was entirely different from his usual self.

Why exactly was that so?

Thankfully, his eyes were still cold.

Otherwise, he might really have believed that Almighty and “Mo Nan” were on really good terms.

However, addressing him as Little Brother… How had he forced himself to say it?

Mo Bei, who couldn’t keep the child waiting for too long, casually explained, “I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t brought you a present. It would not have been very nice to meet you empty-handed.”

This answer made Little Lin like Little Brother even more. “It would’ve been fine even if you hadn’t brought a present. I’d still be very happy to see you, Little Brother!”

Feng Nai listened on and spun the lighter as he sneered silently. Where had Trouble Lin learned all these sweet words?

He looked to the side and shot a glance at a certain person’s profile.

It was rather unexpected that he had not exposed him.

This behavior made Feng Nai link him to the person who had played the game with him previously.

Regardless of how he had fed, he had never gotten angry. He had actually played a brilliant match.

Never mind.

They had a truce for now.

He’d still have to get revenge, but it would evidently not happen today.

The atmosphere was remarkably stabilized.

Little Lin wanted to speak again.

Feng Nai suddenly recalled all the things that he had done.

If the other party found out, wouldn’t he be thoroughly embarrassed?

That was his foe after all.

Hence, Young Master Feng spoke up first. “Weren’t you going to eat?”

“Oh yes, we’re going to eat!” Little Lin rubbed his small tummy. “I’ve been very hungry for so long. Little Brother, I could’ve left home very early, but brother is a big sleepyhead. After he woke up, he threw me a bottle of milk and left me to feed and dress myself.”

Feng Nai snickered. “You even know this saying? Not bad, Trouble Lin.”

Little Lin turned his head, his cheeks puffing. He didn’t bother answering his brother at all.

Why did his brother have to eat with Little Brother and him?

Feng Nai had initially wanted to leave. After all, with just a spark, the two of them could start throwing blows.

However, in order to stop his unreliable brother from saying anything else, it would naturally be safer to stay here and supervise him personally.

As expected, Little Lin wasn’t done. He had to introduce the two of them to each other. While he chewed on the french fries that had been served, he told Mo Bei, “Little Brother, you probably only know that my brother is from No.1 Middle School. I bet you don’t know that he is very good at gaming. He’s a professional player! In the future, all three of us could play together. However, my brother is too fond of fighting. You can probably see that he still has an injury on his face. Since you are from No.2 Middle School, could you please help me watch my brother? Your schools are really close, so please make sure he’s not always so disobedient. He still has to compete.”

Towards the end of his speech, Little Lin became slightly worried.

As the assistant listened from the sidelines, he also found this a good idea. However, why would little young master pick Mo Nan of all people to watch Almighty? These two looked like they could start throwing blows at any time. Even though this had happened in the past, Mo Nan would still steal what was entrusted in his care!