The esports kings crush – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Canceled? We Can Go To No.2 Middle School

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No.1 Middle School, basketball court.

Feng Nai saw his brother’s drooping little head from a fair distance.

He didn’t have to guess to know what had happened. “That Little Brother of yours canceled on you?”

Little Lin’s spirits weren’t high, yet he still remembered to defend his Little Brother. “He suddenly had something to attend to.”

Feng Nai flung his hand. Although his eyes were still slightly cold, when he bent down, his aura changed. His slim fingers bent slightly and knocked on Little Lin’s head. “Well, asking your Little Brother to come here made things difficult for him in the first place. It’s normal that he couldn’t make it.”

“Why?” Little Lin had a puzzled look on his face.

Feng Nai casually talked about the long-accumulated grievances between No.1 Middle School and No.2 Middle School, not mentioning that he was one of the leaders himself.

Little Lin, who was smart, used one arm to hug his brother’s long leg while the other carried his cake. He sounded slightly annoyed as he said, “Brother, you should have told me earlier. Then I wouldn’t have asked Little Brother to come to No.1 Middle School. We could go to No.2 Middle School instead since it’s so close!”

Feng Nai sneered and said slowly, “This is a really great idea, Trouble Lin. Do you think it would be safe for me to go to No.2 Middle School?”

“Aren’t you very good at fighting?” Little Lin blinked his big round eyes beneath his small mask. “Oh, I understand now, Brother. You’re afraid of being caught by the people there.”

Feng Nai turned his head and lowered his gaze to a certain mini person as he said languidly, “Professional players aren’t allowed to fight. It’s not about being afraid, understand?”

“Isn’t the wound on your face a result of fighting too?” Little Lin bowed his head. He wanted to eat the candy that his brother had bought him but realized that he was still wearing a mask. Thus, he murmured again. “It’s so odd, Little Brother had promised that he’d be here.”

Feng Nai did not hear his brother’s second sentence. After all, the words ‘isn’t the wound on your face a result of fighting too’ had captured all his attention.

It wasn’t just his face.

Even the injury on his hand had been caused by the same person.

Feng Nai pressed on the mint on the tip of his tongue, the warmth in his eyes gradually disappearing…

Little Lin’s expression was now different from earlier. His Little Brother had sent another text.

“Saturday, belated birthday celebration for you.”

Little Lin hugged Feng Nai’s leg and bounced up and down for a long time. He even shouted, “Let’s go eat cake, let’s go eat cake! We’ll eat Little Brother’s share too!”

Feng Nai had a considerable number of friends, but he had never seen his brother be so fond of anyone.

However, a child was a child after all.

He wasn’t even clear of who the other party was, yet he still dared to be so close to him.


Feng Nai reached out and messed up Little Lin’s hair by rubbing it, thinking of getting some words out of this Little Brother later.

Since he was from No.2 Middle School, if he managed to get a name or a photograph later on, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find him.

Speaking of that, Trouble Lin’s Little Brother really wasn’t in tune with the times.

Never mind that he didn’t have a single selfie in his WeChat moments. There were also hardly any scenery photos.

After their match that day, Feng Nai had gone through his information, not because he was very good at gaming techniques, but purely because he wanted to know what kind of person his brother was coming into contact with.

After all, Trouble Lin had just turned five years old.

In the end, after he was done…

He was hungry.

That person’s moments were very uniform, and his sentence structure was very detached. For example, he had written: “Made Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce today.”

Following that was an attached image of freshly cooked meat, the aroma still floating around, the color easily whetting one’s appetite…