The esports kings crush – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Endless Fight Between The Two Chiefs

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When a teacher ran over, a group fight would naturally stop and the students who were afraid of writing reports would even run.

The only ones who dared to stay were probably Mo Bei and Feng Nai.

Those two did not dare to strike again.

However, even so, it seemed like sparks could crackle between them at any time.

This caused the teacher walking over to pull a long face. “Mo Nan, it’s you again!”

Usually, at this point, Mo Nan’s cranky temper would definitely explode.

However, Mo Bei instead said coolly, “I was wrong.”

The teacher faltered. He was completely at a loss for what to say. How was he supposed to respond to this?

Zhao Jianjian was also stunned. Damn, what kind of trick was Brother Nan pulling?

However, the teacher always needed someone to yell at. “And you, Zhao…”

Zhao Jianjian’s reaction was speedy. “Teacher, I was wrong too.” He was learning from Brother Nan.

Unfortunately, he did not expect that the teacher would give him a slap on the back of his head. “Your attitude isn’t sincere.”

Zhao Jianjian was speechless. Brother Nan’s expressionless face was sincere, whereas he was insincere? This was discriminatory treatment!

When there was an outsider around, the teacher would always spare them and lecture the students of his school instead.

The teacher turned around and saw Young Master Feng’s face.

His family background wasn’t within the limits of his control, and neither could he afford to offend him. All he wanted was to bring these bums from No. 2 Middle School back as soon as possible.

Feng Nai did not speak either. He had a hand in his pocket, and his eyes did not let Mo Bei go. A faint cold glint actually surfaced in his pupils.

It could make a chill go down anyone’s back.

Then, he lifted his hand and pointed to the injured corner of his lips. When he pulled off the mask, his good-looking face looked even more attractive.

Mo Bei understood what he meant. It was probably something about his injury. He would get back at her sooner or later.

He seemed to have forgotten that he’d given her a kick.

Mo Bei, who had an aloof refined face, also lifted her hand and pointed to her own back.

Feng Nai’s eyes gradually narrowed.

Both of them understood that this fight would probably be endless.

The teacher, who was afraid that an incident he wouldn’t be able to control might occur, called the guards from both sides.

Zhao Jianjian knew that Brother Nan really couldn’t escape this time.

“No, Brother Nan! Why did you really fight?” Even when they were in the infirmary, Zhao Jianjian still wanted to ask this question.

When Mo Bei touched her back, she felt so much pain that the light in her eyes dimmed. “What if we had not?”

“Tell me, did you strike because you wanted Almighty K to see you in a new light?” Zhao Jianjian suddenly recalled something. His body instantly straightened up.

Mo Bei could not be bothered to continue correcting the misunderstandings of others when it came to certain issues. She collected the ointment to apply it at home.

An injury on the back would definitely affect her arms.

It seemed like, because of this fight, reporting to Dark Flares would be slightly delayed.

Meanwhile, Feng Nai still had an hour-long live stream assignment.

Once he turned on the camera, the live stream room blew up. The entire screen was covered in comments!

“Almighty K, what happened to your mouth?”

“There’s a patch of bruises, but it doesn’t affect Almighty K’s extraordinary good looks.”

“That isn’t the main point. Why is there a bruise there in the first place?”

“Seems like he got beaten.”

“How is that possible? My Almighty K getting beaten up? What a joke!”

So many comments kept appearing that it was impossible for Feng Nai not to see them.

However, during his live streams, he always showed his face for only ten minutes without answering any questions. Then, after gaming for a whole hour, he would end it.

“Can you guys tell that Almighty K is especially ruthless in his torment today? This is already the third pentakill! Could that wound on his mouth really be a consequence of being beaten?”