Chapter 36: Why Have They Not Come to Blows?

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Mo Bei’s eyes narrowed for a moment. Did this mean that he wasn’t intending to let it go?

Good. It was the same on her side.

When Little Lin looked up, he happened to catch his brother’s action and blinked in confusion.

Feng Nai pulled off his mask to reveal a small smile. The foulness that he’d radiated while pointing to the corner of his lips had completely dissipated. “Thank you for caring about Trouble Lin all this time, Little Brother.”

He said the last two words extremely slowly.

Mo Bei figured out the hidden meaning behind his words. Otherwise, given Almighty’s aloofness, why would he address her as Little Brother?

Her brow lifted for a second before she replied in a neutral voice, “It was nothing. Little Lin is adorable, unlike some people.”

Feng Nai knew very well who the people she was referring to were.

The two of them looked at each other. One of them was smiling, while the other looked distant and refined. However, both their gazes were icy.

The assistant actually felt that the two of them would start fighting over the smallest disagreement.

Although he did not know why Almighty wasn’t acting like his usual self who completely ignored anyone he met, this atmosphere was really rather miserable.

How could these two, who wanted to turn the tables on each other, act like this was the first time they were meeting, as if they had never known each other previously?

The assistant had to hand it to them.

After pondering back and forth, he realized there was only one possible reason.

The assistant fixed his gaze on Little Lin, who was still hugging Mo Bei’s long leg as he examined the cake.

Little Young Master was truly a lucky star.

He had turned the greatest impossibility in the world into a possibility.

“Little Brother, you made such a pretty cake. I can’t even bear to eat it now.” Even Little Lin’s words were likable. “Little Brother, how can you be so good? My brother can’t do anything.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Nai was the first to react. He said nonchalantly, “Yeah, your Little Brother is the best.”

The insincerity in his words was very evident.

Mo Bei sighed in admiration of the miracles of human species once again. Even brothers had great differences.

For example, Little Lin and a certain Almighty.

When he sensed the other party’s gaze, Feng Nai sneered and sat in his seat without doing anything. Even though his face was so good-looking, it just made one feel provoked for some reason.

Both their upbringings were telling them not to fight.

Do not fight.

Do not fight.

They could not get into a fight before the child.

Mo Bei touched Little Lin’s head. Although her face was still expressionless, the warmth in her eyes was easy to see. “It’s a birthday present to make it up to you.”

“I like it so much!” Little Lin hugged Mo Bei and snuggled in. His face was redder than usual without the mask. “Speaking about birthdays, I want to apologize to you, Little Brother. I didn’t know that it wasn’t convenient for people from No.2 Middle School to come to No.1 Middle School. If I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have asked you to come to No.1 Middle School. I only found out from my brother later on that it was dangerous for students from No.2 Middle School to go to No.1 Middle School.”

Upon hearing that, Mo Bei indifferently shot a glance at the person opposite her. She was very curious as to what frame of mind Almighty had been in when he had told Little Lin about this.

Meanwhile, Feng Nai’s eyelid twitched. He had a feeling that what Trouble Lin was going to say next would make this even more awkward. Hence, he reached out and used ice-cream to close his brother’s mouth.

It was a pity that Little Lin was obstinate too. After taking a bite, he went on to ask, “By the way, Little Brother, what did you have to do the day that you suddenly couldn’t come? I wanted to introduce my brother to you.”