Chapter 68: The Gift Is Not Meant For You!

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Tyler was a person who cared a lot about his pride, and among his social circle that consisted of rich scions, he had always been the one who liked to showboat and flaunt his wealth the most.

Today, he would be marrying the “most beautiful girl of Orlando,” and the only flaw was that Hailey was a divorcee.


Hence, Tyler had already told his friends in advance that he would humiliate Jordan in public during his wedding today.

However, who would have thought that Tyler would not only fail to humiliate Jordan and instead get humiliated by Jordan.

Bend forward, kneel down, and pour Jordan some wine?

Tyler couldn’t bring himself to do it!

“Is he fooling me?”

The thought came to Tyler’s mind since, in his opinion, Jordan could not possibly be the scion of a wealthy family, much less the president of Ace Corporation.

After all, which wealthy family would be willing to let their son become a live-in husband?

The real Mr. Steele has kept his identity a secret and refused to appear in public, so Jordan must have colluded with Victoria Clarke, who is helping him impersonate the real Mr. Steele so he can appear impressive at my wedding!”

“That old hag Victoria Clarke has long set her sights on Jordan, and I bet they hooked up with each other a long time ago. It’s not surprising that she’d be willing to help him!”

“As for the information in the Heaven’s Eye app, Victoria Clarke could have submitted Jordan’s information or even hacked into the database.”

“Mr. Walton also seems to be a little different from what he looked like on TV, and his height seems different too. He could be an impostor!”

“Meanwhile, Ryan Dunn and Zack Smith have already lost their businesses and become penniless. Jordan is so good at fighting that he might have threatened them and forced them to stage this act. That’s very likely to be the case!”

After analyzing the information about Jordan that they currently had, Tyler smiled smugly.

“Hahaha, Jordan Steele, you’re deceiving us, aren’t you? You’re not the president of Ace Corporation at all. You’re just a bodyguard! Why? Are you trying to make Hailey regret?”

Everyone was shocked after hearing Tyler’s words.

Rosie was incredibly exasperated. “Tyler! What nonsense are you spouting!?! Didn’t you see how deferential Mr. Walton was to Mr. Steele just now?!”

“I’m not spouting nonsense!” Tyler began to explain, “Don’t you guys think that Mr. Walton’s height and appearance seems different from what we see on TV?”

None of them had ever seen Mr. Walton in person, so they immediately began to suspect something after hearing Tyler’s words.

“Speaking of which, I really didn’t pay attention to Mr. Walton’s appearance just now. I just thought he was Mr. Walton because he seemed to be so.”

“I looked at him carefully! His chin doesn’t seem right. Mr. Walton’s chin is not that pointed.”

“His height seems off too. Mr. Walton isn’t that tall, is he? Isn’t he only about 1.65 meters tall? That man just now is at least 1.7 meters tall!”

“That’s right. Besides, Mr. Walton is such a busy man. How could he have come to the wedding just to meet someone? He even left in a hurry after making his appearance, and none of the people he came with know us either.”

The crowd began discussing, and they all agreed with Tyler’s theory.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Victoria snapped, “Tyler Collins, are you stupid? How can the information on Heaven’s Eye be fabricated?”

Tyler laughed and said, “Miss Clarke, in order to be convincing, you must have gone all out with your act. It’s just an app. What’s so difficult about modifying the information for a few minutes?”

At this moment, Ryan and Zack, who were still kneeling beside Jordan, spoke up for him.

Ryan said, “Tyler Collins, you dimwit! How dare you continue doubting Mr. Steele!? The situation I’m in now is what I got for choosing not to believe that Jordan is Mr. Steele at first! If you continue to be so stubborn and muddled up, you’ll die without knowing why!”

Zack chimed in, “Tyler, you don’t seem to be a fool, and I’m afraid you’re aware how far-fetched your explanation is, right? Anyway, you’re dead for hooking up with Mr. Steele’s wife. Is that why you have the guts to continue slandering Mr. Steele?”

Zack’s words made Tyler break out in cold sweat. Since Zack and Tyler used to spend a lot of time together, Zack could see right through his mind!

“Security! Drag these two dogs who are kneeling on the ground out of here! You good-for-nothings, don’t think I don’t know that Jordan Steele has paid you to do this!”

Tyler yelled, and soon, two burly men came over to carry Zack and Smith away.

At this moment, Hailey was also overwhelmed with anxiety and on the verge of tears due to Jordan’s treatment of her over the past three years.

Suppose Jordan was the corporation president and came from an extremely wealthy family. Why would he stoop so low and suck up to her?

Hailey said, “Jordan, are you pretending or not? I’m begging you, please cut it out. This is not the time and place for jokes!”

Hailey desperately wanted Jordan to tell her the answer.

However, Jordan refused to give in, and he didn’t waver at all.

Instead, he said calmly, “You can’t convince those who refuse to come to terms with the truth. If it makes you feel better, you can take it that I’m pretending.”

Jordan had already said twice that he was the president. Since they refused to believe him, they could take it that he wasn’t.

‘Why bother explaining to such fools?’

Since Jordan had just “admitted” that he was pretending, his former mother-in-law, Sylvie, heaved a sigh of relief.

She walked over and said, “You rascal, you scared the hell out of me! I thought you had really made it, but it turns out that you were pretending! You…”

Before Sylvie could finish, Benedict pulled her away and chided her softly.

“Are you trying to get into more trouble!?! You must be tired of living!”

Sylvie whispered, “Isn’t he pretending?”

Benedict shook his head and barked furiously, “You dimwit! If you want to get into trouble, don’t implicate the Camdens! If you dare to provoke Jordan again, I will divorce you immediately, and you can go live with your beloved starlet!”

Sylvie’s face immediately became flushed.

Benedict could already tell that Jordan was indeed the president of Ace Corporation.

The only reason was because of Drew’s attitude towards Jordan!

Leonard was now in a dilemma, and he couldn’t verify Jordan’s identity.

Leonard said, “Everyone, please take a seat and have some drinks. The wedding will begin shortly.”

Rosie said, “Mr. Steele is our son’s friend, and they’re just playing with each other. Please take your seats.”

After hearing the hosts’ words, everyone returned to their seats.

However, they were still staring at Jordan.

Jordan and Victoria sat at a separate table. After taking a sip of water, Victoria said, “How dare this bunch of idiots still doubt your identity?”

Jordan, too, took a sip of water and said, “Apart from Hailey Camden and Sylvie Parker, I reckon the Collins and Camdens have all believed that I’m the president of Ace Corporation.”

“But the rest…”

As they spoke, another distinguished guest arrived in the hall.

When Leonard saw him, he immediately walked over in surprise.

“Aren’t you Mr. Wills, the president of the renowned Electron Co.?”

The e-commerce industry has been booming in recent years. The country’s leading e-commerce giant, Amazon, surpassed $4.8 billion in worldwide sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday last year.

Although Electron could not compare to Amazon, it still held a significant position in the local e-commerce.

Dustin Wills was also a billionaire!

With a gift in hand, Dustin walked over and shook Leonard’s hand. “I’ve only met you once in DC, Mr. Collins. Yet, you still remember me.”

“Please don’t say that. Mr. Wills, it’s a great honor for us that you’ve come to attend my son’s wedding. You even brought a gift!” Leonard laughed as he said.

Dustin said, “I’m sorry, but the gift is not for your son.”