Chapter 19: The Two Chiefs Are Gaming

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Feng Nai casually pulled off his black headphones and turned off the camera. Although a smile still hung on his lips, his eyes were cold.

He felt for the cigarettes in his pocket, wanting to have a smoke.

However, at the thought that there was still a little one in the apartment, he pulled his hands back and then turned around dully to take a piece of the little man’s candy.

“Brother.” Upon seeing that he had ended his live stream, Little Lin leaned over with his handsome little face, his big eyes filled with drive. “Why do you like fighting so much?” Then, he sighed deeply like a small adult. “How are you going to go home with me to see mom in this state?”

Feng Nai leaned back languidly. “Who said I was going home?”

“Alright, you’re not.” Little Lin rested both hands below his chin. “That’s a whole patch of bruises on your face, Brother. Doesn’t it hurt?”

Feng Nai’s gaze lowered as he let out a sneer. “It hurts. How could it not hurt? It’s the first time I have a wound on my face.”

Mm? Why did he have this nagging feeling that his brother wasn’t in a good mood? Little Lin wanted to say more, when he suddenly saw the screen of the cell phone on the table light up. “It’s Little Brother!”

His small hand immediately reached out to grab the cell phone.

However, Feng Nai was a step ahead of him. His voice was nonchalant as he said, “Your bath is ready. Go bathe first.”

“But Little Brother sent me a text!” Little Lin didn’t really want to move.

Feng Nai bit on the candy in his mouth. “If you don’t bathe, I’ll get Old Wang to come over and take you home.”

Little Lin really wanted to bite his brother. “I’ll go bathe, but after I’m done, you’ll give me the phone!”

“Mm…” Feng Nai’s response was rather absent-minded.

Although Little Lin found his brother’s credibility terrible, there was nothing he could do about it except hug his towel and turn back repeatedly as he walked to the bathroom.

Feng Nai watched him go in before his gaze landed on the text.

“Want to game?”

He was rather punctual.

Feng Nai’s finger slid to the left. His pupils were very light as he switched to his brother’s manner of speaking. “Of course! Little Brother, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

On the other end of the conversation, upon seeing that message, Mo Bei imagined his face. His big eyes behind the small mask looked quite adorable. He was probably very obedient while waiting too. Upon recalling master’s teachings, she couldn’t help but reply with the four letters “xoxo” again.

Feng Nai, who saw the text, felt his fingers jam up once again.

When he managed to find the time, he had to ask Trouble Lin why this Little Brother of his was so fond of sending things like ‘xoxo’ to people. Did he not know that it could lead to misunderstandings?

Fortunately, he didn’t need to reply this time. He just had to log onto the game directly.

The account that Feng Lin was using was the alternate account that Feng Nai used to familiarize himself with the champions.

When professional players sometimes were tempted to play, they naturally could not use their main accounts. Given the influence of the game ID King, who knew what kind of upheaval it might cause if he did so.

The room was created by Mo Bei.

Feng Nai selected the assassin position without even taking a look.

Mo Bei lifted her brow for a moment. “?”

After all, in this game, the assassin position demanded great player skills.

After seeing that question mark, Feng Nai understood what the other party was thinking and sent a reply. “I saw that you were really good at your role yesterday, Little Brother, so I wanted to give it a try too.”

Mo Bei shot a glance at the screen, her side profile still aloof and refined. Master had said not to dampen a child’s enthusiasm.


Thus, Mo Bei gave him the role and swapped to using a mage in the blink of an eye.

He was really that easygoing?

No wonder Trouble Lin liked him…