Chapter 15: Almighty K Acts Cute

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“Another match.”

Mo Bei stared at the text that popped up on her cell phone. She had the constant sense that something was off, perhaps because the tone wasn’t as adorable as it had been earlier. Thus, she could not help but reply, “Is it you?”

Feng Nai’s brow lifted for a second, and his fingers moved about on the screen for a few moments, as if he was in thought. Then, with a twinkle in his eyes, he ultimately replied with one sentence. “Little Brother, why are you asking me this question?”

The manner that his brother spoke in was really… Imitating him almost gave him goosebumps.

When the familiar tone was back, Mo Bei put her bottle of water down and replied, “Nothing, it’s just getting late. Let’s call it a day and go to bed.”

Why so cold? Feng Nai’s figure languidly leaned back. He was slightly nonchalant as he replied, “Then, let’s play again tomorrow, Little Brother, shall we?”

Tomorrow? Mo Bei called to mind her timetable. “Sure, I will be online at 7 pm in the evening.”

Why so easygoing? Feng Nai glanced at the earlier match history again and his slender, fair fingers landed on the screen. “Then I will go online in advance to wait for you, Little Brother.”

After responding with an ‘mm’, she remembered that he was only a child. Upon recalling what master had taught her, she sent another text with a cool, good-looking face. “Goodnight, xoxo.”


X, o, x, o?

Feng Nai’s fingers froze.

After all, this was a man.

He really couldn’t bring himself to type out the four letters.

However, if he only replied with goodnight, he wouldn’t sound like his brother.

That little rascal Feng Lin! Why did he act cute so often?


The corners of Feng Nai’s amorous eyes lifted as his arm was casually placed beside his face. He seemed like he was a little tired. His jet-black locks messily covered his forehead, and a part of his pretty collarbone was revealed. He ultimately threw the cell phone casually aside and slowly closed his eyes.

Mo Bei did not take another look at her cell phone either.

After all, high-schoolers had to wake up early.

The next day, at 7:30 am…

The students who came to morning reading with their breakfast almost spilled their soybean milk upon seeing the youth seated by the window with an English book in hand.

This wasn’t normal!

Why would Mo Nan be here at this time?

He usually arrived at the last minute!

In this time and age, even bad students worked hard?

This was the mentality of the male students.

Meanwhile, the female students reacted differently.

“Ahhh! So handsome! He’s so handsome! Why had I not realized that he was so handsome in the past? I wonder if he would agree if I went over and asked him to be my boyfriend now?”

Although she was being watched by many people, not the slightest degree of change was visible in Mo Bei’s profile as she remained as aloof and good-looking as ever.

The youth was not wearing a suit today, but the school uniform.

He had pulled the zip of the jacket all the way to the top, so only the arc of his lower jaw was visible. When a thin flower petal flew in through the window along with the wind and landed on his black locks, he brushed it off and blew it lightly away.

The female students were already completely wiped out!

How could he be so aloof yet so handsome?

This time, they didn’t hold back their screams.

Zhao Jianjian, who walked in just in time, almost loosened his bite and dropped his steamed beef bun.

However, one second later, his jaw still dropped.

What the f*ck?

What was going on?

Brother Nan?

Was it lesson time already?

No, something wasn’t right.

Whenever his mom woke him up with a feather duster, it was way before lesson time.


It was 7:30 am, so there was another half hour left before lessons began.

The King of Tardiness, Brother Nan, was actually present!

He was even wearing his school uniform!

What was up with his decent, good-student attitude?

How were they still supposed to fight with the opposing No.1 Middle School?