The esports kings crush – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Little Brother, You There?

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No.2 Middle School had someone with such good cooking skills?

He really couldn’t tell.

Feng Nai kept thinking absentmindedly without conducting a closer inspection.

Meanwhile, Zhao Jianjian, who’d returned to the small apartment with Brother Nan, was very hungry and initially planned on ordering some delivery. However, he was shocked by a plate of attractive fried rice!

Where had Brother Nan stolen this rice from?

There was no delivery man!

Wait a minute.

He had to review the sequence of events.

Once his Brother Nan had stepped in, he had instructed him to change shoes.

Actually, that wasn’t the main point.

The point was that Brother Nan seemed to have left him after saying “give me five minutes” and entering the kitchen. When he reappeared, there were two more plates of fried rice in his hands!

“Bro, Brother Nan?” Zhao Jianjian involuntarily stammered.

Mo Bei’s voice was quiet. “Mm?”

“You made this?” Zhao Jianjian asked in disbelief.

Mo Bei took a bite, her arm still feeling slightly uncomfortable. Her gaze turned cold as she replied, “So what if I did?”

What else could Zhao Jianjian say? This guy, who had only been able to feed himself with instant noodles, had learned how to cook!

“Is it really edible?” It’s not that he had any doubts, but…

Mo Bei slowly shot a glance at him.

Zhao Jianjian, who was instantly frightened, picked up the spoon and stuffed it right into his mouth. Even if it tasted bad, he would accept it. After all, the person who had made it was Brother Nan, who was really good at fighting. He was also No.1 Middle School’s chief… Actually, this was f*cking delicious!

“Brother Nan, your cooking is simply amazing!”

Zhao Jianjian gave him a thumbs-up while he stuffed himself. The tip of his tongue was completely filled with the taste of ham. Every rice grain was plump and mixed with stir-fried egg, which made it extremely aromatic.

Even though Mo Bei was being praised, her expression was still aloof.

Back when Sovereign Union had disbanded, she had been at a loss for a period of time.

She actually hadn’t known where to go or what to do.

After all, what she loved the most was electronic sports.

Subsequently, Master had told her, “Sovereign Union was never an empty name.”


She had then let go of certain things, enrolled at a technical school, specialized in a cooking course, and turned her interest to cooking delicacies. Occasionally, she would even have a live stream, the kind where she didn’t show her face.

Mo Bei had once thought that if Sovereign Union ceased to exist, she might never pick up a mouse again.

She had done just that by concealing her name and going into seclusion until she came back once again.

Mo Be then realized that some things just couldn’t be forgotten.

All those events were like memories buried in one’s body that became clearer and clearer as one moved the mouse.

What she loved most was still electronic sports.

Only by playing could she be closer to the past.

Besides, those people shouldn’t have bullied her brother like that.

Mo Bei turned and glanced at her reddish palm. Her black locks fell down, and there was a faint glint in her eyes.

It seemed like it was time to report to the new battle team.

Before that happened, she first had to attend her appointment with the kid.

Mo Bei had been emotionless since a young age. When she was young, her brother had often called her expressionless.

When she grew up, she naturally had an aloof, refined disposition.

Even when she put on an apron, she didn’t seem the least bit feminine.

Instead, she became even gentler and more graceful.


Zhao Jianjian did not get a free lunch. Brother Nan commanded him to make a trip to the supermarket and buy flour, eggs and a whole pile of chocolate.

What was Brother Nan planning to do?

He couldn’t play eSports anymore, so he was becoming a stay-at-home husband instead?

“Brother Nan, this is really no good,” Zhao Jianjian said with a serious expression as the youth was looking down and preparing the oven. “It’s way too damaging to your image as No.2 Middle School’s chief.”

Mo Bei, who was wearing oven mitts, glanced to the side, her aura still strong and attractive.

Zhao Jianjian shut his mouth. Her cold gaze made him obediently turn around and say, “Bye, Brother Nan.” Then, he swiftly closed the door.

Now that this disturbance was gone, Mo Bei shifted her gaze to the oven once again.

Little Lin, who was waiting to have dinner, finally got the cell phone and immediately thought of chatting with Little Brother. His small finger tapped on the screen as his adorable voice said, “Little Brother? Little Brother, you there?”

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