The esports kings crush – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Two Brothers Have Been Feuding For A Long Time

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Only Trouble Lin could bother Feng Nai this way. The members of the battle team were usually lifted with a single hand and thrown out by him.

Of course, Trouble Lin did not meet a better end.

Feng Nai stretched out and uncovered the blanket.

Kiddy Cherubic’s entire person was covered as he was still muttering, “Little Brother…”

“I got it. You want to meet your Little Brother.” Feng Nai stepped barefoot on the floor, his black hair still slightly messy. That finely-chiseled face that was evidently not too pleased this morning was so handsome that it was almost aloof.

Kiddy Cherubic squirmed out of the blanket with ruffled hair and forcefully pushed his brother’s back. “Quickly, go find me my clothes! Quickly!”

Feng Nai sneered and commented languidly, “You little brat, does it make a difference what you wear?”

“Of course it does! I look the best in that checkered jacket!” Feng Lin protested with a pouting face.

Young Master Feng was still able to find a piece of clothing. After pulling it out, he dropped it on top of his brother’s head.

Now that he had some clothes to wear, Kiddy Cherubic did not complain about his brother’s action.

However, when he got into the car with him…

“Brother, why are you following me?” Kiddy Cherubic was extremely confused. Didn’t his brother need to go to the company today? Even the assistant uncle was there. Why was he not there to fetch him?

The assistant was puzzled too. Why had Almighty suddenly changed his schedule? Perhaps it was because he was worried about his brother.

Feng Nai chewed on the mint that was in his mouth. He’d woken up early today. On top of that, the bruise at the corner of his lips was still there, and he seemed a little sullen. However, his tone was rather indifferent. “Trouble Lin, who told you that I was following you? The company didn’t send a car here today, got it?”

“Oh, oh, oh!” If no car had been sent, then his brother would have to take the same car. Kiddy Cherubic understood as he thought about it.

The assistant who was with them had been instructed earlier on by Almighty to park the car at the company. This…

As he hesitated, he saw Almighty K shoot a glance at him with a vague smile. His eyes were still filled with coldness, and the intent in them was palpable.

However, the assistant was still puzzled. Why had Almighty K lied?

Even though he had countless doubts in his heart, the assistant didn’t dare to vocalize them. After all, he knew Almighty’s terrible personality the best. This aloof young man held grudges.

Still, certain matters needed to be handled today.

The assistant took out his tablet and handed it to Feng Nai, who had put on a mask. “Almighty K, take a look at this.”

“Disputes?” Feng Nai shot a look at it and commented slowly. “What’s there to look at? Just rebut.”

This was what the assistant had been most afraid of. He replied in a low voice, “We can’t. If we continue rebutting, all salaries will end up being completely deducted.”

“Deducted by how much? I’ll make it up to you.” Feng Nai’s voice was neutral.

The assistant was slightly touched. “It’s okay, it’s okay, Almighty. Really, you don’t have to retort this time. The other party just wants to attract attention. This Mo Nan really can’t change that stinking bad habit of his!”

Mo Nan?

Feng Nai looked to the side. His eyes, which had initially looked uninterested, gradually turned cold. His fingertips touched the corner of his lip. “What did he say?”

“What else? He’s still singing the same old tune about how he didn’t join this scene because he liked eSports, but completely because of you. He even said he was going to work hard in hopes of having coffee with you again. I’m speechless. When did we have coffee with him? This person is simply shameless when it comes to seeking attention.” The assistant grew angrier as he spoke. Almighty’s fans aside, even he could no longer tolerate this person and was tempted to personally tear him a new one.