The esports kings crush – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Chiefs Meet Again!

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“Hey, little man, stop talking. Brother Nan will not…”

While Brother Nan held down the key on his phone, Zhao Jianjian quickly spoke up.

Mo Bei’s finger shifted and deleted the message before her eyes looked over at him.

Her look was so cold that Zhao Jianjian shrank back. “Brother Nan, this… You really can’t go.”

Mo Bei glanced to the side and saved her words. “Mask.”

“What?” Zhao Jianjian did not understand.

Mo Bei lifted her chin and gestured at the zip on his backpack.

Her aura was so strong that Zhao Jianjian could not help but hand over the mask. He watched as Brother Nan tilted his head to the side to put it on, his eyes growing even wider. “Brother Nan, this is a child. Are you really gonna…”

“It’s his birthday.” These three chilly words explained it all.

Zhao Jianjian watched as she pulled off the uniform blazer. After putting it in his backpack, the tall figure walked right towards No.1 Middle School.

He would certainly be beaten to death!

Zhao Jianjian gritted his teeth and followed him. “Brother Nan, if you really want to go, let’s use the west gate. There are fewer people there.”

What kind of attributes did that child have?

Celebrating his birthday now of all times!

Meanwhile, Little Lin did not receive a reply from his Little Brother for a long time. He was actually slightly nervous. After all, his brother had only allowed him to have the cell phone for an hour. Later, he would have to return the cell phone and he wouldn’t be able to contact Little Brother anymore.

Feng Nai noticed Trouble Lin’s anxiety. As he was lazily leaning against the railing, he asked casually, “Earlier on, you said that your Little Brother was right across No.1 Middle School, right?”

“Yeah, Little Brother is a student of No. 2 Middle School. Of course, he’s right across the street.” Little Lin’s soft fingers nudged the cell phone again. There was also some sadness in his voice.

Feng Nai glanced at the cake that had been set aside. As he drew in his long legs, he was slightly tempted to laugh. “Then you don’t have to wait anymore. A student from No. 2 Middle School would never come to No.1 Middle School.”

“Little Brother brought me here the last time!” Little Lin protested right before the cell phone rang again. Three words were on the screen. “Wait for me.”

Little Lin’s eyes lit up once again before he raised his short arms high as if he was presenting a treasure. “Look, Little Brother told me to wait for him!”

Feng Nai lifted a brow in surprise. This Little Brother of Trouble Lin’s was really… Should he say bold and daring?

He still dared to come, even though things were so tense between No.1 and No. 2.

At this thought, Feng Nai took out his other cell phone and replied to a text that he hadn’t answered earlier on. “If anyone sees someone from No. 2 Middle School come over today, don’t move.”

“Young Master Feng, what are you thinking? All the people down there have formed a group to go stop Mo Nan for you.”

Feng Nai’s voice was lazy. “Would I need their help if I wanted to stop someone? Tell them all to come back.”

“They ought to come back anyway. Mo Nan is as slippery as a mudfish. We don’t even know where he is now.” At this point, the other person suddenly paused and exclaimed, “What the f*ck!”

As he listened to the voice message, Feng Nai was still slightly indifferent. “What?”

“Mo Nan!” On the other end, things were slightly chaotic. “That rascal is here again! He’s at the west gate. He’s definitely here to bully the girls of our school again!”

Feng Nai, who did not have a favorable impression of the person who had disfigured him, shot a glance at Little Lin, who was holding both his hands as he waited, and gave him a small smile. “Trouble Lin, I’m leaving for a while. I’ll be back in three minutes, don’t go anywhere. Given your terrible sense of direction, if you stray off, your Little Brother might not be able to find you. Got it?”

Little Lin grunted behind his small mask. His brother was really bad with words. He definitely wouldn’t get a girlfriend in the future!

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