The esports kings crush – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Bei Was Absolutely Suave

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Feng Nai stopped chewing the mint after listening until the end. “Mo Nan wrote that?”

“Yes.” The assistant propped up the tablet. “It was even posted on Weibo. Just one look and you’ll know that it was intentional.”

Feng Nai fiddled with his cell phone, his index finger slender and fair. The light in his eyes brightened and dimmed as he said casually, “It’s not him.”


“Hmm?” The assistant had never expected that Almighty would absolve the gay guy who used him to get attention. There seemed to be something amiss in the development of this storyline!

Even though he was facing his gaze, Feng Nai continued to keep a hand under his chin as he pulled his zip up.

The assistant, who could not hold back, asked, “Who is it then?” Actually, he was even more tempted to ask, “How do you know that Mo Nan wasn’t behind this post? You weren’t like this in the past, Almighty.”

Feng Nai could not be bothered to talk about his impression of Mo Nan.

It was so cold that it stung.

He still had to get back at him.

However, that did not mean that he did not have the ability to discern.

Even if such a cold person had help, he wouldn’t be able to come up with such a fawning post.

As for who was behind this, he didn’t need to explain any further.

The assistant waited for a long time but never got an answer from Almighty. He then switched to another way of asking. “Then you and Mo Nan…”

“We have a feud.” Feng Nai used these words to end this topic of conversation.

He knew it. Almighty did not like that attention-seeker!

Actually, the assistant’s comprehending ability was completely off!

Feng Nai was referring to a personal feud related to the injury on his face.

As the current owner of the Weibo account, Mo Bei had also seen the post that was being madly criticized.

Wang Dongdong was extremely anxious. “Brother Nan, why did you tell me that you were going out on a date and then secretly publish a Weibo post a second later? I don’t think Almighty K and you are that close. It’s impossible that the person you met today was Almighty K.”

Mo Bei listened to the voice on the other end of the line. She could understand why he was reacting this way. Her finger shifted as she replied calmly, “It wasn’t me. You can think about it. I’ll be reporting to Dark Flares this weekend. I have absolutely no reason to share such a post right now. Even if I wanted to suck up to him, why wouldn’t I wait till after I joined the team to post this?”

Upon hearing that, Wang Dongdong was stunned. “Yeah.”

Mo Bei was wearing a light-colored windbreaker, one hand holding the cell phone while the other was in her pocket. Her gaze remained unchanged, handsome and aloof. “Does the club still have my Weibo username and password?”

Wang Dongdong was stumped once more. “That… I…”

Mo Bei’s voice was very cool. “What you did in the past can be left behind. However, you are my assistant, Dongdong. You ought to at least have some kind of idea about how some trivial matters should be handled.”

She was explicitly calling him out.

Wang Dongdong knew very well that this incident had happened totally because of a lapse in his work.

As an assistant, he certainly should have thought of changing the account’s password immediately.

The game ID belonged to the club.

However, the Weibo account was something they could keep away.

Judging by the club’s rotten members, once he left and had no value anymore, they would definitely suppress him as hard as they could, regardless of the methods they used.

How could he have forgotten about something so important?

Wang Dongdong grabbed his hair and got ready to apologize.

“I was wrong too.” Mo Bei’s voice was heard once again. It was still quiet and calm. “Take it slow, there’s no need to be anxious. It’s probably because it’s been too long and these people have forgotten what true eSports should be like.”

True eSports? Wang Dongdong wanted to ask if actual eSports still existed now.

However, he heard what seemed to be a laugh from the youth before a cold voice floated into his ears. “Since they’ve forgotten, let me show them once again.”