Chapter 35: This Scene Is Fiery

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Perhaps it was because Little Lin was too likable, but Mo Bei smiled, the corner of her lips lifting slightly. A hand rounded over and lightly embraced the kiddo that was hugging her leg.

There was an aloofness to her during the embrace that was similar to bamboos and winter plum trees that could not blend into the hubbub.

Little Lin was elated. Turning back, he called out, “Brother, come over quickly! Little Brother is here!”

Feng Nai’s first reaction deep down was palpable. His eyes were full of rapid changes.

Mo Bei’s fingers also froze as she looked up slightly.

The two of them uttered the same question simultaneously.

“He’s your brother?”

“He’s your Little Brother?”

Upon hearing their questions, Little Lin asked with wide eyes, “Yeah. Is there a problem?”

Nothing much. Except that they both wanted to beat each other to death.


Feng Nai definitely wouldn’t tell his brother that his Little Brother was the person who had given him the wound at the corner of his lips.

He had never expected that the person he addressed as Little Brother during his imitations of his brother would be Mo Nan.

The patient person who could cook and even sent xoxo’s to coax his brother to go to bed was… Mo Nan?

This was the first time Feng Nai was experiencing what it meant to have mixed feelings.

“No,” Feng Nai said breezily. However, his eyes remained fixed on a certain person.

Mo Bei did the same. Although she appeared to be aloof and indifferent, there was so much going on in her heart.

Little Lin had mentioned that his brother played games too.

However, she had not expected that his brother would coincidentally be a professional player.

This had totally exceeded her expectations.

It would be fine if the two of them interacted from afar.

However, right now, they were staring at each other while Little Lin was between them.

The hostility in their gazes vividly emphasized their strong clashing auras.

Little Lin was the only one who hadn’t noticed this problem. After all, he was the happiest person there.

He had his brother, Little Brother, and a chocolate cream cake!

Little Lin reached out and touched the cake carton on the table before saying in his adorable voice, “Brother, why don’t you take a seat?”

Sit where?

Feng Nai glanced at the table.

The shops on Yandai Xie Street usually weren’t big but were extremely artistic.

This also meant that, once he sat down, his legs might be able to touch the other party’s.

When had he and Mo Nan gotten so close that they could sit at the same table?

The assistant watched from the sidelines. He only had one feeling in his heart. A very direct translation of it would be: What the f*ck!

In the car, he had already been able to tell that this “Little Brother” was very likable.

It wasn’t only little young master who liked him.

Even Almighty seemed to have a rather favorable impression of “Little Brother”.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made up a lie and said that “a car hadn’t been sent”.

It was evident that he had done so to come to this meeting with little young master.

The situation right now was really awkward…

Should he find an excuse to drag Almighty away?

Just as this thought surfaced in the assistant’s mind, he saw Feng Nai turn and sit in the seat opposite Mo Nan. Just like he had imagined, both their legs were very long. Once he sat down, all the space was occupied.

Little Lin had yet to notice the atmosphere between them. Upon seeing that his brother had sat down, he bowed his head to study the big cake once again.

During this interval, Mo Bei watched as the person opposite her, who still had his black mask on and only showed his very dark eyes, lifted his hand and pointed to the corner of his lips.

It was the same thing he had done in the back field…