The esports kings crush – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Alright, Let’s Bring Brother Along

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Wang Dongdong’s chest quaked. He couldn’t describe this feeling.

It seemed just like the first time he had met Mo Nan.

At the time, even his voice had been filled with sincerity.

Three years had passed ever since.

The scene now was completely different from the way it had been in the past.

Were there still true eSports?

Wang Dongdong did not dare to imagine but could not help anticipating it either. Upon looking at the pile of work that he’d wanted to leave for tomorrow, he picked it up once more.

Let’s give it a try.

Perhaps, it could really work?

Mo Bei hung up. When she looked down at her cell phone, a voice message popped up. “Little Brother, where are you? I’m in the area now.”

Little Lin could not wait to meet his Little Brother. Before the car even stopped, his ears had already perked up. “There it is, there it is! That’s Yandai Xie Street that Little Brother mentioned!”

“Ask him for the exact location.” Feng Nai scooped the kid back. “Trouble Lin, are you ignoring traffic rules now?”

Little Lin was really excited. He had seen the photo that Little Brother had sent him. A chocolate cake would definitely be delicious.

Besides, throughout his life, no one had ever baked anything for him personally.

On top of that, Little Brother had promised to play games with him in person when they met.

In any case, many surprises were waiting for him. He was totally over the moon!

“I’m in the shop at the corner of the street. The signboard is white.”

Upon hearing the description of the voice message that came from the other end, Feng Nai lifted his chin at Little Lin, who was still excited. “Your Little Brother’s location.”

“Here it is!” Little Lin waited until the car came to a stop, pulled on his mask, and jumped out of the car.

He only realized that something was amiss after taking a few steps. “Brother, why are you following me?” It couldn’t be a coincidence that his brother was going to the same place, right?

Feng Nai had a hand in his pocket and a pure black lighter clipped between his fingers. He looked extraordinarily handsome, even though his face was covered by the mask. “My cell phone is in your hands. If I don’t follow you, where should I go?”

Little Lin was very tempted to say, “Then I’ll return the phone to you.” However, without the phone, he wouldn’t have any means of contacting his Little Brother.

Although this was really infuriating, he still had to smile.

Who knew what his brother might pull.

“Then you must not scare my Little Brother.” Little Lin instructed his brother.

Feng Nai’s eyelids twitched, and there was a glint in his eyes. “That will depend on Little Brother’s psychological capacity. Not everyone can remain calm after seeing me.”

The assistant followed the youth and the kid.

Upon hearing Almighty K’s words, he silently covered his own face.

Almighty K was really shameless before his own brother!

On the contrary, Little Lin was already used to it. Little Brother’s cake was waiting right ahead. He shall let his brother tag along, as the cell phone didn’t belong to him.

His fair, soft face puffed as he braced himself to squeeze into the street.

When he realized that his brother had stretched a leg over, Little Lin reached out and hugged it.

Sometimes, his brother wasn’t totally useless.

Feng Nai lowered his eyes to look at his brother and smiled nonchalantly.

Yandai Xie Street was a tourist attraction in the old city. On the weekends, a crowd was usually bustling about, coming and going.

There weren’t only Chinese people there. There were also Caucasians and African Americans.


Performance artists could also be seen.

Amid this crowd, a person paced forward with both hands in his pockets. Due to the back light, his expression wasn’t visible. He looked just like a black paper-cut silhouette thanks to his messy dark locks.

Although he looked very cool, there was a little boy hanging from his leg, making the stark contrast even more adorable…

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